They Mad About The Gucci Blackface Gear

♒💨 So here I am right back at y’all like I left something. Hitting you, the one reader or few who seek to elevate in order to move in a more conscious state. My reason is no other than to serve you something to ponder on (Think About).

So, lemme get straight into the why. Why I can naught help but touch on this subjuect matter, and wonder how mafas (#BlackPeople) who clearly show to be the biggest promoters of the #Gucci brand allow these people to keep messing with their mind? How does it feel to see other folks sporting it (Gucci), and how people who bought and buy the brand feel now.

2 know the mind chilling truth 2 how the people who make the product for the #Gucci brand really feel about those of you, #blackmen #blackwomen and even #blackchildren who supported their brand faithfully with no problem.

And even after you’ve been loyal to, paid for and even promoted and bragged about their brand that now makes fun of you, and possibly how they really see and feel about you. After all this, I wonder if you gone see N****z still rocking it 😕

Tell me, how does it feel to see, and know how they truly feel about you? Yea, scroll back up and read again if ya have to. 🙄 😯 And you wanna know what else? I think there are going to be some if naught more people now who gone still rock it regardless ain’t that what you see done all the time?

I ain’t seen a belt, hat, shoes or jacket go up in flames 🔥 yet have you? 😂👊 Now, since mafas love to brag how they got money to burn. Well, get to burning. I can see a mafa now like: “Maaaan… hell naw, I just paid a rack for that.” 🤣😂😅

Here’s the thing though, mafas act like this type of mess is some brand new shhh… Naw mah Zilla, what it is, is that people only paying attention to whatever and whoever they feel they should pay attention to for entertainment puposes. And as far as the video above; Ask yourself how I did the video above many years PRIOR to that is so relevant to what you are now seeing going on #rightbe4ureyez. 😎
“So take heed whack wrappers, Blackface, minstrel tappers.”
And what does this post and music video ‘Man of Steel” have to do with this whole Gucci Blackface mess? The relevancy of one’s work that’s what. And worry naught, some of your fav rappers will probably go at Gucci abiut this just because. But time don’t lie, people do haven’t I told you that over and over?
I don’t do this shhh… for fun. I’m just a well seasoned rap recording artist who shows to be ahead of time care to say and prove otherwise? See, a katt like me, I really don’t have the time to be playing with what was left for me, which is the torch 🔦 picked up by a Chief who shows to be worthy, and great. So make no mistake about the one and only Adam the Great X.
Anyway, just wanted to touch on this subject a little bit when it comes to this whole Gucci #blackface mess that; like everything else shows to get black people all in their feelings and emotions when it comes to this shhh… these people putting out here like bait. Am I saying that Gucci shouldn’t be checked real good for the stunt they pulled. I’m saying; what does it take? And guess the price tag they put on it. Almost $900.00? 😳 Told you, it’s The Battle Of the Mind, and that’s why I continue to #giveit2emraw with #knowledgeandmusic mah Zilla.
When A Chief Speaks
Adam is a creative writer who sets the record straight on and off the mic. As a recording artist and producer of visual dope, Conservative who exercises that 1A, and bringing awareness to the many issues that some love to talk about, but really don't know about. Professional when it comes being a knowledge and musicologist.
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