Why It’s Important to Get Back To the Basics

Getting Back to the Basics

Getting Back To The Basics In Life Is It Important?


So, I’ve finally slowly been working on getting back in the groove of things. Striving to overcome some of the many mental blocks and barriers one faces on the daily. So today while I’m able, I wanted to do a post in regards to getting back to the basics.

I’ve touched on this subject in the past if I can recall, and it’s importance. But, as we all know, circumstances in people’s lives tend to change, and so do people. But let’s get to this getting back to the basics, and the importance of striving to find a way to.


So as this thought has continued to pop up, and even more now than ever. I decided to finally break my silence on it by simply doing what I’m doing now; touching on it. Getting back to the basics, and the importance of striving to do so. I feel like that, it’s even more important to do so now than ever.

And my reason for feeling this way, and have been for awhile now. Is because everything, and I mean everything is changing and at a much more faster pace now. And guess who’s changing right along with it? Why people of course, and in ways that, you can only imagine.


“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

2 Timothy 4:3-4

Yep, people are showing to change and switch up right along with the change itself. But you are also probably saying: “Yeah, but change is good too” right? Why of course it is, but it all depends on the change that we are changing with, and talking about. Not all change is good, just like not all change is bad. But I think that, one of the important moves when just thinking about it is to pay better attention.

Attention to the change that we’re all seeing unfold and are experiencing in our very own way. Doing so, allows you to think about it, for you to see better and then choose to move with it or not. So when I see all of the changes that are taking place right now; some good, some not so good. I tend to challenge self, challenging self to question it, and other’s if I feel the need to.

You also have to realize that, you’re going to have people who really just show to not care at all. Just moving along without a care in the world to the possible. And as long as everything seems to be going their way, and fun, it’s all good. I’ve been speaking on a lot of this in songs like: Oon Mah Life


Getting back to the basics is to basically see how things, and people are showing to change with the program. You see what is taking place and you make a decision to not ride the wave. What wave? The illusion wave, the one that will have you like a fiend chasing the temporary high fix. The high fix that you eventually have to come back down from back to reality.

The things that these “Other People” have put in place for you, to occupy your mind and time. Examples?

Let’s use Facebook and some of the other handles for instance. You have those who are literally more interested in life on the book just to entertain for reactions and approval. Drama, gossip and anything else that shows how people have allowed it to slowly sever them. Sever them from what? Real likes, love, care and connection, you.


And then the they added the Covid 19 to aid the problem, all of the other distractions. What do you see taking place now? More distractions that you to willfully redirect yourself to when you should have your mind more focused on otherwise. People are tending to show to once again pay no attention to what might be going on. What are they showing to do?

To forget, to forget about what we have faced, went through, still going through, with who? And what should really matter. Getting back to the basics is getting back to the simple life. The simple life of Morals, Core Values, Union, real Friendship, Relationships, History, Commitment, Spiritually Minded, and Devotion (Selflessness).

Part of the Solution And Process

Learning how to be Trustworthy, which leads to Trustworthiness and most importantly, making time to love God’s word, and know God! How? The Holy Bible Simple right? Well it’s not as simple as you may think if you show to not have the time to make time. People make time for any and everything and body else except for who and what they should. Seems like a choice to me, something that we all have right? My thoughts, your views, #canuimagine .


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