People Will Push You To Not Like Them

♒💨 I haven’t posted in a while due to so much going on, which has affected me and my wanting to even do any post. So I felt and found the need to do one today while I have the time to do so. As #theartist4thepeople, I stand on that. But! There are certain people that I choose to stand for.

The many people who you THINK are your people are naught your people unless by their acts and ways do they show to be your people. And while elevating among-st a world full of Jokes (clowns) who either wanna make people laugh, because they a** really is just that mentally miserable, and or show in their thoughts to be just that sad. You have to see that, these same type of people you clearly will naught be able to depend on.

One has to clearly see, and choose to fight to show to be, and make a difference in this life. But striving to do just that; in itself is a very difficult task when people (YOUR SO-CALLED PEOPLE) are part responsible for making it difficult for you through their ill acts and ways to even want to do anything for anybody.

Clearly there are also those people who TALK a good (sermon) in hopes for you to believe. But ask self: “are their ACTS with no strings attached lining up?” Is it naught your own so-called people who just love to see ya down, out and will laugh at you?

Do some deserve it? Me personally I would say so. And if they do how do you better discern who has it coming, and who doesn’t? Lemme give you a much clearer example. As much as I really don’t like #blackwomen. If the Spirit of God moves; then I will help them. The talk is good right? But it means nothing without one’s own acts (Actions Speak Right?)

Like yesterday, I saw a #blackwoman fall right in front of me, money clinched in her hand and all. And instead of getting on my phone to quickly get a shot to post on social network for giggles and likes, and watch her struggle to get up all while feeling embarrassed. And even in fear to being ROBBED. I used the common(commonsense), which is naught so common and asked: “Are you okay? Come on I gotchu” and helped her to her feet.

#canuimagine what she said while down and being helped up? “I’m tired of falling.”

She probably was one of them femmi-con man haters too who defy and has turned on man. But did I allow that to affect my decision whether she appreciated (A MAN, naught a WOMAN) being there in her time of need? Am I looking for special kudos by making this post and point? No, hopefully you, the reader will see and get whatever you are meant to receive and get from it.

and then that evening, I seen a woman with two bags of groceries struggling to get through the snow. I thought one thing, and then did another all while thinking about some things that give me a good a** reason to why I feel how I feel. But I guess that’s where Spiritual Discernment, and moving when the Spirit moves comes in play. Because whether you, the reader agrees with me or naught. One thing is for certain, and two is for-sure that,

“People will push you to not like people, and all it takes is one to mess it up for others who really could do for and deserve your time and help.”

When A Chief Speaks.

Why Spend Time Doing What I Do When People Show To Not Appreciate It?

I ask myself this question all the time. It be times where I don’t feel like people appreciate me, or my work am I wrong for feeling this way?

There are times where I feel that I’m just wasting my time trying to bring awareness whether it be by my dealings with people on a spiritual level or through my music.

I have mixed feelings about a whole lot of things in life. I see much of what goes on, because I pay attention, and I react to what I choose to, and I touch on what I feel I should when I need to.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m accomplishing nothing while others are accomplishing a whole lot, but the truth is, it may be just that I see what is going on, I don’t like nor approve of what’s going on, and the fact that many people are acceptable to the unacceptable, and though it appears that those who are in what I see to be good positions in this life are really not. Is it an illusion?

Maybe, is it that my mind is playing tricks on me? Maybe, and should it matter to me? maybe. 

To be honest, I just wish that I was in a better position to be able to help the people who I see that are down.

When I see some of my people they look so wore out, damaged and on they’re last leg. Like we’re just hanging on for dear life, poor with nothing more to offer.

And then there’s a flip side where I see other races like Caucasians, Arabs, and now even Asians as well as others races who are seen to be doing better than my people why is this?

Well, I do take the time to try to find out why, when I try to ask my people questions about what is it that they want, and do they have anything to talk about, they don’t want to speak on nothing why is this?


So, when I come across these type, I say to myself why bother? Why spend my time trying to help those who show to not want to even help themselves by simply just talking about the conditions within the community, and touch on some ideas on how we as people can work towards bringing a much-needed change.

I try to reach people, and even help people even when I myself too need help in certain areas. My people make it very hard to trust them. Trying to get my people involved is a task in itself, and at times can be very overwhelming.

We talk about Black Lives Matter, but yet we’re the ones who are doing the most harm to one another, and to me, that is race hate in itself, and un excusable excuses are made in order to justify doing it why?

How can we expect any type of change when we as people are not making the necessary changes among-st one another?

When I spend the time to do these post, it is in hopes that they will reach, and or be found by those who are trying to have a better standing to whats really going on, and just that alone is part of the reason to why I find the strength to do what I do, and be who I am today verses who I once was many years prior to. Just today’s thoughts from the artist, and man who tries to elevate the minds of those who seek.

When A Chief Speak

What was the chances? When God speaks

I’m pretty sure that you know by now; that my life doesn’t just evolve just around me, making music.
I also have a very spiritual side of me, that experiences moments in life where for some is not explainable. But for me, could very well be a test while navigating throughout this world of noise.
Check out the video above, leave a comment on whether my breakdown of how the power and spirit of God moves. I would love to see someones take on this, thanks. Peace and many blessings.