They Really Try Hard To Silence And Oppress Those Who Deserve To Express What’s Real

I’m really starting to see more and more to how hard it’s getting to show through your able-ness to willingly strive towards finding balance when it comes to conflicts and resolutions. When doing so, there are also those who try to work even harder to try and silence you when you merely are exercising one’s ability to express thoughts, and feelings beyond the level of communication that people; especially ours are use to receiving. You have to ask self: “What is a real friendship, and or even an relationship when there is no seeking of balance in the communication?”

It always tends to be some type of friction, one-sided way of seeing things and fall-outs. Why? Could it be that, you have people who would rather spend time and energy in silencing you when they either know that they might be wrong, and for some reason they just don’t know how to admit it. Or, they may well just be on some other shhh…, don’t know how to express and communicate, which is something that they say is important to them, and expect it, but don’t want to project it.

So, when I feel as if this is the case, and being done to me, it basically is an example of the oppressing of one’s thoughts, and feelings through expression when I decide to speak on what I see to possibly be wrong and out of law and order now am I wrong for feeling like that? You can’t tell me that this isn’t the case, and that, it’s naught taking place especially within friendships, relationships, companionship’s,  these social media streets etc. And you wanna know what’s bad if naught worse about this? The fact that, here it is our race of people as well as other races of people went through so much, and sacrificed a whole lot for one to be able to freely now do what one does; only for it to seem like there are those people who really don’t appreciate that fact that, there are others who do, and I’m one of those people.

Hopefully I’ve reached someone, and or a few who can see, possibly relate to, and feel exactly where I’m coming from by doing this post and why. It’s naught just my truths, but the facts of the matter that you, the reader may be able to see, and get something from the thoughts, and experience of The Artist 4 the People. So, are our expressions being very well oppressed by some of the same people who we expect to feel where we’re coming from, respect how we feel and show in their acts and ways to want the need to get beyond the possible conflict in order to reach a more balanced solution? #CanUImagine

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music 4 Awareness 


New Video And Thoughts From The Artist 4 the People A Little Light 4 Michigan

Haven’t been as active, and been going through quite a few things lately especially during this whole #CoronaVirus #Covid19 mess. But to show how important it is to me to find a way to reach, and get the possible message out to y’all when the Spirit moves, I wanted to do this post with this video that i had done last week. Find Out what I experienced, what popped up and what I found while doing this video.

What Was The Chances? Chances of what? The chances of me naught just moving in mind, but also being moved in Spirit in order to create, and share the video below that has a possible message for the one who seeks. 💓 May something said help elevate you in mind, heart and Spirit as well as enlighten you to how we all in a sense are being affected by so much that is going on right now, which has an effect on us all differently due to levels.
See, the thing about it, I think there will be those of you who would agree that, I’ve clearly been touching on how it’s the Battle of the Mind, and now I think you all can now see why, and if you still choose to be willfully blind and can’t; then that’s on you.
I’ve been trying to effectively deliver messages of awareness for educational purposes in hopes to reach people and give them something to think about.
I’ve been stressing the impact that Mental Illness, Suicide, Stress, Anxiety, Pressure Depression and Conflict has, and the importance of us getting it together and learning how to give other people who deserve your time and attention a chance by simply being able to respect others thoughts and opinions especially when coming in reason.
Now ask self: “Is naught what is taking place showing signs through people of some if naught all the examples above?”
But instead, people chose, and still continue to choose to naught see the importance of be mindful and using your time, energy and resources to help wisely rather than use them as a way to look down on and make people feel less than and helpless. And though you have those who power trip and think they running things. By this lock down, the Almighty who sits on the higher seat, the universe; this virus mess and these people are showing you who really running things. Fact!
Now is that something that you can actually see going on? If so, good! Because this is why I strive to push this light. And though you also have many others who also have been hard at work and are doing similar. There has to be some type of difference in delivery, and this is why I do what I do and how I do and like no other, because this is my way of showing to be on my job as I’ve shown throughout time to do.
Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart.”
Psalms 119
But, you know how people are, and how this world is, you also have those who are in better positions of power who push the image that sways and plays on one’s mind, emotions and feelings. Now look at where we are now. You had those who proudly pushed the “I Got More Than You” “Look At What I Got” “I Run Shhh…” mentality for separation in power, mind and Spirit, but unite with spirits and minds that are naught of good intent.
Taking sides, and looking down on those who aren’t with a particular group who appear to be doing something and doing financially better when it comes to the image of lifestyle it self.
All of the control shhh… Entertainment laffy taffy everything funny and you can’t tell me shhh…. And or even the Political side of the coin. look at all….. the stuff that been going on and you think that everything will just be fine?
I think naught. The Untied States of Northern America is under spiritual attack in a sense and the people are possibly being used to carryout the mission to change, undermine, damage and destroy it from within. That’s what I get from so much that we see taking place right now.
And then, you have those who feel like they can just move around and do whatever they want to do, but with no sense of duty, responsibility, accountability, consideration, compassion and respect even during this time of a pandemic that has an effect on naught only the United States, but even other countries/states in other parts of the world.
But I really just want to stay on my why. Why I am taking the time to do this post. Why am I doing this post? Because I’m merely sharing my thoughts, and experience through one’s creativity as a professional when it comes to my work, and the work beyond the work. And part of that work is to deliver what sits before you.
The importance of showing to appreciate where you are now, and what you have and what you do with it starts with ?????? YOU! Just something to think about that is beyond you. And what you do with the given is all on you. #CanUImagine doing something that is more needed, and should be being done? Choice
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

What Matters To You The Title People Carry Or Acts And Deeds

While sitting here listening to some of my music: “The Battle Of the Mind Album” and the thought popped up, and I start wondering if people think that what and why I choose to do what I do is for the inflicting, and implanting of fear. Why am I asking self that question? Because as I listen, I kinda find self sounding a bit intimidating with my thoughts on whatever it is that I’m touching on lyrically. But just because the way I deliver the word, message and a type of food and or fruit for thought for y’all to think about and possibly ponder on, doesn’t mean that that is the case.


Did you know that I am?

And that you can also support my work there when it comes to getting your favorite higher quality songs from the artist 4 the people.

Or maybe I’m just too serious? Or maybe I just over care about certain matters in this life that I consider self as a bit more knowledgeable and a professional in and on as I express through the art and music in a way that is naught like your favorites, and it doesn’t mean that I’m trying to intimidate and or promote any type of fear and naught just as worthy of your time and ears. And if that is the case, then allow me to set the record straight.

That is naught my intent. My intent is to exercise my mind power, and hopefully elevate a few minds at a time along the way by empowerment through awareness. Awareness is fairness, and I feel like, and expect those to one day (if you haven’t chosen to already) to find a better reason to appreciate and respect my work just like you do with your favorite rappers, actors and entertainers.

Remember, you have those out here POWER TRIPPING with these titles. Whatever the title is is just that, A TITLE. But the more important image and subject of matter at hand should be based off of what comes from, and through you and the same goes for those who you look up to and show your love and support for as well.

So, if you’re going to ride for, and show support to and for a certain person(s) and or people; whomever those people or person(s) may be. Make sure that, you are choosing to do so NAUGHT because of the title they carry, but the image and energy they project that’s clearly going to show either or when it comes to one’s deeds, acts and intent in their walk, thought and talk. Are titles bad? I would say naught, it just all depends on whether one let’s it go to their head while risking slowly loosing themselves without even knowing it.

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

When You Just Sitting Here Listening

♒💨 My story for today is that, I see and I listen. I see so much going oon around me, and in the world. And I listen to a whole lot as the world turns. There many stories being told, but the question is…. what story and why. So many stories being told in hopes that people will tune and channel in to the story. but what is the story? Well, this is just a part of the story today. But what is the story? The story is that, some people think that the way they see things as I type right now are and is actually the way things are. But the reality is….. is that many either see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear. Or, they just go along with whatever they think is really popping. The battle of the mind? Maybe.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of Kings is to search out a matter.”

So when I see what I see, and listen. For me, it’s a must for oneself to better see, listen and hopefully can learn. And what I see is that, how important it is to choose what wave, frequency and channel to tune into. My story is a part of my experience, and my experience on this day was seeing, and listening to and paying attention to absorbing the energy placed in the air. And for me, there is both good and bad energy right now, and it can have a in-depth impact that will be positive or negative and I can’t break that down to you know plainer or clearer.

I woke up this morning to seeing a crescent moon, but last night I was chilling and then asked by my home-girl did I know Nipsey Hussle? and I was like yea, and then she was like: “he’s dead.” And I was like what? 😯 And then I start to see what I always be seeing when it comes to these post in regards to these major public community figures. But this time, it seemed to be at a faster pace of picture posting of this young recording artist, and entrepreneur business owner. I also see how Dr. Sibi is in the equation, and you know how these people love to bring in the gang affiliate ties, because he’s from Crenshaw, Los Angle’s.

So, like I said; my story is that, I see, and I’m listening. And Though Gale King may naught be “bothered”, I kinda am, but naught moved. I’m bothered by the fact that, it appears that even when you’re striving to be and do right especially when you show to give a damn enough about your people, City, State and community. It always has to be messy, and at times very confusing stuff like this Nipsey Hussle situation as well as the many other one’s prior to. Does it even pay off in the end to be and show that you can reach and be more than the limits placed? How good and great can it be to want to get involved in something, and or even feel safe enough to be involved with something such as the Rap and Hip Hop game, and or even be affiliated and or around such a “build you up, just to break you down” surrounding and environment?

How can you grow, how can you get beyond, how can you be successful, how can reach a means of a better life and prosperity, and happiness while in pursuit of this; when you have people somehow always trying to get in your way and or betting on you to fail and loose in life? How? And guess who does it the most? #canuimagine? I’ll let you answer that truthfully. But clearly it should cross one’s mind for you to really think about. I won’t say that, I don’t know what to think, because I’m a thinker, but I will say that it all tends to wear and tear on one’s mind, mental and life because of all these F***ed up projections, stereotypes, labeling s, illusions, power tripping, ego matches that I hope you can see that is going on #rightbe4ureyez.

Can you now see why I made a song called: “Right Be 4 Ur Eyez”? Because what else am I suppose to see when you have people out here doing such horrible things to people, and or playing with people’s mind, time and life? I’m honestly naught feeling none of it because how does this help naught only our race of people, but especially these children? How? So again, I see, and I listen, but for me, it takes so much more now. Some people love to always have access to space in your mind, and use of your time but they want to do it for free. Everyone likes free am I right? I would really encourage y’all to see Online Social Networks for what they are, and naught be so quick to lose control, because in reality people are using it are allowing the real connection to be replaced, and causing one to carry and deliver an energy of negative vibes of hate, tension, friction and self-destructiveness upon your own as well as other’s without any thought towards the importance of seeing better, to possibly know better in order to do better, because the reality is this:They Workin Oon It,and just thinking about it all.


I truly think that they’re betting on the gangs to set it off because of all of this. Nothing matters without the calmness of God’s goodness in any matter. these folk know how to get people’s attention playing on people’s emotions and feelings. End-note? Stop being and pushing race hate towards one another. My condolences go out to all those who have loss love ones to street violence and effected by this situation. May the almighty God continue to reach those who seek by working through those who deliver, and teach with #Gods4lo.

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