What Does It Mean To Put It All In God’s Hands

So I did a post earlier, which you can clearly see above. I also know how there will be those who shall beg to differ, see and feel otherwise. And there will also be those who just may assume, and or even just might show to be brave enough to just ask why. So why would I say such? Why would someone (Such As Self) say how much he loves and appreciates the Almighty Most High Supreme Being Creator.

But also tends to make it very clear by also showing it, FACT. So where am I going with this you, the possible brave reader may ask. Well, I tend to say and do things; things that may or may naught set well with some in mind. But that I say is just the Rebel in me, to say what many won’t show the courage to say, and stand on it.

I try to stress the importance of naught just taking what someone may say and just run off with it (Assumption Land) because you just never know when God is working, especially through possible workers of the divine love and light of what was sent, which clearly was the words set on the minds and hearts of those all while possibly working through those way before you, and I? Guess that’s naught possible either huh.

“For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe.” Thessalonians 2:13

So what do I mean by what is stated in the picture above? It means….. That I know as well as y’all know that, those two sayings have and are said by many. And I personally feel that though the two are (True) those two sayings are naught what I question, I question those who tend to loosely use the sayings because it sounds real good whenever folks see it fit do they naught?

Yes, when there are situations that one faces in life that tend to be a bit more than one can bear to handle on their own. Is when you just may have to call on the one who has shown to never forsake those who show to 👉 (Do their part) in life.

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest naught.” Jeremiah 33:3

Now, here’s my point. Sense you have those who feel so strongly about the two sayings; oneself would have to ask: “If You’re putting it all on God, and letting God handle it, then what will you be doing nothing?” Still don’t get it? When you truly know the power of God, then you also should know that God can and will handle it all. Meaning…. That God doesn’t need you then right?

“God doesn’t need us. Which could possibly mean…. the Almighty Father of time  wants us, chooses us, and desires us.”

Do you really think that it’s fine to feel like you can put it ALL on God, but you see no importance to how you also have a responsibility, and duty to naught just self and others, but also certain request, and even commandments to work towards fulfilling that will be appreciated by God, but you show to do what?

I find it quite interestingly “Selfish” for those who feel like it’s cool and okay to put it all on God, and depend on God to solve all the problems YOU created, but yet naught even think about working towards solving these problems, and breaking those barriers by using what was sent that may help you with burdens that become so heavy, that they tend to just weigh on you to the point now you just want them all to go away.

Yep, this is when you put it all in God’s hands and let God takeover and handle it. But did it naught once occur to the one who quickly undermines, goes against, assumes and totally discredits those who challenge you, to why? Why someone feels the way they feel is that naught important? See, that is a part of why so much of what we are seeing is happening in the world #InTheseDayzofTyme. Programming people to do everything OPPOSITE to some of the basic things that were asked of you.

Do you even know why I even bother to ask why? Ask self why questions are asked first before you just shoot out an opinion to things, because you better know that I’m naught the only one who is asking questions, God asks them and Jesus/Yahshuah did too. You think God doesn’t feel and know? Think again my friends.


Now, for those who still don’t get where I might be coming from and why. This is merely for those who really truly want and desire to know why, and how does any of it possibly apply. Are you going to lean more towards your own understanding? Or, will you truly just think about all that you have read.

Endnote, some things have to happen in order for you to see a little more of what you may need to see, and know. Be it through certain things and situations in life.

Or, just thoughts coming from people you least expect who may say things that will either offend you, be taken wrong, and or just a failure to respect how others feel if it’s reasonable. No one knows someone else’s walk and struggles in life. Isn’t that why we all should be learning from one another no matter wrong or right?

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New Video And Thoughts From The Artist 4 the People A Little Light 4 Michigan

Haven’t been as active, and been going through quite a few things lately especially during this whole #CoronaVirus #Covid19 mess. But to show how important it is to me to find a way to reach, and get the possible message out to y’all when the Spirit moves, I wanted to do this post with this video that i had done last week. Find Out what I experienced, what popped up and what I found while doing this video.

What Was The Chances? Chances of what? The chances of me naught just moving in mind, but also being moved in Spirit in order to create, and share the video below that has a possible message for the one who seeks. 💓 May something said help elevate you in mind, heart and Spirit as well as enlighten you to how we all in a sense are being affected by so much that is going on right now, which has an effect on us all differently due to levels.
See, the thing about it, I think there will be those of you who would agree that, I’ve clearly been touching on how it’s the Battle of the Mind, and now I think you all can now see why, and if you still choose to be willfully blind and can’t; then that’s on you.
I’ve been trying to effectively deliver messages of awareness for educational purposes in hopes to reach people and give them something to think about.
I’ve been stressing the impact that Mental Illness, Suicide, Stress, Anxiety, Pressure Depression and Conflict has, and the importance of us getting it together and learning how to give other people who deserve your time and attention a chance by simply being able to respect others thoughts and opinions especially when coming in reason.
Now ask self: “Is naught what is taking place showing signs through people of some if naught all the examples above?”
But instead, people chose, and still continue to choose to naught see the importance of be mindful and using your time, energy and resources to help wisely rather than use them as a way to look down on and make people feel less than and helpless. And though you have those who power trip and think they running things. By this lock down, the Almighty who sits on the higher seat, the universe; this virus mess and these people are showing you who really running things. Fact!
Now is that something that you can actually see going on? If so, good! Because this is why I strive to push this light. And though you also have many others who also have been hard at work and are doing similar. There has to be some type of difference in delivery, and this is why I do what I do and how I do and like no other, because this is my way of showing to be on my job as I’ve shown throughout time to do.
Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart.”
Psalms 119
But, you know how people are, and how this world is, you also have those who are in better positions of power who push the image that sways and plays on one’s mind, emotions and feelings. Now look at where we are now. You had those who proudly pushed the “I Got More Than You” “Look At What I Got” “I Run Shhh…” mentality for separation in power, mind and Spirit, but unite with spirits and minds that are naught of good intent.
Taking sides, and looking down on those who aren’t with a particular group who appear to be doing something and doing financially better when it comes to the image of lifestyle it self.
All of the control shhh… Entertainment laffy taffy everything funny and you can’t tell me shhh…. And or even the Political side of the coin. look at all….. the stuff that been going on and you think that everything will just be fine?
I think naught. The Untied States of Northern America is under spiritual attack in a sense and the people are possibly being used to carryout the mission to change, undermine, damage and destroy it from within. That’s what I get from so much that we see taking place right now.
And then, you have those who feel like they can just move around and do whatever they want to do, but with no sense of duty, responsibility, accountability, consideration, compassion and respect even during this time of a pandemic that has an effect on naught only the United States, but even other countries/states in other parts of the world.
But I really just want to stay on my why. Why I am taking the time to do this post. Why am I doing this post? Because I’m merely sharing my thoughts, and experience through one’s creativity as a professional when it comes to my work, and the work beyond the work. And part of that work is to deliver what sits before you.
The importance of showing to appreciate where you are now, and what you have and what you do with it starts with ?????? YOU! Just something to think about that is beyond you. And what you do with the given is all on you. #CanUImagine doing something that is more needed, and should be being done? Choice
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People Will Push You To Not Like Them

♒💨 I haven’t posted in a while due to so much going on, which has affected me and my wanting to even do any post. So I felt and found the need to do one today while I have the time to do so. As #theartist4thepeople, I stand on that. But! There are certain people that I choose to stand for.

The many people who you THINK are your people are naught your people unless by their acts and ways do they show to be your people. And while elevating among-st a world full of Jokes (clowns) who either wanna make people laugh, because they a** really is just that mentally miserable, and or show in their thoughts to be just that sad. You have to see that, these same type of people you clearly will naught be able to depend on.

One has to clearly see, and choose to fight to show to be, and make a difference in this life. But striving to do just that; in itself is a very difficult task when people (YOUR SO-CALLED PEOPLE) are part responsible for making it difficult for you through their ill acts and ways to even want to do anything for anybody.

Clearly there are also those people who TALK a good (sermon) in hopes for you to believe. But ask self: “are their ACTS with no strings attached lining up?” Is it naught your own so-called people who just love to see ya down, out and will laugh at you?

Do some deserve it? Me personally I would say so. And if they do how do you better discern who has it coming, and who doesn’t? Lemme give you a much clearer example. As much as I really don’t like #blackwomen. If the Spirit of God moves; then I will help them. The talk is good right? But it means nothing without one’s own acts (Actions Speak Right?)

Like yesterday, I saw a #blackwoman fall right in front of me, money clinched in her hand and all. And instead of getting on my phone to quickly get a shot to post on social network for giggles and likes, and watch her struggle to get up all while feeling embarrassed. And even in fear to being ROBBED. I used the common(commonsense), which is naught so common and asked: “Are you okay? Come on I gotchu” and helped her to her feet.

#canuimagine what she said while down and being helped up? “I’m tired of falling.”

She probably was one of them femmi-con man haters too who defy and has turned on man. But did I allow that to affect my decision whether she appreciated (A MAN, naught a WOMAN) being there in her time of need? Am I looking for special kudos by making this post and point? No, hopefully you, the reader will see and get whatever you are meant to receive and get from it.

and then that evening, I seen a woman with two bags of groceries struggling to get through the snow. I thought one thing, and then did another all while thinking about some things that give me a good a** reason to why I feel how I feel. But I guess that’s where Spiritual Discernment, and moving when the Spirit moves comes in play. Because whether you, the reader agrees with me or naught. One thing is for certain, and two is for-sure that,

“People will push you to not like people, and all it takes is one to mess it up for others who really could do for and deserve your time and help.”

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Just To Live Is To Be Evil So Find Life

You ever think about how you have people who go about their lives working, and just caring on doing the things that they feel they want and or need to do? Living right? We want to live, so we go about doing the things that make us feel like we’re living.

One of my guys called to check on me, and as I was going about my way in this life I lead. We were discussing some things, and then what popped up is the word LIVE and LIVING. So I asked him did he know what living means, and could just trying to LIVE as we find many people would say actually equal out to mean EVIL?

He gave me his breakdown, but then he also showed to remember some things that we had discussed prior to before time, which then I think he now sees, and knows why I asked the question. So, I decided that this would be something to give my visitors/readers to ponder on, and think about if they chose to make the time to see.

I make and take the time to do these type of illustrations through post just to make it very clear to those who continue to try and undermine and mistake me to be who and what I show naught to be. As I’ve said, and I’ll say it again: “It’s just about the music and me trying to be the best rapper, hip hop artist, fame, clout chasing and trying to prove anything.

This is also naught about me trying to EDUCATE anyone either, I just bring awareness to the possible by the delivery of #Gods4lo through #KnowledgeAndMusic. And the message today is the difference between life, and the one you live. So here’s the breakdown, and you thank me later, and remember where it came from all praise due to the most high.

Now, clearly if this is true, then why would one even want and or feel the need to live if it means to be evil? It’s naught about whether I am wrong or right, right or wrong. This is about whether you are working on your mind to be more aware to the possible and the things we tend to loosely say and or notice in life.

Do, see and feel whatever and however you want after reading this, but one thing one should naught do, and that’s move around showing to continue to be in a blind state of mind.

Proverbs 15:14

The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.

It’s important to work towards the refreshing of ones thoughts in mind. Is this and will this be relevant to you the visitor/reader of Adam the Great X’s thoughts on this? Maybe, maybe naught. But one thing you, the people can never say is that, artist’s like self never took the time to touch on (Breathe) oon some things that isn’t just about you listening and or buying my music. Like it or naught, show to appreciate or naught but this is my chosen way of giving back. By showing that, anything is possible when you know that the creator (God) is in the equation and alignment.

Why am I able to see things this way? Because I asked for it for one; while in a dark place and going through some real shhh… in time. And second, I worked hard on learning and realized that; the life I chose to LIVE was oon some straight EVIL shhh….., but was that it? Was that the life actually meant for me to live out in the way I was living, or is there more to the life possibly set by being sent?

James 1:5

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all [men] liberally, and up braideth not; and it shall be given him.

My thoughts, your views, because either way, I can make it look and sound real good just to make self look good just to be placed on a pedestal for ones own selfish intent by pretending as if one knows (Like some are out here doing) and talk about the life of really going through things that the real people either have and or actually are going through, but yet one has naught actually experienced and been through shhh…. That I say is naught #Rilla and my saying is….. Time don’t lie, people do.”
So tell me, what means more to you, to seek life or to just live. And I say, it’s all a part of the #BattleoftheMind
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