Chicago Rapper Juice Wrld Dead At 21

What Is Success When You Can’t Even Enjoy It

“You can have all that you want, but yet deprive self of what’s truly needed.” Well people, here we have yet another young rapper whose life has ended in a way that clearly doesn’t show to be a way that one should be going out. I’ve read a bit, watched and listened to what was being put out in the matter of this 21 year old Chicago rapper who goes by the name Juice Wrld.

First and foremost let me send my condolences out to his family for their lost. And now, my thoughts on all of this. From what I’ve read and listened to, the rapper Juice Wrld who I’ve heard of, seen pictures of, and probably even heard his music work but didn’t know it was him was on a private plane from California and landed in Chicago. There’s talk about the very well known popular choice of drugs “Percocets” (Percs) being involved, 70 or more pounds of Marijuana two bottles of Lean and guns.

Media sources are saying that, law enforcement caught wind of this, and was waiting on him and his team, which then led to possibly getting spooked and risked it all by popping whatever he had in his possession.and while being escorted by anchorites started to foam at the mouth. It was considered that he had a seizure and died at the hospital. Now his perc habit and mental health illness is now popping up even though the signs were already in the air. It’s also popping up who his influences/inspirations are in the music game, and how he felt he had to follow suit in a sense when it comes to this whole Lean and perc addicted to prescription drugs life style. 

Now, if you are one of my loyal readers, subscribers, listeners of my music and or followers of my Knowledge And Music Blog work. I think that you know that this whole situation sounds familiar. There’s so much to touch on when it comes to this situation, but I really am naught up to it at this time, but will possibly do a video breakdown soon on the deeper view on this.

But what I do want to say is that, there’s always way more than meets the eye when it comes to these young rappers who appear to have it all, and basically living their life their way, and on their terms. Being led, and guided but by who and what? #CanUImagine how I strive and strove, strove and strive hard to bring awareness, which is merely just shedding light of fairness on such subject matters like this one. For me, this is yet another one of those cases that should add to my why. Why what? Why I choose to administer and project what is needed vs wanted, which is Knowledge And Music.

Time don’t lie, people do. What do I mean by that? I mean just what I mean, and some of the songs on the Battle of the Mind album like “Mentally Ill” should help bring a bit more clarity to what I mean. Why do y’all think I spent a lot of time (9 years) on doing such a project album only to feel unappreciated? This is a question that y’all should want to ask self in order to have a better standing to my how and why.

This situation with this young man who who is a mother’s son I guess had just turned 20-21 6 days before; is something that is showing how serious of an attack this really is when it comes to these child(ren) who are out here living (Anti-Living) in the fast lane #IntheseDayzofTyme.

How many times does Spiritual Warfare have to be said, and R.I.P’s does it have to be before people choose to wake up and take heed? Do you really think that, being acceptable to the Un acceptable helps? How many more sac’s (sacrifices) of one’s life will it take in order for a satisfaction and (I get it) will it take in order for people to naught just see, but say: “HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE!” somethings naught right.

Still refuse to see and agree with me that what I been, as well as other’s who are light workers have been saying and touching on has in fact showed that the Knowledge And Music that has been put out for one’s awareness does and has touched on what you are now witnessing taking place #RightBe4UrEyez?

And no, this isn’t about me being right, it’s about proving me wrong and otherwise, and how it’s time to come clean and set the record straight. Our minds, feelings and emotions are being played on at our expense, and then on top of that children are lost and souls are being chained and claimed while you’re busy clashing and being entertained. We all are mentally suffering to a degree, which causes mental breakdowns, separation, stress, depression, anxiety, distrust, sickness poor choice making, hopelessness, which then turns into mental illness, weakness and then death. Can you imagine this all being a part of the plan? Us having a much more realer and in-depth conversation about the situation as a whole is something that should be a plan should it naught? That I say in itself is the battle of the mind people. More on this in time.

When a Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music 



The Walking Dead In Real-Time, Why?

Are There Really Zombies Walking Around?

Paying Attention To Your Surroundings Helps

I seen something that made me think even harder about how important it is 2 be working on self, and why I work so hard at what I do. Some of our people (Black folks) (African-Americans) are out here doing and looking really bad. It’s a real ugly picture, and seeing this young bruthah scurrying around from one person to another asking for money talking about he trying 2 come up oon $20 to get him through the week, then tried 2 hit me with the God script, nose draining pants falling down with a tat on his cheek gave me a visual 2 how and why Caucasians label you.

I see this picture that I paint 4 you everyday. It hurts to see some of these katts out here the way dude was, but I also am Aquimini Minded and know when some of these jokers have these ADDICTIONS (Molly Meth Monsters) controlled by what you have no idea about. Got our younger generation out here loose as a goose with no feathers.

So what did I do when he finally gained up courage 2 ask me? My voice alone made it clear of my no time for the scripts, he wasn’t getting no damn twenky that’s 4 sure, I did give him a dollar though. Not because I felt bad, but because his standing is because he’s choosing 2 go the easy route out, and many are taking this route at their own freewill. I told him that, he has his eyesight and able to move around and 2 try to get self together, because when these people call them “ROMAN SAINTS” 2 come get you, that 2 was also a choice. There’s more to this, but I’m not going any further on that.

My point 2 this post? Though I cringe at seeing what I see, and have a soft spot 4 my people’s condition I also tell my self that, sometimes that condition is what they choosing. I don’t judge, but know when 2 go ZERO 2 the NONSENSE. These type are why MY RACE OF PEOPLE are looked at as a danger, and animals, DARK, WORTHLESS, BOTTOM FEEDERS, LAZY all the NEGATIVE, and who’s 2 blame? Well, we know one thing; these new drugs are definitely part of the reason. The fun Look, But Deadly ones like ecstasy. 


So I say 2 you, that the projections are a choice, the drugs are a choice. How do you want and need people 2 see u? So 2 kill those projections, I realized that it all started with self. I got tired, and reached 4 help, and though I it was hard, I did it, but I got tired, and I hope many of my other people get tired and reach without allowing self 2 be looked at as nothing more than one who is trying 2 find their way Yes, dude needs help, but he also must take that first step. Watch 4 these type, because their out here, ZOMBIES and Demons in disguise IN REAL TIME.

And many are showing to be acceptable to the unacceptable, but in the same breath are some of the same ones who have the nerve to try to speak on problems, but yet are showing to aid and be a part of the problems. Yep, i can speak on it, because I know this life, I come from it, been threw it and can say that, I am a testament and survivor, and I hope to reach those with whatever I may say, and it sparks their mind to just think about what is being delivered. nope, naught trying to save the world either just being and showing the possible from , and threw what about you?

Like, comment and share your thoughts on this and bring awareness to those who you say you truly love and care about, because the picture alone is telling you something.

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