When You Just Sitting Here Listening

♒💨 My story for today is that, I see and I listen. I see so much going oon around me, and in the world. And I listen to a whole lot as the world turns. There many stories being told, but the question is…. what story and why. So many stories being told in hopes that people will tune and channel in to the story. but what is the story? Well, this is just a part of the story today. But what is the story? The story is that, some people think that the way they see things as I type right now are and is actually the way things are. But the reality is….. is that many either see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear. Or, they just go along with whatever they think is really popping. The battle of the mind? Maybe.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of Kings is to search out a matter.”

So when I see what I see, and listen. For me, it’s a must for oneself to better see, listen and hopefully can learn. And what I see is that, how important it is to choose what wave, frequency and channel to tune into. My story is a part of my experience, and my experience on this day was seeing, and listening to and paying attention to absorbing the energy placed in the air. And for me, there is both good and bad energy right now, and it can have a in-depth impact that will be positive or negative and I can’t break that down to you know plainer or clearer.

I woke up this morning to seeing a crescent moon, but last night I was chilling and then asked by my home-girl did I know Nipsey Hussle? and I was like yea, and then she was like: “he’s dead.” And I was like what? 😯 And then I start to see what I always be seeing when it comes to these post in regards to these major public community figures. But this time, it seemed to be at a faster pace of picture posting of this young recording artist, and entrepreneur business owner. I also see how Dr. Sibi is in the equation, and you know how these people love to bring in the gang affiliate ties, because he’s from Crenshaw, Los Angle’s.

So, like I said; my story is that, I see, and I’m listening. And Though Gale King may naught be “bothered”, I kinda am, but naught moved. I’m bothered by the fact that, it appears that even when you’re striving to be and do right especially when you show to give a damn enough about your people, City, State and community. It always has to be messy, and at times very confusing stuff like this Nipsey Hussle situation as well as the many other one’s prior to. Does it even pay off in the end to be and show that you can reach and be more than the limits placed? How good and great can it be to want to get involved in something, and or even feel safe enough to be involved with something such as the Rap and Hip Hop game, and or even be affiliated and or around such a “build you up, just to break you down” surrounding and environment?

How can you grow, how can you get beyond, how can you be successful, how can reach a means of a better life and prosperity, and happiness while in pursuit of this; when you have people somehow always trying to get in your way and or betting on you to fail and loose in life? How? And guess who does it the most? #canuimagine? I’ll let you answer that truthfully. But clearly it should cross one’s mind for you to really think about. I won’t say that, I don’t know what to think, because I’m a thinker, but I will say that it all tends to wear and tear on one’s mind, mental and life because of all these F***ed up projections, stereotypes, labeling s, illusions, power tripping, ego matches that I hope you can see that is going on #rightbe4ureyez.

Can you now see why I made a song called: “Right Be 4 Ur Eyez”? Because what else am I suppose to see when you have people out here doing such horrible things to people, and or playing with people’s mind, time and life? I’m honestly naught feeling none of it because how does this help naught only our race of people, but especially these children? How? So again, I see, and I listen, but for me, it takes so much more now. Some people love to always have access to space in your mind, and use of your time but they want to do it for free. Everyone likes free am I right? I would really encourage y’all to see Online Social Networks for what they are, and naught be so quick to lose control, because in reality people are using it are allowing the real connection to be replaced, and causing one to carry and deliver an energy of negative vibes of hate, tension, friction and self-destructiveness upon your own as well as other’s without any thought towards the importance of seeing better, to possibly know better in order to do better, because the reality is this:They Workin Oon It,and just thinking about it all.


I truly think that they’re betting on the gangs to set it off because of all of this. Nothing matters without the calmness of God’s goodness in any matter. these folk know how to get people’s attention playing on people’s emotions and feelings. End-note? Stop being and pushing race hate towards one another. My condolences go out to all those who have loss love ones to street violence and effected by this situation. May the almighty God continue to reach those who seek by working through those who deliver, and teach with #Gods4lo.

When A Chief Speaks

Why Do Those Who Are Closer To You End Up Turning On You?

Is it those whose close and know the most that will do you the dirtiest?


I’m noticing this a lot, is it catching like the flu? Why is it that those who are closest to you are the ones who end up turning on you for some made up reason?

I found that, it is proven fact that, it is the ones who call themselves down for you, and who say they have your back, you’re so called Homeboy? Home-girl? and any other name that one has come up with to define someone who suppose to have your back-end up being the ones to STAB YOU IN THE BACK.

Ever watch that good movie where the childhood friend ends up becoming the arch rival, and either trying and or succeeding in killing the friend?

Always finding a reason to do the one who has actually been a real supportive, and dedicated friend the worse have you noticed that?

And it’s not just in the movies, the movies is just entertainment for you, and that is just good acting right? Wrong!!!

Those type of acts being played out are actually being done by, and carried out by people everyday all around the world, but right now, I wanna keep it right here in the territory of Kalamazoo, Michigan

Let’s be honest, many of you know of this either by experience or you’ve seen it done and some actually think that it’s cool as hell to betray a friend?

A family member and or someone who through their actions whom have shown to be that RYDA individual and to them or even you, it’s okay?

And what might be the response if asked why? The reply may be: “Well, that’s just the way it is” REALLY?


So, basically some people actually BELIEVE that, it’s cool for those who are close to you to plot, scheme and have hidden agendas towards you, and even try to hurt and or even kill you?

I mean you see it everyday going on in different parts of the streets in Kalamazoo (The Hood) right?

Set each other up both men and women, and then make it like that’s the coolest thing to do.

I guess my question is, what makes people want to do such foul and dirty deeds to someone who they profess that they love or have love for?

People run around acting like they care, but then turn around and contradict themselves by committing the same acts that they say that they despise. And you know what’s worse?

And though, I stand on Deen as a Native, I still recognize our race of people (Black/African Decent) who got it real bad to talk about what the wrongdoings done, and try to raise an issue when they feel like they’ve been violated by an opposite race (Caucasians Etc.)

Or raising hell about what they’ve done to our race of people, but turn around and commit the same acts on your own people? 


Now, a young Caucasian actually tried to actually challenge me on that, and some of my own as well of the fact that it is possible to be considered as a racist to your own race of people, and when I got through breaking it down, he (Caucasian) young man actually had to think about it.

Now, I’m not saying that I am even right, I’m just asking if it’s possible?

Is these type of acts that is being projected from a race of people being demonstrated towards one another through my own race of people?

Why of course it is, but you need to have a better standing with the wording that you choose to use.

I don’t do the assumption thing, brother Malcolm X said it best:Don’t assume anything brother do you remember?

I do, and it makes sense. And while I’m on it, what he experienced is a perfect example to what I’m talking about. Look how we do one another, and I’m supposed to just look at it like it’s just the normal?

Naw, not me, that shit is horrible, and for your own people of race to do a man who was only trying to guide the people right, and give them hope for me, that says a lot, and to be honest it hurts even til this very day.

Mathew 10:36 “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.”

So, I just look at some of the things that go on and try to make these things open for discussion while many choose other wise.

I’m not looking for a way to prove that, I’m right I just bring what I feel should manifest to the forefront, because a lot of people out here acting like their on some real shhh…. When all actuality they’re faking, and can’t be trusted.

Why should you even want to trust the untrustworthy just for honor sake to allow self to be dishonored in the end?

People nowadays have no control over their emotions and feelings, and all they want to do is find fault in someone else just to save face, and try to avoid the fact that they are possibly victims of their own misguided thoughts and ways picked up and learned from ones external environment?

Leaned Behaviors is what I call it, and trust me, I know about it. So if you see this as a real problem feel free to engage, because it’s open for discussion.

Leave a comment below if you choose, and let me know if I’m wrong or not.

Peace and many blessings from Chief ATG X

When A Chief Speaks