Look At What I Think Fell From the Sky The Other Night


So, I almost forgot to post this video that I did the other night after that heavy, and wet snow that fell a few nights ago. What you will see in the video is some very mysterious, but very interesting water balls that I came across that actually appear to GLOW!

Naught only that, but when you look at the video; to me, it would remind you of the stars in the sky. This was April 28, 2019 around 3:34 AM. So, I took some shots, and got a few of them to better analyze. Oh, y’all ain’t know?

Yes, I am a bit of a scientist. 😉 So, with that being said; watch the video, and let me know what you think. You can’t tell me, that it doesn’t resemble the sky, and the universe. But clearly you can see that it’s the ground.

When A Chief Speaks, I #GiveIt2EmRaw

The Knowledge And Music Site Is Back!

So What Obstacles And Situations Are You Facing #inthesedayzoftyme?

So, walk in thoughts with me, and take a trip through my side of the mind of the Great X. It’s much to say, so where do I start? Well, for starts, I would like to apologize to those who are connected, and have subscribed to my #KnowledgeAndMusic list in order to receive their updates on the latest thoughts of #theartist4thepeople, but the site was down and I was really going through some reality life situations that couldn’t be ignored, and this is why your support whomever you are and where ever you may be; is so important to me, all praise and thanks be to the supreme being most high creator (God), the Universe and those who for me, than against. 

Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, let’s get straight into the mind of Adam the Great. So let me tell, there has been soooooooo…….. much going on and soooooo……… much that I would like to address and touch on that, after hitting you with it all it probably would set your mind on fire oon #rilla.

For the past few months ya guy really been going through what I have clearly been pushing, and promoting, which is the #battleofthemind. Yes, the battle and war being waged on the mind’s of man, woman and child is real, and for those who can naught phantom, recognize, realize and comprehend this, that in itself I say is an example in itself if you can see it #canuimagine?

There’s so much going on #inthesedayzoftyme, and as I said all the way back in 2009: “You either focused, or you flat-line.” Easy to say, and much harder to do one just may find self saying huh? But I say; this is why it is so damn important to work towards finding a better way. A better way to either deal, or don’t deal at all that’s what I say.

Lemme say or should I say; allow me to type for my readers to see that, I can go on, and on about how f***** up things are in  the world we see shows to be. The things that shows the madness projected #rightbe4ureyez. I can show to be, and do just as you see many others on and offline be, and do. But I choose naught to, and that is because my purpose, mind, heart, Spirit and Soul is naught like any other and what they see, and choose to be and do.

I know that for many, it’s hard for them to even want to take the time out to just pay a little attention to these thoughts that seem to remind you of the Riddler. Some even consider me to be crazy and don’t know what I’m talking about. Or, just simply find what I have to say just that irrelevant, uninteresting and naught important enough.

But just like others may feel they’re doing them and what makes them happy, I’m doing me, and what I wanna do, gotta do, and that’s who and what I see self to be, and do all that I can do by elevating beyond and naught show to naught be true to what I know to be what will help me to further pursue to do so. 

“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”

Hebrews 1:14

It ain’t the same no more, and you best start recognizing things for what they show to be, and naught what they seem. What I am doing, and showing; is to project doing my part in life. It gets rough, complicated, stressful, and even a bit just too much to even want to deal with, but i still strive to come with it, and show that, I too am going through a lot of the madness that you might or might naught be going through. But whether you are or are naught, I still do this for you.

Do what? Share my thoughts, my experiences, some of the obstacles that I face so you can be aware and know how to better deal with these pretenders, snakes, under-bates and fakes. Can you imagine how much thought, and time it takes just to put one of these post together for my readers in hopes that they will be able to find food for thought, and digest whatever knowledge I may offer just to let you know that, this isn’t just about me getting you to buy shhhh…. from me, and brag and boast (Horn Toot) about how I’m getting money and look at all that I got.

Nope! That’s what I call the fat man mentality. No, I may naught be in life where I would love to be, but I show to be working on and towards it would you naught agree? Would you naught agree that, I show to be what I say, which is #theartist4thepeople? How? By continuing  to make the time to do exactly what I am showing to do right now, which is make the time to keep this site up and running in order to do these post, and hit y’all with mass production of knowledge and music content.

But it is naught on me to make you or anyone else see, listen and read. I just drop the seeds and now, what are you going to do with them? Though I’m kinda doing it alone, because things have to get done, it helps so much more for me to be able to get others to see how important you to are as well when it comes to the further building of this site, which is where I will be putting more of my time, because I feel like I’m being stretch and thinned out, which doesn’t help at all when it comes to time.

Anyway, just wanted to drop this one on y’all to letcha know that, I’m still here, and I’m still working and building, sorting out, making changes to, and showing to do what I was asked to do.

When a Chief Speaks

Just A Recording Artist Who Shows To Give A F***

I find it very interesting how some tend to show, and think that what I say and do whether it be projected through the workings in my music, and or on and off social networks is something that should naught be taken seriously. Let’s be very clear, I do it all, because for one, I’ve worked hard enough to be able to, and two, I’m just a recording artist who shows to give a F***. If you think I do this for fun, and or for attention purposes due to a feeling of boredom like I find many saying, you clearly are mistaken, and apparently you haven’t taken the time to thoroughly dive deeper into my post, my music and thoughts for that matter.

Whether you may feel as if I’m on point or naught, or even see it fit for you to see anything that, I project relevant enough to even take and or give the time of day to just interact with me, that is your opinion, and choice. But here’s what I am starting to realize even more. No matter what I may say, and or do; people gone see what they see, and feel like they can do whatever the hell they want to do.

People gone fret, complain, B****, be mad, pissed, angry, ugly, horrible minded, act a a**, make all the excuses in the world except find the right one, gossip, be nosy just to say that they know, belittle, and talk about someone else just to make themselves feel like their curing that miserable mindedness that they themselves are having major issues dealing with “Especially On Social Networks Like Facebook, and Twitter etc.”

Am I lying? Am I touching on something new? I think naught, but if you know this, and you are one of those type of people who are willingly doing so; then do I really need to ask you why? It is no damn secret that, people “Especially When It Comes To My Race” apparently have some major issues that we are naught concerned with trying to figure out how to address, and deal with without it always coming to the means of conflict, confrontation and violent acts carried out on one another without no real reasoning for better solutions to problems where we have to live. So instead we would rather throw (issues with self) on the back burner, run, hide and hopefully throw this carnal mindedness off on somebody else by pointing the finger any and at everyone else except being brave enough, and finding the courage to take a better look at self, and ask:

“Am I working towards being and doing any better than those who I spend and invest time in the throwing of stones at someone else?” 

Am I lying? For me, this is much of what I am seeing and whether you can see or naught that these are some of the major issues that are going on throughoutEVERY BLACK COMMUNITY IN DAMN NEAR EVERY CITY AND STATE WITHIN SEVERAL STATES UNITED.” But right now, I’m speaking on two places in particular; that I am rooted in and that is: “Chicago, Illinois and Kalamazoo, Michigan.”

What I do, I do for these two great cities and states that clearly have history with one another both good, bad and ugly. And if you are paying attention, you will see that there are some really ugly things going on right now in both, and it should bother you, I know it does as far as I go, why? Because, I’m just an underground recording artist who gives a F***, and I have my reasons what about you?

Am I lying? Ask yourself, because no matter what I say, there are going to be those of you who gone naught like, and gone feel how you are going to feel, and that’s your business, but if you are fed up, then you know that, what I am touching on is real. So, as an underground recording artist, I say what I say within my musical artwork, graphic artwork that paints a blunt reality picture, and try my hardest to be that change in this world that one would like to see by doing exactly what was asked of me, in hopes that you are able to see, if you are taking the time to seek.

But here’s what some of you would rather do, you would rather support those rappers/recording artist, and mainstream rappers/recording artist and even those who are naught involved in the music like these mask wearers out here (So Called real Katts) who tend to whisper and or yell sweet, and sour nothings in ya ear all because that’s what you want to hear right? Am I lying? Tell me, that’s naught what is being seen and projected #RightBe4UrEye’z and the thing about it, you have naught even a clue to what’s really going on, because this is an example of what we are all facing In These Day’z Of Tyme, the Battle Of the Mind, and many are just more acceptable to bulls***, but then turn around and complain need I ask you Why our people do this?

I could go on and on, but I’m naught, I just wanted to express self, and make self very clear to why, I choose to say, and do what I do when it comes to this music, and even make time to do these post on my blog as well as anything that, I may say on these social networks. I’m pretty sure y’all see that, I have music online that you can purchase be it automatic download, and or you can just email me or call and I’ll send it via email if you feel safer donating to my work, because yes it does take fund to do what I am doing, and the creator (God) has been truly working threw those who help me, to keep my site up and running in order to do what I am able to do, and that’s keep bringing y’all knowledge and Music on and offline.

And if you chose and or are considering to support my work, I would rather consider what you give as a (Donation), because I’m really naught into all the selling. (It’s naught just about the money, because clearly you can see that money isn’t saving, curing nor helping in the situations that one faces, and if anything those who do have plenty of it, aren’t making things any better for you or me, now are they? And what they do tends to only be temporarily for themselves, am I lying? In the song In These Day’z Of Tyme, I give a thorough breakdown lyrically voicing how I feel about it, and the love that I have for Kalamazoo regardless to what I have been put threw, whether it was encounters with the police (KPD) and or ones dealings on the hood/street life tip, in the end, it was me, who put myself in it and threw it so I take the good with the bad and keep it poppin’ and movin.’ Rilla.

I’ll also add this, it’s something how those who this city, (Kalamazoo) and State (Michigan) has been known to welcome those with open arms giving and providing opportunities of living, better housing and even finances as well as HOPE for you, and your families that just seems as if some really don’t even appreciate. You were given a safer environment than the one prior, and only you know and can relate to this if you are honest with self. But now, you have those who actually LIVE in Kalamazoo who now have all of the most negative things to say about Kalamazoo, but must have forgotten about what and who helped them in their time of need to get where they might be now in life without even saying: “Thank you people of Kalamazoo just for the little it may have helped with.”

Anyone of you care to speak on why? I’m all eye’s and ears, and clearly know how to agree to disagree, because in the end for me, this only tends to shows those type of people’s ungratefulness, and Unappreciative ways, and now look at all that is going on in Kalamazoo and now y’all don’t feel safe, and it’s F*** Kalamazoo, and it’s time to leave now, because it’s getting so bad AFTER the fact that, you just may have and or be one of those who show to be acceptable to the unacceptable? Is this the truth? Ask yourself, because no matter what I say, there will be those of you who will try to find a way to justify this nonsense just to try to make an excuse to feeling however you gone feel for whatever the reason. To me, that’s a cop-out, and it don’t make nothing any better.

And let me naught forget about the whole Tellamazoo phrase, and that the feds arehere that, I see poppin’ right. LoL People act like this is something new, it’s naught. But the thing about it, it matters naught about the feds nor how many names y’all make out of a city, because of the acts that are clearly done naught by the city, but those within the city itself; they are the ones who are placing themselves in a position to be told on are they naught? And now that these agents like always are able to show who really running it tends to have the same katts in the streets who feel like they have it all figured out caught up with their life and freedom at risk and stake. You know, the ones who y’all just love to praise, because they’re getting money. So tell me, what does the money, fame, cars, and clothes do for you when them agents (Feds), (KPD) and (Kvet) come for you? Were they warned?

“A dude you hung with, he flawssin’ a boss whip, Stay fly all the time as he stack his chips/who’s known throughout the city to flip them whole ones and bricks.” “Suspects” 

Hmmm…. Is this song I did on the same shhhh…. some are so concerned and magnetized to when it comes to the feds snatching katts up in Kalamazoo? Here’s a clue, nothing new, no mystery to the repeating of history. So, I don’t entertain nor waist energy by getting caught up in all the talk and gossip, I just see it for what it is and do what I’m doing now.

Don’t get it twisted, I knock naught ones means of trying to have something, but don’t expect me to condone nor support it, because is it naught the drugs that are also a part of this? I’ve come a long way, and though I am naught perfect, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t strive towards perfecting in what, I do and how I do it. So, those of you in Kalamazoo who may take the time to read this post, I hope that I have better clarified any assumptions to why I am #TheArtist4thePeople who tend to show that they are for me.

And though I may naught be one of your favorite Rap and Hip Hop artist, because I choose naught to be, and act like some of your favorites, just remember even some of them might be inspired by me, they just might have a problem with acknowledging it. Possible? Maybe, maybe naught. What matters is: “Am I failing on my duties to deliver what “I Was Sent” to do, and that’s elevate you and I welcome you to be a part of growing my fan base, and support group.

I’ll end on that note. So what are your thoughts on what I’ve touched on? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong in any way, but make sure that you come equip with your proof, because assumptions have no standing.

Make sure to check out some of the songs, and thoughts on my blog I’ve done, and feel free to like, comment your thoughts and share what has caught your attention, and what you found interesting in my knowledge and music. Don’t be afraid to support those recording artist who are really putting in work for the creator (God), because you should be able to tell the difference, and through that difference comes a choice. Support my work if you and find value and worth. Peace and many blessings.

When A Chief Speaks