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It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t of left you. Who remember that? Dig though, I just wanted to do a quick post to let y’all know that I’m still here, and active doing my thing, and like no other. I’ve been silent because maybe I needed to and that’s what the most high wanted me to do for the moment. And though none of you have made any effort to at least reach out and just say what up, and are you okay especially in such times that we all are facing. I thought I’d be the one to break the barrier (As Usual) and just take the time to make a small video and post it. There’s so much to say about a lot that’s going on, but I still choose to stay somewhat silent. Why?
Well, for one. Some of what is going on, I’ve in a sense already spoke on so it really does no good to repeat and or toot my horn etc. I’ve notice a lot that is taking place, and how this whole Corona Vi ruse can and is in a sense or be mentally crippling. I see it as just another way to separate (Divide and Conqueror) due to disabling, but in the same breath is somewhat a necessary?
Naught only that, it is also a way of showing how programmed some people really aare allowing themselves to be. Either way, I think it has to happen in order for me, and you, you and I to be able to see things that the most high may need you to see, because like I been promoting, and saying; it’s definitely showing to be the Battle of the Mind In These Dayz of Tyme. You still don’t think don’t so?
Well the recent events that have taken place should be enough proof especially the one’s like you’ve seen going on with stores being swamped with frantic people buying out the many things that you will eventually run out of anyway because they will be used even more quickly right? This whole mask, the gloves and mixed messages. I’m naught going to get into that at this time, but it shows you something does it naught?
If it does then what? So anyhow, I wanted to do a quick video, and a few thoughts for those of you who look forward to catching the vibrant content/message that I may have waiting for the hungry minds to get their next powerful and enlightening dose of Knowledge And Music.
I don’t want to say that; for none of you to reach out shows how much you really care about those like myself who really put’s in a lot of time, effort and work to create, and produce relevant content only to feel unappreciated. But yet, I still think about y’all so I tend to find the strength, time and energy to put a little something out for y’all to know how I feel and am doing as well as why I haven’t been putting anything out. Just been thinking and observing a lot. But I woke up today, thankful as always, and thought about those of you who have and are connected with me here on my site online. So here I am once again doing something; something that I actually love to do.
Why? Because it’s something that I’ve chosen to invest my time, energy and power into. So to all my people no matter where ya from, at and who you may be. be it in Kalamazoo, Michigan or naught. If you with me, then you with me. And if naught, then you naught, but I even do it for you too. Why? Because somebody has to show to be the change and strive to break the willfully conditioning cycle right?
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music   

Incompetent Power Tripping Armed Security Guard Tries To Block Artist Adam the Great X In

So I had started this post, but didn’t finish it yesterday, so here I am back at it like it was yesterday. Well, if you wondering if this is real, and actually went down, I would have to answer your question with a yes. As we all tend to be, out minding our own, and taking care of day to day business, I somehow found myself in a situation that I could have chosen to totally ignore, which you would then naught even see this video about my encounter and experience nor my thoughts in this post that I am taking the time to type as I re-think about what happened.
I don’t need to do a whole lot of typing in this post of what you can actually watch, and listen top in the video. I really just wanted to get the post done and out to those who look forward to, and want to see what’s popping, and coming up next from the artist 4 the people when it comes to Knowledge, Music, Awareness and News on what’s really going on be it in Kalamazoo, Michigan and or throughout any of the other several States when it comes to the United States of America.
What I am doing, and showing you is that, there’s is a lot of mess, disrespect, chips on shoulders attitude carrying, showing to be incompetent dysfunctional acting people out here who are getting hired into these businesses/companies who are placed in good, positions of privilege, and title. Which then creates a feeling of power that allows individuals “LIKE THIS CLOWN” that I just so happened to be forced to deal with. Why? Because of exactly what you see in the photos in the video.
And these type of clown minded, power tripping, egotistical type are the one’s that I try to bring awareness to you about. Is he racist? Don’t know, can’t prove and don’t care about his choice if that is the case. My only concern is whether or naught this punk is wrong for what he said, and chose to do. yes, he’s on the clock and has a job to do, but I too have many jobs to do, and he chose to interfere with that the moment he undermined and brushed off my request for him to move up a little so I could safely pullout and leave.
This is yet another one of those situations where it clearly shows what I been promoting?  yep, you probably guessed right, The Battle of the Mind And these are the one’s that I speak on in the song: “Pray 4 Those.”
“Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor..”
Romans 12:10
I feel like I showed to do what I needed to do by standing in honor in this situation, and naught allowing self to be moved by this fools negligence and reckless-mindedness. Awareness is fairness to those who can see why I am posting this. Anyway, I felt that it was of great importance for me to put y’all up, and let y’all know what I encountered, my experience and how I handled it. Was I wrong for checking him for what he did, or should i have let it slide and just let him get away with naught only what he did, but also his response to my request for him to move up a little so that I could safely backup and leave peacefully.
These type of people are the same one’s that I be seeing people crying about doing and getting away with murder, but fail to realize how important it is for you to see what you need to see, know what you need to know, and do what you need to do. So my question to you, if it was you what would you have done, and how should this be dealt with? Watch these type, because they’re everywhere. 
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music 

More Going On In Flint Michigan Someone Shot And Killed

Well, apparently Flint Michigan has a lot going on right now. For the past few days Flint has been in the media and news light for things that aren’t very good. First it was the sex solicitation G.H.O.S.T sting. The water situation is an ongoing one, and now I just ran into this one, which is about someone allegedly shot and killed.

Again, I touch on these topics of choice, because being that I am the artist 4 the people of knowledge and music, I find it to be necessary. There is a lot going on right now and being that I stand to be more than just a rap artist and music producer, I give y’all my thoughts on these possible; unaware of issues that may be going on in another part of the state, but we all are here in, which is the Great Lakes state.

And whether you feel it affects you and where you are and your city/town or naught. Indirectly this stuff does eventually travel and may in time.

And when I look at it all, I feel as if Michigan is kinda under attack. Why ? I have my reasons to feel that way, my thoughts your views.

When a Chief Speaks.

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Flint Michigan Sting Caught 22 People That Targeted Children

The War On Children And Human Life Is Real In Michigan

I found this story by Fox 17 to be very interesting being flint already has a major situation on they’re hands when it comes to the water crisis, and now they also have human trafficking issues as well. Guess the draining of the swamp is real, because I’ve never seen the exposing and focus of finding and putting a cease on this type of mess by cracking down on child predators. Michigan has been the light when it comes to Human Trafficking.

People keep talking about how f*** up President Donald Trump is, but yet you have children out here being solicited and sexually assaulted as well as taken against their will or sold off.  So let’s come clean with the possible truth of, and fact of the matter that since he’s been in office, you’ve seen more good results (Raids) than naught when it comes to the shedding of necessary light on how good this mess has been hidden in the dark, and how bad of a problem it really is when it comes to the attack on innocent lives of children in our State, country and nation as a whole now let that sink in. So let me ask; Is the assaulting of 2 year old’s something that, I or even you, the reader should see as something that should naught be payed attention to, and addressed?

The #battleofthemind is real, and so is the war of children #canuimagine ? #waronchildrencrisis

When A Chief Speaks

Source Link via 22 caught in Michigan sting targeting child sex solicitation — Fox17

When You Feel Like You’re Under Attack

Gotta lett’em Know Then Slowly Lett’em Go

So I wanted to do this post today on when you’re feeling like you’re under attack. I think many whether they feel the need to admit it and see it to be true or naught. I think those who can actually feel where I’m coming from by probably also feeling the same will agree. And at this very moment in time, and space, I am going through it, and feeling it right now heavily. It’s a mental attack, and I wanted to touch on it in hopes that it will bring awareness to those who also may be feeling the same, and to know that you are naught alone even though you may feel as if you are. 

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and under pressure  due to everyday stressors like going throughout life as if you’re all alone due to those who are closer to you showing through their actions that make you feel a sense of distrust, disappointment, letdown and disregard to what you might have to say when it comes to certain things that tend to bother you. let me be the one to tell you that, just the thought of it in itself is a struggle to find a way to deal with. When i touch on these type of topics, I don’t do it just by the experience of what I see, but by my own experiences to what I know.

I am no stranger to none of it, and that’s why I see self as one who shows to be more qualified to speak on it; especially when it comes to issues such as friendship, relationship and family issues and fallout’s. The #battleofthemind? Better know it, and the feeling alone is super crucial. It’s so much going on in this wicked a** world full of deceptions and lies that people tend to project out onto the set stage when many love to wear the mask. It’s very hard to even want to deal with anyone when you go about life with such a feeling of distrust because people feel like they can just string you along like their playing the violin or something. Men doing it, women doing it, so called friends are doing and it’s as if it’s been embedded (planted) like a seed withing people’s mind to accept this to be looked at as if it’s a okay.

Naught sorry to say, but it’s naught. It hurts a brughtha bad when he has to feel as if there is no one who really is trying to have a standing with him, and realize that, as a man no matter how hardcore one may have been and or may be. I still hurt, I still feel pain and I have no problem with the ability to express one’s thoughts on how mafas will play and show to treat and do ya. So, it is my hopes that someone like you whomever you may be, but most importantly my subscribers who show to still be connected with me, this is for you. This is naught just for anyone. It may be for everyone, but naught anyone, because anyone can naught totally relate to where I’m coming from unless they themselves either have, are or can due to knowing of the struggles of someone who is close, and sometimes you just feel like F*** it and just giving up on it everything and everyone.

Mental Illness is on the rise, and has been and that’s why you’ve been seeing it so much lately be it through people, the news etc. I been talking about it for years now, and that’s why I released the album The Battle of the Mind. We’re all going through it #inthesedayzoftyme. And though I really didn’t know how I was going to do this post, I found a way to put the words together, because it’s naught easy to bring it all together when you’re going through shhh… and naught as focused. So I say to you, you may feel alone just as I do all the damn time, but you’re naught. I want you to know that somebody does really care even if I don’t know you personally. I just have trust issues I guess, because people really try you and try to use your humble and kindheartedness as a weakness. #canuimagine ? Have you notice how people have really become distant towards the real, and more closer to the fake? I guess that’s just the way it is, or is it?

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