Woman Accused Of Killing 7 Year Old

Any idea why you keep seeing these Bad B****** and Hookahz out here being exactly what they title themselves as?

Ran access this, read it and just shook my damn head. 26 Year Old Texas Woman Accused Of Shooting And Killing A 7 Year Old.

Click the link and you can go read the story for yourself. I’m naught spending much time on doing post putting a lot of work into them anymore, I’m working on doing them a different way.

For me, it is very important to post these type of acts that I find to be something else #InTheseDayzofTyme.

You might want to start questioning yourself, and start paying a little more attention to acts being carried out by women like this.

Why? Because whether you realize it or naught, but this is, and has been going on, and more than ever lately.

No? You don’t think so? I beg to differ with proof. I just did a post about two weeks ago, and this was in Kalamazoo where a young woman stabbed a man (possibly her boyfriend), and wounded the 11-year-old. Woman Accused of Stabbing Man And child?

But you wanna know what gets me the most? How these same type of women (Black) are the same type who I see on Facebook posting, and bragging on their reckless minded thoughts, and how tough they are, they’ll do this and that, they’re deadly and so on.

You show to condone don’t you.😏 Showing how mean and ugly they can be, because they wanna be bad b****** and hookahz, then in the same breath try to sway you with the smooth slither thoughts on how they should be praised and honored.

But, they can be, portray, pretend and act out all they want. What the end results show are how the mask are switched as soon as they are in custody of the ones who they beg and plead to.

Is there something that I’m missing here?

When A Chief Speaks

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26 Year Old Texas Woman Accused Of Shooting And Killing A 7 Year Old

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