Another Senseless Shooting And Killing Over A Dispute In Kalamazoo And For What?


You have to be very honest, and truthful with yourself when it comes to senseless situations like this, and raise the question to how serious and concerned some of our people really are about the these type of tragic acts that clearly show to be an ongoing problem when it comes to Kalamazoo community violence. After reading the story on this Shooting and death of a 22-year-old man and 40-year-old woman all I could do is just shake my head, because though it is a tragic and very sad situation in the end it shows to be nothing new when it comes to a growing problem with youth violence in the hood/community. It just seems like it’s a damn black cloud over that area right there on Church and Norway.

So why do I say this you might ask? Well, because when I think about the last shooting and death of a young man who also lost his life right there on that corner a few years ago how could I naught? And naught to mention all the other conflicts that have arisen in just that area alone, but we also know that, it’s also going on in other neighborhoods on other sides of town as well. Can you see it yet? No? Well, apparently you must naught be being truthful with oneself to the real reality and truth to the matter, and see things for what they really are that our people don’t know how to find a better way to resolve issues that they have due to lack in social and communication skills? Maybe.

So, I would ask you, the ones who actually have to live and experience these situations hands on : “Are our people really concerned at all and truly want the need for things to change in their environment/community?” Or do you just scream and call for help when tragedies occur like this after the fact.

The next question is, what are you doing that helps the community where you reside? Are you for and involved with certain activities by engaging in them that you clearly know that are naught good for you and your community and external environment, or are you against? It is a must that one take a very good look at what you are surrounded around and then ask your self: “What the hell is really going on?

People especially ours In These Dayz Of Tyme have been, and are very well-known for “BEING WITH THE SHITS” by the engaging in any and everything that promotes and projects negative images, living the good ole illusion “HOOD LIFE” style, and everything is fine until horrible acts like this happens and now you’re fed up, and don’t like the feeling of having to be scared and look over your shoulders. So tell me, why is that? Are y’all really paying attention? Do you really give a damn?

Some of our people are naught in their right minds did you know that? You have these dudes running around with guns and drugs throughout the neighborhoods RECKLESS MINDED without a care in the world with a chip on they’re shoulders, PROGRAMMED, full of attitude and music in they’re ears that put’s people in a certain mood, and all this alone is what I see to play much of the biggest part in all of this mess care to beg to differ?

You really have to start asking self if you care so damn much that; why is it taking our people to have to experience so much pain, suffering, heartache, sorrow, hurt, fear and feeling of hopelessness for one to finally want the need to wake the hell up, and realize that, there’s a great chance that, it’s some of our very own people who are so conditioned mentally, and brainwashed to the point where they can see clearly what is right and wrong, but choose to navigate towards engaging in the wrong by involvement, but expecting different results and outcomes to be good why is that?

You accept, and adopt other peoples ways of living and lifestyles and or welcome all of these things with open arms knowing damn well that there’s a clear chance that there will be bullshit that will be tagging right along with it, but you still allow and accept it all for the sake of so-called living your life, “Y.O.L.O,” because hey, who wants to live a boring life right? Let’s be very honest here, is it naught showing that our people are doing it to themselves? All our people do is dog one another out, scheme on one another, plot to hurt one another, rob and take from one another, misguide one another, deceive one another, poison one another, and let’s naught forget kill one another, and even use Facebook to carry on with the madness, but Black Lives Matter right?

Our people are some of the biggest excuse makers in order to do whatever they want to without consequence, I know this well because once upon a time, I too was a part of the problems within’ the community rather than being one who is a seeker of solutions, but experience is good teacher.

Now, to get back to why I am doing this post. It is said that; this all happen because of a dispute among-st one those who live in the same neighborhood? And the picking on of someones little brother. First off, LEAVE OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN ALONE. Second, STOP TRYING TO BULLY PEOPLE, and there’s a lot of that going on right now. And third, if you have differences with one another and they’re family and you just don’t know how to get along with one another YOU DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH ONE ANOTHER PERIOD so quit violating other peoples space, and right to life.

It’s time to stop making excuses to be irresponsible, negligent and careless minded when it comes to awareness and safety within your own communities in Kalamazoo. Start giving a damn about where YOU have to live, and YOU have to stay, and where YOUR FAMILY ESPECIALLY YOUR MOTHERS AND CHILDREN HAVE TO LIVE AND PLAY, and be accountable, responsible and take ownership, and stop allowing people access to come and tear down, and destroy what is already struggling for life as it is (Your Neighborhood). As a man, artist and voice. Am I wrong for feeling the way that I feel and expressing what I am taking the time out to type and post today in concern of what’s really going on in the communities in Kalamazoo? Do you Really Want Things To Change Within’ Your Communities? 

I’ve been touching on and addressing these on going issues, I try to do my part, because I know how this goes, and how it will end if you continue making all these excuses, and y’all continue to ignore, naught pay attention and clearly show by your lack of interest and non-involvement by choosing naught to engage with me on the things that I post, and that is your choice, you can expect it to continue to go on. In the end, I’m a continue to do what I’m doing regardless, whether you engage or naught. Why? Because apparently, I’m just an artist whose showing you that; there is hope and I do give a damn, but y’all gotta give a damn about yourselves and conditions, where you have to live, and your own self and mind state too. and how about wanting to learn to be and do better for self and your community. WE ARE KALAMAZOO. 

How important is your love for self and your community?

In These Dayz Of Tyme




Do My People Really Want Things And Conditions To Change In Their Communities?

So this is a question that we all should truly be asking self. The reason why I am doing this post today is, because I actually question and challenge whether some of my black people in their communities actually want to see the conditions, and things change for better. Let me give you an example.

I decided to make my way through the hood in Kalamazoo, Michigan’s (North Side), and while doing so, I ran into a familiar face. I asked him was there anything he wanted to say about things that he wanted to see change in the community so that, I could bring it up and touch on it. He said yeah, but then allowed himself to be distracted.

Yep, he was on a mission, and if you from the way you already know what I’m talking about. So then, I asked this other guy: “What about you?” He started to slowly ease off, and then I stated: “You don’t have nothing to say?” He said “No” and slithered off, but hey that’s what it is sometimes, you can’t force change on no one, and your not suppose to.

I then went on my way, and continued upon my journey, and then ran into some other katts I knew, and it was a more constructive and positive energy from them. they were working hard and doing something that was of good services to the community. It was a auto repair shop that, I will be doing an article on soon, because I have something else that I want to do when it comes to brothers and sisters who are actually trying to build something, and whether they know it or not, I am in support of them.

After chopping it up with them, I then continued on my journey running into some other familiar faces, and I ended up in Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial park where many of my people hang out that are homeless etc. As I approached them, I was greeted and honored, because I am very well known throughout every hood North, South, and the East Side. I found out some things as well as had an impact on some if not all of the people who were there, and listened to what I had to say.

Esteem, I think that I was able to do this for some today with what I had to say. If you don’t know, esteem is also found in the Holy Bible, and what one should try to do. See, its one thing to esteem self, and another in taking the time to esteem someone else. don’t believe me?

Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

And for me, to take the time to go and just make self’s presence known, and to let my people know that, someone cares. I care, and them knowing that, I haven’t forgotten about them I think means a lot not just to me, but to them as well. Before leaving the park, I let them know that; though they may feel as if they are alone in the fight they are not. And though they may feel less appreciated, know that it is just the opposite, they are appreciated, and I left. Upon leaving, I could hear one of the women say that: “I really needed that encouragement he just don’t know.” I smiled, and kept it moving.

Anyway, I really just wanted to share today’s experience with y’all, and my point in doing so is not to just share the negative, but how important it is to look at both sides of things in life. No, some people especially those within the conditions of the hood don’t want things to change, but there are those who do. Do you give up on the hood, and those within the communities just because those who don’t want things to change? Not me, I’m working on some things, and like I told them, I shall return, and I don’t want them to get behind me, I need them to be right beside me.

It didn’t take money, me dressing up, pulling up in a fly ride stunting none of that, it just took me, to come and let them know that, #TheArtist4thePeople is at work, and want them to know that what and how they feel about things do matter and count if they keep the faith, and find the strength to do something, say something and know that they are not alone.

And in all honesty, I can honesty say that, I feel that I accomplished what I had no idea was in plan for me today. I didn’t wake up and plan the mission that I was on, It would appear that, the mission was already being prepped for me to do, but it was on me to pay attention. See, the creator (God) is always mapping and planning things out for those who choose to take on the task by ones own freewill and choice. You don’t pick the task that you wanna do, you are picked for the task that you are needed to fulfill, but that’s just my opinion.

Well, I think that I was able to do some good today, because something actually good happened to me, that has been really bothering me, and just when I thought one thing, it turned out another, in my favor and actually now a better situation than it has been these pass weeks, and that I am truly thankful for. It also lifted my spirit to know that I was able to lift anthers, and that’s what we should actually be doing if we want and need change are we not?

Well, I’m going to end this post, but I would like to know your thoughts on this post, and what you think it would take to change the conditions within the hood, inner cities living and environment of Kalamazoo. Feel free to leave a comment below especially if your from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog, and make sure to subscribe. Peace and many blessings.

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