Respecting Those Who Have Not Earned It

I found it very interesting how it was some possible major shhh…. going oon for the past days/weeks when it comes to these young #rappers, these young dudes in the streets, and how the tension increased due to names in regards to those who are trying to make a name (respect) for themselves vs those who already have sacrificed a whole lot, and has truly worked hard to have added much value and worth to their name in this game of life, and anything else be it the streets, business and most importantly one’s divine relationship with the most high almighty God.

So when it comes to the young and the #OGS if you will; situation that one see’s and notices popping up a lot. And who are the REAL OGz and who should and should naught or doesn’t deserve to be shown a certain JUST DUE respect. Oneself can naught help but touch on such a topic, and how important it is whether you feel the need to take the time to pay attention or naught.

Point being as far as I know, can see as well as comprehend and even get from it all is basically my own personal take due to my being no sleeper nor new jack by my own concrete experience in this game of life, and naught just speaking on shhhh… just because I feel that I can because of the way this whole Socialist Online Social network is, and a  way for nobodies to now have a way to become somebody’s? Nor do i desire or thrive off the urge to attention seek. My thoughts, yours means to better analyze and comprehend is my only intent.

Nothing wrong with that right? Naught at all I say, but then again in a sense there can be, and it is when you have those who allow things like the lusting for (Power) and (Control) to go to their head and start giving themselves and or making themselves feel like they have a new-found power that holds no greater need for showing better self-control and responsibility.



And knowing the stuff that has been going on as far as the whole discrediting mess, and disrespectful things that people tend to do online, and has shown to do so by ALLOWING self to be controlled by THESE people’s social media tools to cause friction, tension, disregard, disrespect and forgetting how important some things still are; just to make a name for yourself, and try to tear down someone else’s?

To me, that in itself is a very dangerous and naught so smart nor a good idea to be dabbling in or the type of waters that one should be trying to jump in without the proper gear, and skills ya feel me.  And like it or naught; there are rules as well as principal’s and LAW that are still in play and have an affect whether you catch that wave I just pushed or naught. It’s what keeps balance, honor, respect and order in order to prevent disorder, out-of-order and most of all lawlessness on the manifest to overthrow one’s standing in upright righteousness.

“Whoever pursues righteousness and love
finds life, prosperity and honor.”

So with that all being said; the storm is here, and time is now to work towards showing to strive towards being and doing better with whatever power one thinks they may have. Stop instigating, and pumping up, as well supporting people who are clearly showing to have an effect by the promoting of nonsense that shows to be for self-gratification, power tripping and destructive intent. #canuimagine ? That is what I have to say about it all thus far. Care to prove otherwise? 

When A Chief Speaks

A Blessing Found In Rap And Hip Hop Music


So when, and or if you decide you want to think about all that is going on in life, whether it be yours personally, and or someone else s, a picture is painted.

And in that picture is a possible message formed through many colors of obstacles that we all tend to be able to relate to be it your own experiences or others. Many will ask why?

Many will complain, be bitter minded, hurt, ugly, hateful, non caring selfish and very quick to turn a blind eye to some of the same things that people go through until they themselves are faced with the same obstacles.

Why is this? Why is that? Why ask why? Why is only the possibility to the many struggles and situations that we all have to come to face for whatever the reason, race, religion, ethnicity and case. But the Blessing.

I say, the blessing in the possible outcome of whatever the situation faced is determined by lessons hopefully learned that will possibly help you along the way.

What am I talking about? Yep, many will say such, but look at it like this: “It’s easy to accept blessings, but blessings must also be given in return in order for that glory to go back to the source.”

But, In These Dayz of Tyme, many show to have forgotten that importance of this duty due to their choice in living an illusion lifestyle, and choose to do otherwise don’t they.

But what is a blessing? A Blessing could may well come simply in from, and to in many ways, and through thought form if you can catch it.

Could there be blessings still manifesting from music? You know you have those who swear up and down that, all Rap and Hip Hop is dead, the same, and or sounds like what somebody else says.

You’ll be quick to say that, there are no real representatives and leaders in the music game, and no longer holds any substance or nothing to offer anymore. Really? And you know what I say to that? It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Beg to differ? Disagree? You have that right, but with that right also must come proof.

If you listen to the song “The Blessin” beat production by Blake Palar for Sound Stove Productions (SHOUT OUT TO BLAKE!). In the song above, could there be a blessing for ya?

Maybe, maybe naught, it all depends on what you’re looking for, and might be going through at this very moment, and might find in something that, I Was Sent  2 hit ya with.

Only you know when and or if something relates to you, and ones everyday struggles in life. I relate to the many struggles in life on many levels, and that’s why I tend to Give It 2 Em Raw on and off the mic.

My art, thoughts, and creativity in this Rap and Hip Hop Music Producing for me, in itself is a blessing. It’s a blessing to be able to do all that I have, and am striving to continue to do, and naught just for me.

Yes, The Artist 4 the People does it like no other no matter how much they try to tear down what the Creator and universe played part in rebuilding, and they just gone have to hang in there, because “Ain’t No Stopping” #Gods4lo. 😎 

What I do is naught just for me, but also for those rillas who know the real street life, who knows much of what we faced, went through and strove to survive.

And those who know, know through real experiences when it comes to the street, and hood life. People really gotta start showing to be more honest with self and quit chasing the illusion for a temporary feel.

So, if you the reader have made it this far by reading these thoughts BIG UPS AND SHOUTS OUT TO YOU! And if you are going through something major in life right now, I feel you and just know that, it’s important to first take a good look at self, and ask one self: “What have, I done, and What can I do?”

Forget naught that the Creator is always with you, but if you flip-flop, and sway that too is a maybe to the why that one asks. So with that being said; my way of showing the possible is by the work I display Right Be 4 Ur Eyez.

Will you find the blessing? Will you show it and express it? Only you can answer that. Enjoy “The Blessin” sent. Download now while available, and be sure to  like, comment and share your thoughts and experience with what you might have gained from this post, and the works within the song with others. Or, you gained and found nothing at all.

Who knows, if naught a blessing to you, it just may be for someone else. 😉

When A Chief Speaks