Woman Accused Of Stabbing Man And Child?

So, I was just put up on how a 28-year-old woman accused of stabbing 35-year-old man, and child. Any idea why this is?😐

I mean wasn’t it just a similar situation that just took place, but in reverse?😕 and resulted in the death of woman, child and then took his own life in Kalamazoo on the South side?😒Still can’t see the pattern huh?🙈

You still can’t see the war being waged on man, woman and child huh? Too busy to see it? Allowing self to be caught up, distracted and too occupied to see what is #RightBe4UrEyez.

And what is right before your eyes is a situation where it naught just affects either or (Man) (Woman), but also child and the relationship and home setting as a whole.

This is one of the things that happen, and allows me to laugh, and challenge black women, and or women in general when I see some of these type of stories.

Black women have so much to say about how men are womanizer’s, abusers, and quick to throw the social pity post parties on Facebook about how women are catching such a bad deal, and break.

They tend to have so much to talk about when men commit these type of acts on women, but have less than nada to say when they see that the same type of acts are also being carried out by other women. 

Any idea why? And here’s another thought for the one who can accept the truth 💊 for what it is, and take a hard bitter swallow.

Is I me? Or does it appear to seem as if these type of situations always happen around this time of the year?😐 I bring this up, because it’s important to see that, its way more to it than just the situation being looked at as just a coincidence.

This is naught a coincidence. No, we don’t know the situation to the possible why? But what we do know is that, time, and the reality of seeing it happening may be ignored, but naught denied.

I say it all the time: “Nothing matters without the calmness of the Creator (God’s) goodness. You don’t know what is on people’s mind, and what they might be going through, and this rule goes for man, woman and child. 

Let me be clear. This is a spiritual warfare (Holy War) that we all are facing, and to naught pay attention will cause one to miss what needs to be seen.

There’s a straight forward pattern to situations like this, and I hope that you the reader will find something that I typed helpful in how you are able to better discern the message sent through situations like this #InTheseDayzofTyme. But, again you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Link to the story is below.

When A Chief Speaks


Wood TV Woman accused of stabbing man, and child on the south-side in Kalamazoo.



Many Complain About The Struggle, But What Struggle?

“Without that known struggle, there can be no ability to better see.”

Adam the Great X

So I find it something to question when I see and hear the whole struggle thing pop up out of some people’s minds. You have those who speak on the struggle, but what struggle are you talking about is what I have to ask. There are many struggles in life that we all are facing be it a similar struggle or naught, it still a struggle. Life in itself is a struggle, relationships are a big struggle right now, knowing who to trust is a struggle, dealing with the ill behaviors of your children is a struggle, surviving, work, no work health, loose of loved ones, loneliness and i can go on, but I think you got me.
These are naught easy obstacles to face if you’re walking in a reality mind state. But, you have those who choose to try to take the easy route, a road full of allusion and fantasy due to one trying to escape facing  off with whatever life serves up. I think it’s also important to see how we see what we choose to do or naught to do to deal with these struggles we face.
It’s easier to just complain, be bitter, miserable minded and while you’re at it push this overwhelming negative energy on others, because as the saying goes: “Misery loves company.” And you have a lot of those running around pushing this especially of Facebook, and other social networks, and it’s important for you to know the difference, because you have those who touch on the struggle, and there is a reasonable reason why, and you have those who just speaking on the struggle with no means in thought to finding a possible solution to dealing with this struggle nor in your best of interest to helping you in your time of need make sense?
But I can’t help but to also bring up the fact that, you have those who will try to use you, and show Un appreciative ways in hopes to bring you down just to try to make a come up.
Know anybody like that? Pretty sure you do, we all do we all know those type and they’re all around us no matter how you may try to dodge and or escape being in their presence. This is the world that we live in no matter how you may feel about it, like it or naught, this is the real reality that we all have that one could see to be something that we all have in common.
 To know that, this experience is a real one, and if you been through it, then you know it and can relate when someone expresses and shows it. So, when I see those who show to be bringing up this whole struggle thing, again I have to question ones intent to doing so, and to do that is naught to assume, because clearly you do know other people situations, and mind state at that time.
They could be on the verge of suicide. Why? Because whatever that situation may be along with whatever may be like weight on the mind for them is just too heavy, too overwhelming and a struggle to carry.
So they find the most easiest way out. I know this type of feeling very well, and so my struggle is to do what I am choosing to do at this very moment in hopes that these thoughts may reach those who are really struggling mentally while you have those other type who show to try to MOCK the struggle that people are really going through In These Dayz of Tyme. I speak on this struggle in songs like: “Focused” “Tryin 2 Maintain” “The Blessin”, the song above called: “Oon My Life” and “I Was Sent”. These songs are some of what you can expect to be on my up coming project CD’s “Certified” and the “Battle of the Mind.” and songs that are already out.
For me, the struggle is a constant when I think about what I made it through, and continuing build to avoid relapsing, and going in reverse, and if you’re from the hood, and ran rapidly throughout the streets of #Kzoo (Kalamazoo) then I think that you can relate to the struggle , and where I’m coming from in this post. You have these imposters who pretending, and you have those who show to support this sissy mind state bullshhhh… pushing Mafas who clearly show to stay needing a diaper for that shhh…. they allow to run loose like diarrhea from their mind.
If I’m lying then by all means correct me, because I stand to be corrected if I’m saying something that is naught in Law. So again this is just a post for all those who really be going through a thing, and could find appreciation in what I am taking the time to deliver to you.
#Gods4lo to the minds who feel weak at times, and may you find something in this post that helps change that, because it’ s a struggle sometimes, I wonder how I keep from going under. I owe it all to the Creator (God) for answering my call in time of need, and guiding me to find a better way and that’s by my walk, talk and through the words I speak, teach, teach, teach.
When A Chief Speaks