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It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t of left you. Who remember that? Dig though, I just wanted to do a quick post to let y’all know that I’m still here, and active doing my thing, and like no other. I’ve been silent because maybe I needed to and that’s what the most high wanted me to do for the moment. And though none of you have made any effort to at least reach out and just say what up, and are you okay especially in such times that we all are facing. I thought I’d be the one to break the barrier (As Usual) and just take the time to make a small video and post it. There’s so much to say about a lot that’s going on, but I still choose to stay somewhat silent. Why?
Well, for one. Some of what is going on, I’ve in a sense already spoke on so it really does no good to repeat and or toot my horn etc. I’ve notice a lot that is taking place, and how this whole Corona Vi ruse can and is in a sense or be mentally crippling. I see it as just another way to separate (Divide and Conqueror) due to disabling, but in the same breath is somewhat a necessary?
Naught only that, it is also a way of showing how programmed some people really aare allowing themselves to be. Either way, I think it has to happen in order for me, and you, you and I to be able to see things that the most high may need you to see, because like I been promoting, and saying; it’s definitely showing to be the Battle of the Mind In These Dayz of Tyme. You still don’t think don’t so?
Well the recent events that have taken place should be enough proof especially the one’s like you’ve seen going on with stores being swamped with frantic people buying out the many things that you will eventually run out of anyway because they will be used even more quickly right? This whole mask, the gloves and mixed messages. I’m naught going to get into that at this time, but it shows you something does it naught?
If it does then what? So anyhow, I wanted to do a quick video, and a few thoughts for those of you who look forward to catching the vibrant content/message that I may have waiting for the hungry minds to get their next powerful and enlightening dose of Knowledge And Music.
I don’t want to say that; for none of you to reach out shows how much you really care about those like myself who really put’s in a lot of time, effort and work to create, and produce relevant content only to feel unappreciated. But yet, I still think about y’all so I tend to find the strength, time and energy to put a little something out for y’all to know how I feel and am doing as well as why I haven’t been putting anything out. Just been thinking and observing a lot. But I woke up today, thankful as always, and thought about those of you who have and are connected with me here on my site online. So here I am once again doing something; something that I actually love to do.
Why? Because it’s something that I’ve chosen to invest my time, energy and power into. So to all my people no matter where ya from, at and who you may be. be it in Kalamazoo, Michigan or naught. If you with me, then you with me. And if naught, then you naught, but I even do it for you too. Why? Because somebody has to show to be the change and strive to break the willfully conditioning cycle right?
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music   

People Cause You To Take A Bigger Loss


One would tend to feel a certain way every time you have to look outside and see the damage caused to your property and naught by your irresponsible acts, but those who show carelessness and reckless mindedness due to????. Has it ever crossed your mind to: “Who Causes You to Take a Bigger loss In Life?”

Is it you? I would say so, but I’m naught talking about that right now. I’m talking about people outside of you (external), and we can even go as far as race too if that’s where we’re at with it. It is the possible truth that, other peoples actions clearly shows that it is some of your own people; now am I right or wrong?

Why do I say this? Because I myself knows how this feeling by my very own experiences. Example? When you have to come out to warm up your automobile and have to face this reality below how could one say otherwise?


It is your so-called own people who are damaging you, and causing you loss be it mentally, physically and or both, and these same type are the same ones who will even try to justify their acts in doing so, but merely just showing to project an un-excusable excuse now am I right or wrong?
“The wise person fears and turns away from evil, but a fool is reckless and overconfident.”

And I say, these are the type of people who are among-st you, and I. And these type of people are toxic, selfish and self destructive in their acts and ways and will take you under with them if you let them. This is the feeling that one has to fight everyday especially when it comes to your own so-called race of people #inthesedayzoftyme. <— Click Here to listen.

Looks shall deceive you, and you better have a better discernment to who you claim to be your people, and choose to stand for. I STAND FOR AND AS WE THE PEOPLE. The people who stand for something rather than willfully allowing themselves to be taken or handed and dying for nothing. Truth hurts, but it shall also free you from others madness.

I’m just #theartist4thepeople and father who trying to be and do right who shows the possible through one’s actions and ministries of #knowledgeandmusic. Do I have a valid right to be pissed? I think I do. The and fight continues.

When a Chief Speaks

Battle Of the Mind – The Full Album

This album is put together in a zip format in order

for those who support the work of #theartist4thepeople and the creative recording artists featured.

I have created a better and user friendly way for you in order to have the option to get their favorite single, or all songs as a whole.

Album is available for purchase or donation, but preferably donation, because it’s naught all about profiting, but the people and supporting this work in order for that support to help me to continue to build for future and educational purposes. That is important to me. This helps me to be able to place self in a position to one day be able to administer that, which may help one in time. Any questions contact me.

Music Artist Worth Listening To In Kzoo

So much more to come on this, but right now I just want to see what the people have to say when it comes to what music artist’s music are they listening to that’s coming out of Kalamazoo and or anywhere else throughout the states. Are they really supporting and listening to these artist’s work?

What makes people truly want to like, get involved and show their support for certain artist’s. Is it abased off of the (BUDDY BUDDY) favoritism system because it may be family, the homeboy/home girl code and or just because whoever it may be are showing to go with what’s looked at to be the next hot artist who you want to see blow and shine, but merely based off of what everyone else likes and is saying when it comes to whether you feeling the artist’s work or naught.

So I invite whoever feels and sees where I’m coming from to just feel free to shed some light on what and who you like. Allow yourselves to naught be silenced all because of the fact that what and who music you digging. Naught only does this help you to see how important it is to express, but it also helps those artist’s who you like get noticed and possibly gain a fan and potential supporter of their work.

I’m naught into all the back and forth tear another down messy mindedness. But, I make it very clear to where I stand when it comes to this music life. “

“If you showing to be oon some whack bullshhh… do it like your favorite crap rap, and hop and flop, I’m a call you oon it simple as that.”

I do naught play with this art, and those who do like and support my work expect me to continue to #giveit2emraw I have no interest in trying to prove thaty I’m the best just by saying it. I just do it like I’vew always been known to and for, and that’s to come with it. #Rilla. I also realize that; no matter how real, and how dope of an artist you may think and feel you are; there are clearly those who do naught want to see you be and do better unless you’re locked in with them and or you are seen to be somehow connected with others who they see, feel and like. That again, I say is the favor roll being played out. 

They will naught help you, nor support you and your music work and if they do, there’s always a catch to it. That I say is the fat man mentality that I speak oon. But, at the flip of the coin you also have those artist’s who will also show those same ways, so it’s important to just be able to see how important it is for the people to be involved and have their say.

That way the record is set straight, and those who don’t show to appreciate, and those who feel are naught appreciated are at least heard, opinion is put out and in the end there’s exposure on all sides in the end. This I think is why there’s so much blowup on the manifest. (B-12) and naught fishscale. 😉 I guess you can see where and why the Chief is in on the front. This is what Chief’s do, leader shhhh…. Now, where them artist’s at that who you show to appreciate and support, the Grat X and his followers and supporters want to see, and know why.

When A Chief Speaks

Many Complain About The Struggle, But What Struggle?

“Without that known struggle, there can be no ability to better see.”

Adam the Great X

So I find it something to question when I see and hear the whole struggle thing pop up out of some people’s minds. You have those who speak on the struggle, but what struggle are you talking about is what I have to ask. There are many struggles in life that we all are facing be it a similar struggle or naught, it still a struggle. Life in itself is a struggle, relationships are a big struggle right now, knowing who to trust is a struggle, dealing with the ill behaviors of your children is a struggle, surviving, work, no work health, loose of loved ones, loneliness and i can go on, but I think you got me.
These are naught easy obstacles to face if you’re walking in a reality mind state. But, you have those who choose to try to take the easy route, a road full of allusion and fantasy due to one trying to escape facing  off with whatever life serves up. I think it’s also important to see how we see what we choose to do or naught to do to deal with these struggles we face.
It’s easier to just complain, be bitter, miserable minded and while you’re at it push this overwhelming negative energy on others, because as the saying goes: “Misery loves company.” And you have a lot of those running around pushing this especially of Facebook, and other social networks, and it’s important for you to know the difference, because you have those who touch on the struggle, and there is a reasonable reason why, and you have those who just speaking on the struggle with no means in thought to finding a possible solution to dealing with this struggle nor in your best of interest to helping you in your time of need make sense?
But I can’t help but to also bring up the fact that, you have those who will try to use you, and show Un appreciative ways in hopes to bring you down just to try to make a come up.
Know anybody like that? Pretty sure you do, we all do we all know those type and they’re all around us no matter how you may try to dodge and or escape being in their presence. This is the world that we live in no matter how you may feel about it, like it or naught, this is the real reality that we all have that one could see to be something that we all have in common.
 To know that, this experience is a real one, and if you been through it, then you know it and can relate when someone expresses and shows it. So, when I see those who show to be bringing up this whole struggle thing, again I have to question ones intent to doing so, and to do that is naught to assume, because clearly you do know other people situations, and mind state at that time.
They could be on the verge of suicide. Why? Because whatever that situation may be along with whatever may be like weight on the mind for them is just too heavy, too overwhelming and a struggle to carry.
So they find the most easiest way out. I know this type of feeling very well, and so my struggle is to do what I am choosing to do at this very moment in hopes that these thoughts may reach those who are really struggling mentally while you have those other type who show to try to MOCK the struggle that people are really going through In These Dayz of Tyme. I speak on this struggle in songs like: “Focused” “Tryin 2 Maintain” “The Blessin”, the song above called: “Oon My Life” and “I Was Sent”. These songs are some of what you can expect to be on my up coming project CD’s “Certified” and the “Battle of the Mind.” and songs that are already out.
For me, the struggle is a constant when I think about what I made it through, and continuing build to avoid relapsing, and going in reverse, and if you’re from the hood, and ran rapidly throughout the streets of #Kzoo (Kalamazoo) then I think that you can relate to the struggle , and where I’m coming from in this post. You have these imposters who pretending, and you have those who show to support this sissy mind state bullshhhh… pushing Mafas who clearly show to stay needing a diaper for that shhh…. they allow to run loose like diarrhea from their mind.
If I’m lying then by all means correct me, because I stand to be corrected if I’m saying something that is naught in Law. So again this is just a post for all those who really be going through a thing, and could find appreciation in what I am taking the time to deliver to you.
#Gods4lo to the minds who feel weak at times, and may you find something in this post that helps change that, because it’ s a struggle sometimes, I wonder how I keep from going under. I owe it all to the Creator (God) for answering my call in time of need, and guiding me to find a better way and that’s by my walk, talk and through the words I speak, teach, teach, teach.
When A Chief Speaks