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It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t of left you. Who remember that? Dig though, I just wanted to do a quick post to let y’all know that I’m still here, and active doing my thing, and like no other. I’ve been silent because maybe I needed to and that’s what the most high wanted me to do for the moment. And though none of you have made any effort to at least reach out and just say what up, and are you okay especially in such times that we all are facing. I thought I’d be the one to break the barrier (As Usual) and just take the time to make a small video and post it. There’s so much to say about a lot that’s going on, but I still choose to stay somewhat silent. Why?
Well, for one. Some of what is going on, I’ve in a sense already spoke on so it really does no good to repeat and or toot my horn etc. I’ve notice a lot that is taking place, and how this whole Corona Vi ruse can and is in a sense or be mentally crippling. I see it as just another way to separate (Divide and Conqueror) due to disabling, but in the same breath is somewhat a necessary?
Naught only that, it is also a way of showing how programmed some people really aare allowing themselves to be. Either way, I think it has to happen in order for me, and you, you and I to be able to see things that the most high may need you to see, because like I been promoting, and saying; it’s definitely showing to be the Battle of the Mind In These Dayz of Tyme. You still don’t think don’t so?
Well the recent events that have taken place should be enough proof especially the one’s like you’ve seen going on with stores being swamped with frantic people buying out the many things that you will eventually run out of anyway because they will be used even more quickly right? This whole mask, the gloves and mixed messages. I’m naught going to get into that at this time, but it shows you something does it naught?
If it does then what? So anyhow, I wanted to do a quick video, and a few thoughts for those of you who look forward to catching the vibrant content/message that I may have waiting for the hungry minds to get their next powerful and enlightening dose of Knowledge And Music.
I don’t want to say that; for none of you to reach out shows how much you really care about those like myself who really put’s in a lot of time, effort and work to create, and produce relevant content only to feel unappreciated. But yet, I still think about y’all so I tend to find the strength, time and energy to put a little something out for y’all to know how I feel and am doing as well as why I haven’t been putting anything out. Just been thinking and observing a lot. But I woke up today, thankful as always, and thought about those of you who have and are connected with me here on my site online. So here I am once again doing something; something that I actually love to do.
Why? Because it’s something that I’ve chosen to invest my time, energy and power into. So to all my people no matter where ya from, at and who you may be. be it in Kalamazoo, Michigan or naught. If you with me, then you with me. And if naught, then you naught, but I even do it for you too. Why? Because somebody has to show to be the change and strive to break the willfully conditioning cycle right?
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music   

Angry Black Man Walking In The Street In Kalamazoo Pt 1

Angry Brother Man Walking In Street Traffic The One Of Many Issues In Kalamazoo

Remember the song: “Always Into Something” by NWA? Well, you already know if you know me, and why I do what I do; #CantHelpButBe you feel me? Well, I’m back like I left something to once again show and administer why I am Chief Adam the Great X, and how I show to #GiveIt2EmRaw and like no other.
Yep, we have yet another situation that took place Sunday that I was actually able to see, and kinda catch while on the move throughout Kalamazoo. This is a part one of 2 video, which basically I’m touching on much of what I been touching on, but I haven’t did a post or video content to send out lately, so here y’all go.
Can’t help but move when the Spirit moves one’s mind to do so. What was the chances of me seeing what I seen?  Coincidence? The battle of the mind is real and people can turn a blind eye to it if you want, but the reality is….. that it is taking place, and it’s happening with friends, family, in relationships etc.
My thoughts, your views and opinions matter, just as long as you coming with some sense along with reason. Now, you may hear and or have heard or may naught have about the situation, I’m just putting something together for the people, the real people who take my work serious in hopes to spark the mind on the much that’s taking place, and what we all somehow facing #IntheseDayzOfTyme, issues that eventually we have to face, because we can no longer can ignore the battle of the mind.
When A Chief Speaks Through Knowledge And Music