People Cause You To Take A Bigger Loss


One would tend to feel a certain way every time you have to look outside and see the damage caused to your property and naught by your irresponsible acts, but those who show carelessness and reckless mindedness due to????. Has it ever crossed your mind to: “Who Causes You to Take a Bigger loss In Life?”

Is it you? I would say so, but I’m naught talking about that right now. I’m talking about people outside of you (external), and we can even go as far as race too if that’s where we’re at with it. It is the possible truth that, other peoples actions clearly shows that it is some of your own people; now am I right or wrong?

Why do I say this? Because I myself knows how this feeling by my very own experiences. Example? When you have to come out to warm up your automobile and have to face this reality below how could one say otherwise?


It is your so-called own people who are damaging you, and causing you loss be it mentally, physically and or both, and these same type are the same ones who will even try to justify their acts in doing so, but merely just showing to project an un-excusable excuse now am I right or wrong?
“The wise person fears and turns away from evil, but a fool is reckless and overconfident.”

And I say, these are the type of people who are among-st you, and I. And these type of people are toxic, selfish and self destructive in their acts and ways and will take you under with them if you let them. This is the feeling that one has to fight everyday especially when it comes to your own so-called race of people #inthesedayzoftyme. <— Click Here to listen.

Looks shall deceive you, and you better have a better discernment to who you claim to be your people, and choose to stand for. I STAND FOR AND AS WE THE PEOPLE. The people who stand for something rather than willfully allowing themselves to be taken or handed and dying for nothing. Truth hurts, but it shall also free you from others madness.

I’m just #theartist4thepeople and father who trying to be and do right who shows the possible through one’s actions and ministries of #knowledgeandmusic. Do I have a valid right to be pissed? I think I do. The and fight continues.

When a Chief Speaks

Hangout With Chief Adam the Great X While He Creates A Simple Beat And Melody

I know many are wondering about who does my beat production and sound. I have music producers who I work with, but just so ya know, Chief Adam the Great X gets down too. In this video I give a little input on my music production skills, and how I bring life to tracks. For me, its more to it than just being considered a rapper, and or rap recording artist, I get it in on the music production too!

So, if you’ve ever wondered what I meant by the statement of being a universal artist check out the new beat made as I break down how I get my creativity on.

Also, make sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this video. Like and share this and feel free to leave me some tips on what I can do to better serve you as the artist for the people. Peace and many blessings to you all.