Why I’m Feeling Instagram More Than Facebook



As we all know that, there are many who tend to use these social platforms for whatever the purpose, and choice. So, why am I’m feeling Instagram more than Facebook? For me, as a very communicative man and rap recording artist and music producer, I’ve been using both for some time now. And throughout the time of using both as well as Twitter, google plus, LinkedIn and YouTube, I myself have experienced a more engaging impact of involvement of my followers when it comes to Instagram that I can truly appreciate.

Throughout all of the connecting, and syncing and working on the building of ones interactions with people who you either know or don’t on these platform, it has been a sense of overwhelming, but in the end, it’s all about the learning through trial and error in order to better perfect. I get more vibe from Instagram naught because of the attention given, but because as an artist the feel and knowing that your work by freedom of expression could may well be seen, and catch a few hearts.

But, to be honest with one another; people also tend to use the platform to where it can be looked at as overdoing it by ones intent. it’s like placing a gun to an irresponsible individuals hand, which is no more than the giving of a power that should be used more wisely. Some people want to use, but all at the same time latch on to the new just to abuse. Can this be looked at no different from how you have those who talk about the whole 1st Amendment (Freedom of Speech) (Right to Press) and to gather (Peacefully)?

I mean if you think about it, that is what it tends to look like, and when you start to look at it does it appear to seem that you have those who are really destroying that Liberty, Freedom and Rights that were fought so hard for in order for one to be able to enjoy today? a free society online that holds both the good, the bad and the ugly, and there’s no getting around that reality. Are people showing to ignore the importance of freewill and determination, and using the platforms to help them?

I truly think so, and this is why I choose to do otherwise. Facebook has morphed into something totally opposite to what it what was said to be for. From what I know of, it was to help one to better connect with friends and family. But now, it’s so-called friends and stage for entertainment, tear downs, gossiping, and basically let everybody who you feel needs to know your every single moment in time. Ones freewill and choice right?

And it’s much more that I’m naught going to get into now, but just bringing to awareness of the difference that I’ve had, and why I’m now kinda going more with the flow of Instagram, but naught completely doing away with Facebook, but more of just using it for what it can be better used for. I like Instagram, and I will be going harder, and harder with it. And as my saying is…. “For everybody, but naught for everyone.”Make sure to follow me, on click here—> Instagram.

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Adam is a creative writer who sets the record straight on and off the mic. As a recording artist and producer of visual dope, Conservative who exercises that 1A, and bringing awareness to the many issues that some love to talk about, but really don't know about. Professional when it comes being a knowledge and musicologist.
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