What Matters To You The Title People Carry Or Acts And Deeds

While sitting here listening to some of my music: “The Battle Of the Mind Album” and the thought popped up, and I start wondering if people think that what and why I choose to do what I do is for the inflicting, and implanting of fear. Why am I asking self that question? Because as I listen, I kinda find self sounding a bit intimidating with my thoughts on whatever it is that I’m touching on lyrically. But just because the way I deliver the word, message and a type of food and or fruit for thought for y’all to think about and possibly ponder on, doesn’t mean that that is the case.


Did you know that I am?

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Or maybe I’m just too serious? Or maybe I just over care about certain matters in this life that I consider self as a bit more knowledgeable and a professional in and on as I express through the art and music in a way that is naught like your favorites, and it doesn’t mean that I’m trying to intimidate and or promote any type of fear and naught just as worthy of your time and ears. And if that is the case, then allow me to set the record straight.

That is naught my intent. My intent is to exercise my mind power, and hopefully elevate a few minds at a time along the way by empowerment through awareness. Awareness is fairness, and I feel like, and expect those to one day (if you haven’t chosen to already) to find a better reason to appreciate and respect my work just like you do with your favorite rappers, actors and entertainers.

Remember, you have those out here POWER TRIPPING with these titles. Whatever the title is is just that, A TITLE. But the more important image and subject of matter at hand should be based off of what comes from, and through you and the same goes for those who you look up to and show your love and support for as well.

So, if you’re going to ride for, and show support to and for a certain person(s) and or people; whomever those people or person(s) may be. Make sure that, you are choosing to do so NAUGHT because of the title they carry, but the image and energy they project that’s clearly going to show either or when it comes to one’s deeds, acts and intent in their walk, thought and talk. Are titles bad? I would say naught, it just all depends on whether one let’s it go to their head while risking slowly loosing themselves without even knowing it.

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

Music Artist Worth Listening To In Kzoo

So much more to come on this, but right now I just want to see what the people have to say when it comes to what music artist’s music are they listening to that’s coming out of Kalamazoo and or anywhere else throughout the states. Are they really supporting and listening to these artist’s work?

What makes people truly want to like, get involved and show their support for certain artist’s. Is it abased off of the (BUDDY BUDDY) favoritism system because it may be family, the homeboy/home girl code and or just because whoever it may be are showing to go with what’s looked at to be the next hot artist who you want to see blow and shine, but merely based off of what everyone else likes and is saying when it comes to whether you feeling the artist’s work or naught.

So I invite whoever feels and sees where I’m coming from to just feel free to shed some light on what and who you like. Allow yourselves to naught be silenced all because of the fact that what and who music you digging. Naught only does this help you to see how important it is to express, but it also helps those artist’s who you like get noticed and possibly gain a fan and potential supporter of their work.

I’m naught into all the back and forth tear another down messy mindedness. But, I make it very clear to where I stand when it comes to this music life. “

“If you showing to be oon some whack bullshhh… do it like your favorite crap rap, and hop and flop, I’m a call you oon it simple as that.”

I do naught play with this art, and those who do like and support my work expect me to continue to #giveit2emraw I have no interest in trying to prove thaty I’m the best just by saying it. I just do it like I’vew always been known to and for, and that’s to come with it. #Rilla. I also realize that; no matter how real, and how dope of an artist you may think and feel you are; there are clearly those who do naught want to see you be and do better unless you’re locked in with them and or you are seen to be somehow connected with others who they see, feel and like. That again, I say is the favor roll being played out. 

They will naught help you, nor support you and your music work and if they do, there’s always a catch to it. That I say is the fat man mentality that I speak oon. But, at the flip of the coin you also have those artist’s who will also show those same ways, so it’s important to just be able to see how important it is for the people to be involved and have their say.

That way the record is set straight, and those who don’t show to appreciate, and those who feel are naught appreciated are at least heard, opinion is put out and in the end there’s exposure on all sides in the end. This I think is why there’s so much blowup on the manifest. (B-12) and naught fishscale. 😉 I guess you can see where and why the Chief is in on the front. This is what Chief’s do, leader shhhh…. Now, where them artist’s at that who you show to appreciate and support, the Grat X and his followers and supporters want to see, and know why.

When A Chief Speaks