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As we all know that, there are many who tend to use these social platforms for whatever the purpose, and choice. So, why am I’m feeling Instagram more than Facebook? For me, as a very communicative man and rap recording artist and music producer, I’ve been using both for some time now. And throughout the time of using both as well as Twitter, google plus, LinkedIn and YouTube, I myself have experienced a more engaging impact of involvement of my followers when it comes to Instagram that I can truly appreciate.

Throughout all of the connecting, and syncing and working on the building of ones interactions with people who you either know or don’t on these platform, it has been a sense of overwhelming, but in the end, it’s all about the learning through trial and error in order to better perfect. I get more vibe from Instagram naught because of the attention given, but because as an artist the feel and knowing that your work by freedom of expression could may well be seen, and catch a few hearts.

But, to be honest with one another; people also tend to use the platform to where it can be looked at as overdoing it by ones intent. it’s like placing a gun to an irresponsible individuals hand, which is no more than the giving of a power that should be used more wisely. Some people want to use, but all at the same time latch on to the new just to abuse. Can this be looked at no different from how you have those who talk about the whole 1st Amendment (Freedom of Speech) (Right to Press) and to gather (Peacefully)?

I mean if you think about it, that is what it tends to look like, and when you start to look at it does it appear to seem that you have those who are really destroying that Liberty, Freedom and Rights that were fought so hard for in order for one to be able to enjoy today? a free society online that holds both the good, the bad and the ugly, and there’s no getting around that reality. Are people showing to ignore the importance of freewill and determination, and using the platforms to help them?

I truly think so, and this is why I choose to do otherwise. Facebook has morphed into something totally opposite to what it what was said to be for. From what I know of, it was to help one to better connect with friends and family. But now, it’s so-called friends and stage for entertainment, tear downs, gossiping, and basically let everybody who you feel needs to know your every single moment in time. Ones freewill and choice right?

And it’s much more that I’m naught going to get into now, but just bringing to awareness of the difference that I’ve had, and why I’m now kinda going more with the flow of Instagram, but naught completely doing away with Facebook, but more of just using it for what it can be better used for. I like Instagram, and I will be going harder, and harder with it. And as my saying is…. “For everybody, but naught for everyone.”Make sure to follow me, on click here—> Instagram.

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Teen Steals And Crashes Car In Kalamazoo Oh The Crazy Things In This World Does It Affects You?

You really don’t have to take my word for it, but I encourage oneself to just be brave enough to be able to see where I’m coming from for yourself, and then you decide.

Yea, I know, I know, you might be saying after reading the title that, I’m naught touching on nothing new right?

True, but I think the important question that, you the reader of this post might want to ask yourself is whether you are honestly paying attention, and being brave enough to have a better standing to what you are actually seeing that is going on in this crazy world that you, and I are living in?

I will say that, many are, but there are many who are naught, and really don’t want to see, and have a better standing to what is really going on unless it’s entertaining to their thoughts, because who likes a party in the mind spoiler right?

Some folks just want to get the hell away from the thoughts of even having to carry the burden in thought in itself to what the possibilities are to something being true when it comes to a lot  of the crazy things that are taking place in this world we live in.

Example? Last night, I saw someone’s post on Facebook about how a whole lot of police, sheriffs, etc. were on the south-side in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

And you know how people just love to get the scoop right? I mean that’s how it is when it comes to living in the hood some would say.

Anyway, come to find out the reason was because some bodies 14-year-old child decides to take the keys to the car and cellphone of the owner without permission while she (grown up) was sleep.

The child decided to take it upon self and went joy riding, and ended up crashing on Washington, and Race Street. Naught only that, but ran the stop sign causing major damage to other folks automobiles, jumped out the load and got little, but was eventually nabbed, and now is facing charges according to the story.

Typical hood shit right? What’s my point you might ask. My point is really no point at all except to point out how this may naught have affect me or you directly, but it did indirectly, and it most certainly affected the woman whose automobile it was, and those whose automobiles were damaged in the process.

Now ask yourself, who really wants to actually have to even think about something like that? Did those who were affected by this 14 year old’s acts deserve the outcome?

I think naught, but it happened, and it’s far from over, and in the end nobody wins in this situation except the courts, and attorneys, and prosecutors.

I thought I’d use that story, which is on wwmt news site for your source purposes CLICK LINK—> Child Facing Several Charges. And this story alone is just one of many that, I’m naught gone spend the time to address, but there, and all this crazy shit is happening right in your neck of the woods, and all folks can do is just look at it as just another episode in the hood.

What if it was your child who did this? How would you feel and what would you do? What if these automobiles were just bought with one’s tax return? Is it sinking in yet?

Are you one of those parents/guardians who are allowing your children to run things, act grown, be involved in the street life trying to act out the allusion lifestyles of their favorite rappers, be thugs and while at the same time overlooking these acts with excuses?

Starting to see the picture now huh? It gets deeper, and guess what, folks are just on the sideline allowing Satan and his agents to have they’re way with what you claim to say that, you love so much?

And no, I’m naught telling ya that you don’t love ya children, but it’s something that you alone will have to face off with in time. There’s so much going on how can anyone focus on just one situation you might ask.

Who wants to be bothered with all this mess one might ask when you having a hard enough time trying to juggle your own heavy balls in this life.

So, I think what it is that, one would get so overwhelmed that they will try to find any and every way possible to find an escape hatch from reality to naught have to deal with the possible truths that are placed right before ones eyes, and that is the truth whether you want to see, and or accept that truth pill to swallow or naught.

And here’s the thing, I’m really just doing my due diligence by just touching on this, because these type of situations really need to be addressed, and dealt with, because it is happening within your communities where you have to live naught the KPD, naught the government, naught the president of the United States, but YOU!

And here’s something to mentally grow on too, some of y’all are so acceptable to many of the unacceptable acts that are being carried out, but yet you have the nerve to complain and talk shit when it affects you directly or you just gossip with no action except in thought why is that?

You might say that, I have no room to talk, and what am I doing? Well, for one, I’m touching on it by investment of time just by doing this post alone to bring awareness to you, the reader is constructive acts on my part are they naught? No fake News you feel me?

My reason? Because I done walked the walk to talk that’s why.

I was once one of these youngsters, single parent home setting on some wild shit doing too damn much, and naught being as considerate as I should have when it comes to what type of problems I may cause naught only for self, but for my mother as well, and trust and believe, it took me, a looooooooong….. time to see things the way I am seeing now, and the creator (God) played a big part in where I stand in life today.

So, is it acceptable to overlook the acts of this child just because it’s naught our child? Is the woman to blame for being sleep?

Hey, ya guy just an artist asking the questions that y’all naught. Why? Because I show to give a damn by using of my gifts and time as wisely as possible whether it be through my music or my blog in hopes to reach, teach and hopefully elevate the minds of those who can see where I’m coming from.

Anyhow, feel free to share your thoughts below, and whether some of what I’m saying helps you to see the bigger picture, because if you can’t be brave enough to want the need to see, and know in order to identify with the real problems that we all face in some way in this crazy world then how do you expect to see anything change if you do nothing? CLICK THE LINK to listen—> In These Dayz Of Tyme

“There is One Thing that has been clearly shown throughout time that, makes it Necessary for the Triumph of Evil, and that fulfillment comes when nothing Good is done through the acts of Men.”

Peace, and many blessings to those who are able to see.



Do They Really Want You To Succeed With Your Music Making?

I ask this question because, I see that some of these Rappers, Music Producers, DJ, Music Industry and Radio Stations actions, and what they say is one thing, but clearly they’re showing to do another.

So, my question is….. Do they really want you to succeed with your music creativity?

Do they really respect your drive, your hard work or do they just pretend that they do as a way of mocking you, and really saying to you that:

I really don’t like you or your music, nor what you do, but I’ll pretend, and fake like I do as a way to keep you at bay supporting me, and what I have going on.

Please tell me, that this is not the case.

I mean, I am open-minded to others opinions to this, so long as they aren’t being unreasonable towards speaking on the real truth on this matter.

And one of these truths are that, when these jokers who are (Rappers and Music Producers) etc.

Get into a certain position especially when it comes to entertainment and the music game where they’re calling shots.

They tend to eventually lose themselves. Get loose as a goose, and start acting a @#%, and loose focus and control.

Ain’t it something how they start power tripping? Why? They’ll try to convince me, you or some other recording artist that:


You Trying 2 DECEIVE Me?

Are these rappers, music producers, DJ and radio host really doing this to recording artist intentionally?

Are they really trying to hang a success or failurecloud over me, and your head?  Well, I hate to say it, or better yet, no I don’t. I’m a tell you like this.

I think it’s important to really know how against you some of those who act like they really for you, are really just thinking about how they can rise above you, and you BENEATH them by using your time and energy for their benefit if they can see an opportunity to do so. Why?

I don’t know about you, but I see no real ness in these type of acts, I see no real friendship, I see no value, no worth, balance, integrity, honor, obstructive partner relationship or respect on either side for that matter.

And if this is the case, and if I have to turn on those principles stated above in order to feel like I’m on the right path, and bending to your will for you to have total satisfaction and control over my destiny in life, because this is all about building you and yours up, and me and mine suffer? Then where’s the love in that?

See, that’s the thing there is no love unless there is a better standing on both ends. And to try to deceive up and coming artist or those who are showing to be independent and hard on the grind is something that one must be able to see and probably experience for themselves.

I’m not trying to save an artists nor the world, I’m just speaking from my point of view to what I see, and if I’m wrong anywhere in what I have said, I stand to be corrected with PROOF IN TRUTH.

Anyway, I’m a leave y’all on this note. What I’ve also noticed, is how “Black People” who are in great positions (Successful), and that goes for some of these MAINSTREAM well-known rap artist too, are doing the most, and committing damaging acts on their own so-called people why? And y’all so quick to support this riff raff?

Taught well? Maybe. Just really something to think about if you are trying to be a rapper, producer, DJ or maybe your just someone who supports, and or just able to see things for what they really are, and knows exactly where I’m coming from. Have the people become that blind? Not really.

I think more ignorant fits, and chooses to overlook the truth for what it is, and acceptance to it. I also see how our people are being influenced spiritually, but I’ll save that for another time. Do you beg to differ?

Leave a comment below, and share it to get others input, because if we don’t start taking a better look at what’s really going on, we can’t set the record straight, and move forward not only as the REAL recording artist for rap and hip hop, but not even as a people, and being just as bad if not worse. Blessings to all who are able to see.

When A Chief Speaks



Rap Artist Coming With New Ep. Called: “Certified”

Kalamazoo local recording rap artist Chief Adam the Great X is heating up with his new Ep that is sure to give his fans as well as music listeners in Kalamazoo and throughout Michigan an ear full of versatility, creativity and straight up hardcore flavor that gives you a reason why he stands to be a force in this new music game to be reckoned with.
“I’m not just your regular, and average local recording rap artist, I’m the type of artist who offers and brings a new energy in thought when it comes to creativity, I bring mine to my audience, followers of my workings and listeners on a dual level. There’s a whole lot of rappers and Hip Hop artist in Kalamazoo and Michigan as a whole.
There’s some real lyrical katts in the game, but there are also those who are straight whack and destroying the image and essence of what rap is really about and what it stands, so that’s why I’m in it; to bring the essence back, and to show the music listeners who feel like rap has no life in it; that there are still warriors, students, and teachers like me, who taking what is and has been disrespected back, it’s the return of rap.”
So with that being said, check out the production, and listen to the lyrics that’s being kicked on the song called: “Hardcore” that basically is Chief ATG X given’ it to em in the Raw about why he stands to be one of the true representatives who really puts in a lot of work when it comes to doing music.
But that’s not all; this artist is so razor-sharp and creative with his workings; that he even puts his own videos together. No, not done with the best equipment, but so gifted that God has granted him the ability to use what is considered as the cheapest tools, but he works them like a smith. It’s not just what you use, because you can have a little of nothing and make something right?
This artist is showing up those who try to tear him down by trying to discredit his work because it’s not done by a certain video or music producer and or expensive equipment.
“I’m just doing my thing and utilizing what I have. I don’t just rap just for the record, I’m a universal artist with the flow to go fast or slow. If I’m able, I’m gone do it with or without anyone. So when I see the competition if that’s what they wanna be, who has all the aid and assistance, all the support, all the money, all the connects and even a big fan-base, it would appear that I wouldn’t be able to be a match or hold up, but understand this; look at the positions, I’m a one man entourage holding his own while your favorites put on a good show for you.
My purpose is opposite, my mission is different and my goal as well as vision is to do; not what everyone else and how everyone else is doing it, but how i see to, I’m me, no “ID Crisis” here.”
Well, there you have it, straight from the kutt.
Check out the video, leave a comment below, like and share your thoughts about this artist who is for the people. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Peace and many blessings.
When A Chief Speaks