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So What Obstacles And Situations Are You Facing #inthesedayzoftyme?

So, walk in thoughts with me, and take a trip through my side of the mind of the Great X. It’s much to say, so where do I start? Well, for starts, I would like to apologize to those who are connected, and have subscribed to my #KnowledgeAndMusic list in order to receive their updates on the latest thoughts of #theartist4thepeople, but the site was down and I was really going through some reality life situations that couldn’t be ignored, and this is why your support whomever you are and where ever you may be; is so important to me, all praise and thanks be to the supreme being most high creator (God), the Universe and those who for me, than against. 

Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, let’s get straight into the mind of Adam the Great. So let me tell, there has been soooooooo…….. much going on and soooooo……… much that I would like to address and touch on that, after hitting you with it all it probably would set your mind on fire oon #rilla.

For the past few months ya guy really been going through what I have clearly been pushing, and promoting, which is the #battleofthemind. Yes, the battle and war being waged on the mind’s of man, woman and child is real, and for those who can naught phantom, recognize, realize and comprehend this, that in itself I say is an example in itself if you can see it #canuimagine?

There’s so much going on #inthesedayzoftyme, and as I said all the way back in 2009: “You either focused, or you flat-line.” Easy to say, and much harder to do one just may find self saying huh? But I say; this is why it is so damn important to work towards finding a better way. A better way to either deal, or don’t deal at all that’s what I say.

Lemme say or should I say; allow me to type for my readers to see that, I can go on, and on about how f***** up things are in  the world we see shows to be. The things that shows the madness projected #rightbe4ureyez. I can show to be, and do just as you see many others on and offline be, and do. But I choose naught to, and that is because my purpose, mind, heart, Spirit and Soul is naught like any other and what they see, and choose to be and do.

I know that for many, it’s hard for them to even want to take the time out to just pay a little attention to these thoughts that seem to remind you of the Riddler. Some even consider me to be crazy and don’t know what I’m talking about. Or, just simply find what I have to say just that irrelevant, uninteresting and naught important enough.

But just like others may feel they’re doing them and what makes them happy, I’m doing me, and what I wanna do, gotta do, and that’s who and what I see self to be, and do all that I can do by elevating beyond and naught show to naught be true to what I know to be what will help me to further pursue to do so. 

“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”

Hebrews 1:14

It ain’t the same no more, and you best start recognizing things for what they show to be, and naught what they seem. What I am doing, and showing; is to project doing my part in life. It gets rough, complicated, stressful, and even a bit just too much to even want to deal with, but i still strive to come with it, and show that, I too am going through a lot of the madness that you might or might naught be going through. But whether you are or are naught, I still do this for you.

Do what? Share my thoughts, my experiences, some of the obstacles that I face so you can be aware and know how to better deal with these pretenders, snakes, under-bates and fakes. Can you imagine how much thought, and time it takes just to put one of these post together for my readers in hopes that they will be able to find food for thought, and digest whatever knowledge I may offer just to let you know that, this isn’t just about me getting you to buy shhhh…. from me, and brag and boast (Horn Toot) about how I’m getting money and look at all that I got.

Nope! That’s what I call the fat man mentality. No, I may naught be in life where I would love to be, but I show to be working on and towards it would you naught agree? Would you naught agree that, I show to be what I say, which is #theartist4thepeople? How? By continuing  to make the time to do exactly what I am showing to do right now, which is make the time to keep this site up and running in order to do these post, and hit y’all with mass production of knowledge and music content.

But it is naught on me to make you or anyone else see, listen and read. I just drop the seeds and now, what are you going to do with them? Though I’m kinda doing it alone, because things have to get done, it helps so much more for me to be able to get others to see how important you to are as well when it comes to the further building of this site, which is where I will be putting more of my time, because I feel like I’m being stretch and thinned out, which doesn’t help at all when it comes to time.

Anyway, just wanted to drop this one on y’all to letcha know that, I’m still here, and I’m still working and building, sorting out, making changes to, and showing to do what I was asked to do.

When a Chief Speaks

Give Respect When And Where It’s Due- “Certified”

Still think there isn’t any real reppahz from those day’s who showing that those who came before are still rapping, and repping, just on a whole other level? Aw yea, why of course it is, and for me it’s truly important to let it be known that, there are still real reppahz for Kzoo, but in a way where it shows that the walk, and come up was far from easy as some try to paint the picture with the Fat-man living.
This is why I strive to reach y’all especially if ya in Kzoo in hopes that you can see, and say in all honesty that the work placed before you is either on point or it’s naught. Creatively, and truthfully speaking though, you know after watching and listening that this is real Kzoo music from a street point of view.
Only those who know, know the struggles that one faced back in the day’z and time of the hardcore street life of many, many obstacles that one either fell victim to, or strove, and sacrificed in order to make it through. I been telling y’all that this ain’t about who got the most money, material and finer things in life.
It’s about naught allowing those who don’t know the hardships that one went through be undermined, played with, and overlooked for the sake of a paid for image that has or holds no concrete, and solid when it comes to ones everyday situations and struggles just to survive in animal zoo.
So as a creative rap artist who paints the picture, I invite you to watch, view and listen to the lyrics of this artist who clearly shows to naught play with the art of making rap music for the mind, and be brave enough to just express, and share.
Making this music clearly, I’ve shown is naught just for me, and far from easy. It’s work better know that, be it recording and or producing. But to show that one hasn’t and won’t forget all of the good, bad and ugly with no regrets, just making it clear that respect must be given to the ones who show to carry the torch for the old-school kattz and women who Walked It Rough in their time, and deserves respect if earned, and that’s #Rilla. “I holds it down, just call me weight.”
When a Chief Speaks

New Video From The Artist 4 The People – Certified

The wait is over. I just finished putting together this Rap Music Video promoting a song that will be on my second CD project release titled: “Certified,” which give a thorough breakdown to what it means to be certified in the streets by ones real life acts.
It’s easy for me, to say one thing, and naught be able to have authentic proof to what I say, good bad and or ugly, I don’t have to say nothing, those who were out there in the struggle in the street life can tell the story better than me. Proverb 23:2 touches on what I mean by letting others tell the story.
“Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.”
Very deep, and very important as well. Hey, it’s naught my wordings, I just honor what is being said when it makes sense you feel me?
So, I think that I make self clear to why, I stand to be the difference and why I choose naught to be, and do as no other man does nor act and immolate those who are your favorite rappers, and hip hop artist.
This is why, I self goes as hard as I do with my workings, because I want to be able to build value, and worth that, I will be able to offer to you the reader and possible listener and follower of my creative artwork.
My aim is to keep building a loyal audience and platform for them that helps me to be able to better serve the real people with real substance when it comes to this music.
I’m naught interested in trying to out do your favorite rappers, I’m just being the artist that makes and brings the difference.
As a recording rap artist, and music producer and even a bit of a video producer as well can you imagine what I go through just to put things together?
Time right? Each position I spoke on takes a lot of investment of time, and then there still ones personal life that has to be maintained while trying to do what one has a passion for, and loves to do as an artist.
So, with that being said, check out the video above produced by yours truly, and credit goes out to my partner in rhyme MC MyD who took the shots.
Alright y’all holler back make sure to leave some feedback on your likes and dislikes, and how I can improve in order to better serve and deliver the message to you. Chief ATG X out.
When A Chief Speaks