What Music Are You Listening To In These Dayz of Tyme?


So, let me ask the question that many don’t or have not asked. Is it important to know what you’re listening to? I think so, especially when it comes to listening to different genres of music, because there is a difference. I’m pretty sure that many have not given this a thought, and if you have, I’ve yet to see anyone who has brought it to the manifest as a topic of thought to whether some of these new rappers and Hip Hop reps even know if there is a difference to what they so proudly speak on. If anyone knows and or has even given thought to it, both rap and hip hop are two separate genres are they not?.

Just below is a good example of an artist who is showing that he not only goes hard to and for Rap, but also shows his versatility on this possible Hip Hop beat or it could be a rap beat right? The beat/track was produced by  a guy name Blake for Palar Productions aka Sound Stove  played thought Sound cloud.

A well known music producer pushing music throughout Kalamazoo, Michigan. He has worked with quite a few recording artist, and is very active when it comes to music production. He has also done work for a historical place that does a lot when it comes to the music arts hosting events and making a lot of noise, and the place is called Fire, and has also done work with one of most inspiring events to in Kalamazoo, Michigan when it comes to rap battles, music and entertainment and giving artist’s a place to build, learn and grow called Music Making Action.

Its important to consider how the listener takes in what they’re listening to when it comes to a recording artist’s music and sound and even the beat in itself. People will not take music in the same, it will have a different feel for one listener and might sound like Hip Hop when to another they may hear it and feel it differently, and to them it may sound like rap and or even hardcore. So, I guess the question would be is there or could there be a difference? I personally and truly think so, as we all know there are many rappers who are caught up in the title it self and very popular cultural name HIP HOP, but I question whether one even knows or even cares enough to know if there really is a difference between the two powerful culture titles Rap and Hip Hop.

There is a difference, at least from my point of view, and how I take in another artist’s music. Though, I can’t tell another what they are actually kicking on the mic, because its their thoughts, but I can tell whether for me, it has the sound of Hip Hop or Rap that another recording artist is putting out, and for some that is only my opinion, which is somewhat true, but my point is is that, I let it be known that I pay attention, and I rarely let things slide when it comes to a subject such as this. See, I’m not only an recording rap artist but also a listener.

A student as well as a teacher in a sense. There are many who are caught up with saying that they are doing Hip Hop or that they are doing Rap, but the question is… to whether they even know the difference or even give it thought based off the mood that the sound places them in at that moment in time.

I think there are many who run around and say that they are doing Hip Hop, but does their work have the sound of Hip Hop? How about if their a Hip Hop artist, but what their kicking actually sounds like Rap? Who cares right? Well, listeners should care why? Because, I just think that knowing the difference is truly important, because its all in the sound, the creativity and the mind state of an artist and knowing what they are catering to who.

I guess that’s what makes me the universal artist that I am who is so unique and creative as well as versatile with my work, because I definitely do care, and know the difference, and that’s why I’m doing this post, because I challenge whether some of these rappers actually know and or even care to know.

See, here’s the thing, you have many rappers and hip hop artist who are inspired by their favorite mainstream artist’s, and what happens is that they like a artist’s work so much, that they listen, and then actually adopt (steal) the style of that artist, and that is true, whether you or anyone else cares to admit it is true.

And let me make self clear, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with that, inspiration is always good, because its art, and we all should be inspired and motivated by others work, I am inspired my many different artist’s work, but there is something wrong when one allows self to be so caught up in another artist’s thoughts that you actually try to act, live out and be someone or the artist’s mask identity, and that too is my opinion based off of what I see and hear nowadays in this music industry and game, but is also the cold truth.

And I think that’s where I see a lot of style stealing and cloning going on throughout the whole music game. Hey, I’m just calling it how I actually see it, and as a true listener with a good ear, I can tell.

Anyway, I just wanted to do this post and raise the discussion on whether some of these rappers/hip-hop artist, and YOU the listener and fan actually are paying attention to the work that artist’s nowadays make and put out for listeners like your self to hear and critique, and have one even given it a thought.

Maybe it took this post to bring awareness to it huh? maybe, but us as listeners, you play a big part in this too, and have to start calling it as well, because if we don’t then we allow what is actually going on right now. It’s no different from you representing something, but yet don’t even know what you’re representing?

For me, I take it very seriously because for me, my aim is to cater to my listeners on a universal level. But, I leave it up to the listener, and other artist’s to critique what they hear when it comes to my sound, and the lyrics I kick. Again, for one, I may be kicking Hip Hop flavor in ya ear like Craig Mack on a particular track, and then I may be on my Rap side on another track.

I guess when it’s all said and done, it’s really just something to think about and helps to know either way, I go hard for either side, but just so the people know, I don’t allow self to be boxed in, but if you really want to know my choice of side, I think it should already be clear, but I leave that up to the listener and those who pay attention, and are true listeners and diehard fans of the art of facts in music of my God4lo.

So, after listening to the track above let me your thoughts on this post, I welcome any who has a different way of seeing what I touched on. What genre Hip Hop? Or Rap? Both? Does the lyrics accommodate this beat? Leave a comment below and tell me what you got or if you got anything from what the artist is kicking on this beat, and whether I’m wrong or not, because I just may either be, but remember, the one who makes the claim must also provide proof to theirs, I can what about you? I welcome any challenger in thought on this topic. Peace and many blessings to all.

When A Chief Speaks

Rap Artist Creates The Difference Between The Rap And Hip Hop Cultures

What You See Is Not Always What You Get If You Don’t Want It

So tell me, what do you see? when you take a good focused look at the image in the above video? What is the first thing that comes to mind? Is the first thought right off the back a good one? Be honest. I am asking this question, because I’m showing you, the visitor of this site, and or reader of this post how important you are, and how much your thoughts count when it comes to the culture of Rap and Hip Hop. how important it is for you, the listener to pay attention to what you see, and listen to especially in these day’s of time where the truth is now stranger than fiction.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this topic, and its far more to it than me just wanting to get your attention for the purpose of being looked at as just another rapper trying to get on, be seen and get a record deal. My purpose is based on of my mission, and that is to reach one, to teach one by helping my audience to see, and know why I do what I do when it comes to making and producing music. But not only that, I have been gifted and given a particular type of authority granted by our supreme Creator to take on a task by my own freewill to do better with what has been given to me, than to misuse, abuse and be irresponsible with powers that would either help or hinder, heal or destroy. When you know you possess these powers (Co-Creator), it is up to you to figure out how they will be used no matter what form of art you are using it with.

So what would be an example of this certain power? Well, let me now direct you back to the image/video above, and then analyze what I mean. see, we all know how the rap culture has been, and is being used and misused for the sake of the promotion and glorifying of money, fame and material things. Have we not seen this picture before? How many rappers verbally sold you a dream by illusion? Trickery right? Well, who told us to fall for it? Was a gun placed to our head and made to? And it gets deeper, but my point is, is that we as consumers and listeners of the different music we listen are the ones who make or break the so-called BOSSES in rap and hip hop you know why? Because without us supporting their visions, ideas, and works they can no longer feed off your energy, and power that helps them gain off you, profit and even be controlled without you even being aware of the means of control that is being placed upon your mind.

So, here’s the deal when it comes to me, and what I place on the table and contribute to the rap and hip hop culture/game. What I bring to the game is what has always been here, but I’m just the one to bring it in a whole new and different way, and on an advanced level. See, when it comes to my style of flow, creativity and production, I refuse to allow myself to be boxed in and or a label placed upon me that I choose to either accept or not accept. When I’m asked the question: “what type of music do you do?” My answer is… I am a creative artist with the abilities to be universal, but I am more of a rap artist, and that is for a reason. I don’t claim to be a hip hop artist, but I possess the ability to do it, and do it well when I need to, it just all depends on the mood, and what project is at hand. My aim is to show people who see how watered down the rap and hip hop game has become; that all is not lost, every artist is not subject to following what is trendy and clone like.

Every rap and or hip hop artist is not selling out, and every artist doesn’t have to wave money and promote death in order to be seen as a good and or great recording artist. Temptation is real people, and its being used at a high frequency and they are using you to get away with the destroying process. I know some who listen to my work probably say: “how can he say he’s a man and artist of God and for the people when his music sounds hardcore? He curses, and he says things that are not of God” And you know what, for some in their mind that’s how they feel, and it is not my responsibility to force them to change how they may feel, but there are others who see and hear otherwise, and feel totally opposite, because for some something that I might say may make a whole lot of sense to them, and may even help them in some type of way.

Meaning; if I speak through my music and no matter what was and is said that one may agree or disagree with was there something that one could take with a grain of salt and think about, and or even use to help them mentally in some type of way? What I give is the good, bad and ugly possibilities of what we all may go through, what we all may face on our own paths in this life. My path is my path just like yours is yours, but we all should be reaching through elevation of our mind by thought. When I speak on scriptures in the Holy Bible, and utilize them within my artwork, am I now doing what was asked of me?

John 15:26-27 “When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father— the Spirit of Truth, who comes from the Father—he will testify on my behalf. You will testify also, because you have been with me from the beginning.”

Now am I wrong for feeling as if I was deemed qualified for the task at hand? A helper that will come who is sent from the father who will possess the Spirit of Truth who will testify? Well, in my music, I testify, and when I’m not doing music, I testify. and what is the testimonies? Change. The change and transformation that can be seen through ones actions, and deeds. being put through the fire of life, and throughout ones obstacles and trials only you know who you called to for help in your time of need,and when in your darkest hours in life. All my life I’ve been going through ups and downs, the battle of the mind, and then I came to a point in my life where I just got tired of doing it my way and all by myself so I called for help.
And when I finally was able to see what was really going on, I knew then that sacrifices were mandatory. I have many stories to how God guided me through as my co-pilot. Life and death experiences that many don’t make it through or come back from. And that there alone is what you can expect to hear coming from this artist like it or not. To each its own, and I am not put in position to force my thoughts nor change on anyone, my only job is to help guide you in hopes that you make better choices than I did in my time.
 I wish that I had a dad/earthly father like me, who does what I do, and was there for me MENTALLY, and that alone is what is missing in many children’s lives right now. The teachers of your children are those who they emulate on TV, and entertainment. there is nothing wrong with neither if you help your child better understand and monitor what they are watching and communicate with them about things that way they can know the difference and make better decisions and choices early in certain situations. It is our responsibility to teach, govern and help them gain proper balance. Allowing them to just learn on their own is like throwing them out to the wolves.
 Anyhow, I’m going to end this post on this note, and I hope that you are able to gain something from this post as well as any of the other ones I’ve posted. I would love to read your comments if you choose to engage. Hope to hear y’all soon, and remember; the change that we want to see in this world first starts with us peace and many blessings any questions feel free to use the comment box below and or subscribe in order to be plugged with updates before anyone else. So much more to come so stay tuned. Like and share, I would really appreciate it.