3 Killed In Collision With Amtrak Train

I woke up to this morning only to realize how even more important it is to show my thankfulness and appreciation to the most high almighty God for just being able, and the little, because even when feeling like I’m going through it, I’m reminded by such tragic events like the one below that, I have stay focused and so I wanted to breath on ya about it.

I can only imagine how this played out, and ended just by knowing how slick the roads were yesterday. It was so icy that, while rolling, I could feel my own tires spinning while in motion and even telling my daughter about it. And then to wake up and hear about this; and know exactly where this collision happened, I can only paint the picture in my mind to the possible of what, how and maybe why this happened.

It was possible that, the driver heard the train and tried to beat it. And while in the process of doing so, what if the tires were spinning as the driver tried to gain speed to beat the train just to get pass? #canuimagine? Can you imagine being in the seat, and looking through the eyes of anyone of the three who were in the car and see through their eyes at that very moment to know that they are in a situation where they are no longer in control, a “OMG” and wish that they could turn back the hands of time?

Sometimes All It Take Is One To Choose To Change The Frequency

Yes, changing the frequency is very important right now, because a negative one shall make nothing any better. Here we have yet, another horrible and tragic death of young people in Kalamazoo being claimed while under the wheel. But we see people out here reckless running all the time. I just shake my head. Some of these people who are behind the wheel of these automobiles show to think they are in total control, and at the same time showing to naught have any control or respect for mother nature’s process.

But all this comes from choice. The choice to strive to be more cautious and move naught only in the best interest of self, but also in the best interest of others when you are aware or should be consciously aware just by your experience alone, and that experience is knowing of the possibilities when it comes to this type of weather and slick roads one is driving on.

So who’s to blame for yet another horrible and very tragic situation to add to the already collection of them, and the suffering and pain of prior families who have already taken L’s of family who were victims to automobile collisions, and crashes?

I can even recall texting someone last night telling her to be safe, and cautious while driving because it’s super slick on the roads. And guess what? Would it matter if I told you that, that same person who I texted, it was one of their family members of the three in the car? šŸ˜Æ

What was the chances? Spooky huh? Scary? Call it what you want, I call just doing what any caring cautious man would and should do, and that’s make time to bring awareness to manifest by just saying to those who you say you care about: “Roll safe and with caution, because it’s slick out.” Instead, it’s just the opposite. Do people show to naught care only until tragedy strikes? I would say so. Why? Because that is what is shown when people show to only care when they feel the need to, and say something when they feel the need to and no one can tell me that is naught the case.

They are naught releasing any information on who, and the age, but I can almost guess that they were young, but there are those of you who do. So with that all being said;

“I send my condolences out to the family and friends of these three people who lost they’re life in such a horrible way.”

When will the percentage decrease in-car crash tragedies like the one’s we clearly see jumping off in Kalamazoo? Maybe when the attitudes of people (Especially the young) and mindset change when behind the wheel and in traffic. Are the hands that you’re in good?

It’s going to take more than just praying, it’s going to take more. But the question would be what? Warnings always come before possible destruction In These Dayz Of Tyme does it naught?

When A Chief Speaks

The Knowledge And Music Site Is Back!

So What Obstacles And Situations Are You Facing #inthesedayzoftyme?

So, walk in thoughts with me, and take a trip through my side of the mind of the Great X. It’s much to say, so where do I start? Well, for starts, I would like to apologize to those who are connected, and have subscribed to my #KnowledgeAndMusic list in order to receive their updates on the latest thoughts of #theartist4thepeople, but the site was down and I was really going through some reality life situations that couldn’t be ignored, and this is why your support whomever you are and where ever you may be; is so important to me, all praise and thanks be to the supreme being most high creator (God), the Universe and those who for me, than against.Ā 

Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, let’s get straight into the mind of Adam the Great. So let me tell, there has been soooooooo…….. much going on and soooooo……… much that I would like to address and touch on that, after hitting you with it all it probably would set your mind on fire oon #rilla.

For the past few months ya guy really been going through what I have clearly been pushing, and promoting, which is the #battleofthemind. Yes, the battle and war being waged on the mind’s of man, woman and child is real, and for those who can naught phantom, recognize, realize and comprehend this, that in itself I say is an example in itself if you can see it #canuimagine?

There’s so much going on #inthesedayzoftyme, and as I said all the way back in 2009: “You either focused, or you flat-line.” Easy to say, and much harder to do one just may find self saying huh? But I say; this is why it is so damn important to work towards finding a better way. A better way to either deal, or don’t deal at all that’s what I say.

Lemme say or should I say; allow me to type for my readers to see that, I can go on, and on about how f***** up things are inĀ  the world we see shows to be. The things that shows the madness projected #rightbe4ureyez. I can show to be, and do just as you see many others on and offline be, and do. But I choose naught to, and that is because my purpose, mind, heart, Spirit and Soul is naught like any other and what they see, and choose to be and do.

I know that for many, it’s hard for them to even want to take the time out to just pay a little attention to these thoughts that seem to remind you of the Riddler. Some even consider me to be crazy and don’t know what I’m talking about. Or, just simply find what I have to say just that irrelevant, uninteresting and naught important enough.

But just like others may feel they’re doing them and what makes them happy, I’m doing me, and what I wanna do, gotta do, and that’s who and what I see self to be, and do all that I can do by elevating beyond and naught show to naught be true to what I know to be what will help me to further pursue to do so.Ā 

“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”

Hebrews 1:14

It ain’t the same no more, and you best start recognizing things for what they show to be, and naught what they seem. What I am doing, and showing; is to project doing my part in life. It gets rough, complicated, stressful, and even a bit just too much to even want to deal with, but i still strive to come with it, and show that, I too am going through a lot of the madness that you might or might naught be going through. But whether you are or are naught, I still do this for you.

Do what? Share my thoughts, my experiences, some of the obstacles that I face so you can be aware and know how to better deal with these pretenders, snakes, under-bates and fakes. Can you imagine how much thought, and time it takes just to put one of these post together for my readers in hopes that they will be able to find food for thought, and digest whatever knowledge I may offer just to let you know that, this isn’t just about me getting you to buy shhhh…. from me, and brag and boast (Horn Toot) about how I’m getting money and look at all that I got.

Nope! That’s what I call the fat man mentality. No, I may naught be in life where I would love to be, but I show to be working on and towards it would you naught agree? Would you naught agree that, I show to be what I say, which is #theartist4thepeople? How? By continuingĀ  to make the time to do exactly what I am showing to do right now, which is make the time to keep this site up and running in order to do these post, and hit y’all with mass production of knowledge and music content.

But it is naught on me to make you or anyone else see, listen and read. I just drop the seeds and now, what are you going to do with them? Though I’m kinda doing it alone, because things have to get done, it helps so much more for me to be able to get others to see how important you to are as well when it comes to the further building of this site, which is where I will be putting more of my time, because I feel like I’m being stretch and thinned out, which doesn’t help at all when it comes to time.

Anyway, just wanted to drop this one on y’all to letcha know that, I’m still here, and I’m still working and building, sorting out, making changes to, and showing to do what I was asked to do.

When a Chief Speaks

Ohio Man Charged With CSC In Kalamazoo

Greetings to all who are able to see. Well, what do we have here. Well, here we have a young katt who is 22 years old who MLive is reporting on that is from Ohio who is facing naught 1, 2, 3, but 4 possible life sentences? Whew!!!! #CanUImagine? So these the one’s women in Kalamazoo are choosing huh? He said that, he’s on his way to the National Guards. But my question is…… What would push him to this point to risk it all like this?

Do you see now how important it is for people to truly be paying attention? Yes people of good ole Kalamazoo, you have shhhh…. like this going on, but yet people show to act like this shhh… is naught going on. Do you think possibly listening to all the whacked out, putchu in the mood to act wild perv thoughts in music that he might be listening to may have played a part in this? Maybe, maybe naught, but I have two words for y’all: “Getcha Children” or they’ll be obliged to gett’em for you.

This is why it’s so important for people in Kalamazoo as well as anywhere else, but right now, I’m talking about Kalamazoo, to wake they a** up and act like they give a damn about where they stay. This is why for me, entertainment is naught of my interest when you have katt’s out here who are potentials of committing these type of acts against women, which don’t necessarily have to be your kin, it can be anyone’s.

Better start asking yourself; how important it is to be very AWARE to the fact that you have people out roaming throughout where you stay who are committing these type of acts. Naught only that, but they just may be someone who you chose to hook up with, and are close to you like this situation. And for him to say he has a ***girlfriend*** who he’s staying with, which may well be right in Kalamazoo, but yet is caught up in something such as this.

That alone tells me, how women nowadays are truly lacking in their ability to better discern who they hook up with. I don’t give a damn if he just a friend as one would say, or yawl got some type of relationship going on. How important is something like this to you? Can you imagine what, and how this woman feeling right now? This isn’t about judging; this is about the fact that there is a problem, A BIG PROBLEM that is at hand when it comes to very serious matters such as this.

Am I deeming him already guilty? N….ope! Naught by far. But clear reality shows that, he is just one of the possible many more and that is fact, because the mess is naught the first, nor the last. Just my thoughts on this, because I am one who really cares about the bullshhhh…. that is slowly bubble-lating up within the Kalamazoo’s city, and communities. The forceful freaky shhh…. has got to stop, the acceptance must come to an end, and the assault on women must cease, but the question is…… when?

I don’t hate to say it, but people have become accustom to caring about the wrong shhh…. but then have the nerve to b****, complain and now want to twist their mouth’s to say: “We need more police to protect the community? When in reality there are those who show to naught even care enough about the mess going on in their own communities? Now who ready to explain this shhh… right here to me? I keep telling y’all, the #BattleoftheMind #InTheseDayzofTyme has begun. So tell me, are you sleeping with, and supporting the potential enemy?

When A Chief Speaks

Is There Positive Found In Negative?

You have to question why people tend to show to be so negative, but expect to receive all the positive coming their way. You clearly will have those who shall gratefully accept and embrace with open arms, all the good and positive things in life that they can take from life and others. But yet feel that, when it comes to negative; ooooooh….. nooooooo….. they don’t want any parts in the accepting and the embracing of that. Any idea why? People run around and expect things and life to be all they want it to be, but never ask themselves what do they offer life in return? To me, that shows one sided-mess, and even a bit of selfishness as an appetizer.

I mean this clearly is the case when it comes to the many obstacles that we either witness, and or face #InTheseDayzofTyme, but some just have a hard time catching on to these truths. It’s no mystery to the fact that, the importance of seeing what you need to see, verses what and the way you want to see is truly slept on, underestimated and taken for granted. Some people feed off negative energy, and depend on it in order to thrive and feel some sense of being accepted when exercising and promoting negative mindedness for the sake of attention seeking maybe?

This, I could prove and show to possibly be the case without being seen to assume, but in the same breath, I always leave room to be open minded to ones opinions to beg to differ so long as they come reasonable with their reason to why they see what I am saying to naught hold weight, and possible truth to the matter. Let’s be honest with one another rather than naught work towards seeing the importance to the clear #BattleotheMind that’s going on #RightBe4UrEyez.

So yea, it’s a battle for all of us, and it’s hard to be and or find things, and life to be as positive as one would like when you have all the negative things going on in this world #InTheseDayzofTyme. So much messy mindedness being carried out by people, and you’re asking why? You’re asking self: “What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?” Maybe they’re so caught up in the living and acceptance of “That Life” whatever that life is; that it’s very hard to find the time it takes to focus, and find what will help one along the way. But for some that is my opinion, and that, it is and along with it also holds proof in ones possible truth.

The training of ones mind is very important, because otherwise you’ll find self swaying, and moving right along with the madness, and thinking that, it’s okay for you to have everything positive to go on in your life, but have a problem with the possible negative that you project naught only in yours, but in life of others as well. So, I’ll leave you the reader with this question: “Can there be a positive in a negative?”

When A Chief SpeaksĀ 

Why Are There So Many More Acts Of Violence And Murder Popping Up In Kalamazoo?

So one would really have to question whether some people really even care what is going on around them. Yes, there are just as well as there are those who don’t, but have you even asked self why are there so many more acts of violence and murder popping up right now in Kalamazoo in certain areas? Got any idea or answers to that? I’ll wait……. Tic-tic na, better naught wait too long, because it would be like the saying: “Don’t hold your breath.” Anyway, can someone please tell me why? that’s what I said as the chorus on MC My D’s song called: “I Feel Like” just last year around about this time. But that’s naught what I want to address, I’m talking about the many issues popping up, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH KZOO WAKE UP!
Since 2009 I’ve been touching on what is now becoming a reality. And that reality is and should be very clear to the one who is able to see, it’s the #BattleOftheMind. So much I am seeing nowadays is why, I am learning to be even more aware, focused and appreciative to and for why I went through what I went through at the time that I did. And though, I feel like there are some people who are close who try to make me feel as if I am crazy, and I’m lost, have changed and don’t know what I’m talking about, I have come to realize that, even that can tend to be a distraction if you let it. I used to look at it saying to self: “Damn, maybe they are right, maybe I should go back to the old me, maybe I should lighten up a bit, and be more tolerable to much of what is accepted.” But then the creator tends to remind me, to remember and keep striving to stay on track and on course.
“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
And then as years have went by, and I’ve watched a lot of what I knew many years prior to come to manifest right before my eye’s, they wonder why I am the way I am, naught surprised at what we are seeing In These Day’z Of Tyme, and try to be the straight opposite.
Example? Look at the murders, and violence being demonstrated naught just all around the world, but right now, I’m more concerned about where I am, which is the united States (supposed to be for northern America). Right here in one of the greatest historical States Michigan, and Kalamazoo in itself also carries it’s good, bad and ugly as well. But now there has really been a lot of major issues going on than ever before that many are just looking at to be just some ordinary acts of stupidity going on in Kalamazoo. The Truth is is that, we are faced with truth that is also mixed with a bunch of bullshhhh…. lies, as well as possibly things that have a darker root and to make it much worse you have those who are naught making it any better by doing some of the shhh… that they are doing by the praising and promoting of nonsense but yet wonder why?
So when I look at all of this, it really tends to take a heavy tote by the weighing on of ones mind, spirit and soul. But lately what I have come to see is this: “No matter what and or how I may see things, and no matter how much I may show by my actions to truly care, and no matter how bad I may want those who are close to me, to see, realize and recognize how important it is to know what we are dealing with and up against, I CAN NAUGHT, SHOULD NAUGHT AND WILL NAUGHT force what and how I may see things to be on someone else.”
Why? Because that is part of that FREEDOM AND FREEWILL that many are talking about right now that is being attacked. We are in a time and age where the forcing of something that should already be on one’s heart to do should naught have to take place, and that’s on Rilla. And I knew this, but I’ve found self to be a bit more OVER CARING about other people always have, and what they might be going through, and me being me, I know how it is to really go through shhh… especially mentally. So, I tend to go out of my way to help those who in the end have a helluva way of showing their appreciation and gratitude, but I also know that, where there are those who show to be ungrateful and unappreciative there are those who do and this is why, and where my time and art through my creative workings in my music comes to play. The investing of ones time used as wisely as possible is what my main focus should be, because time wasted on something and or some people who don’t feel the need to change for better, who mean you no good nor want to see you prosper, grow and or elevate tends to be really nothing more than just something that one needs to come to reckoning with instead of being one naught being able to see how important purpose is, and start paying more attention when it comes to this life.
“To everything there is a season, and with season comes time, and in time also waits a purpose under the heavens.”
Is this true? Maybe, maybe naught, but what matters is is whether one is able to see and get something out of what is being said, sent and or delivered. So with my music, videos and thoughts alone. Whether it be through a post sent threw y’all favorite social spots like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube etc. It is part of the battle in itself, and this is what I am now able to see even more clearer now, and why I now have to work even harder to naught allow and accept certain things. What I offer is what I offer, and deliver to those who are seeking, because anything else is a possible distraction. Throughout the years, I have and still am showing to do what was asked of us all, but I am only responsible for my part in doing so, and rather than just talk about it, I have to keep the fire lit, and burning like the torch carried in a marathon and let my talk, creative music, video work and actions show.



I may look to some as if what I choose to do means nothing, and has no effect, but it does as far as the whole music game and what and how I choose to bring it naught be fit in they’re eye’s and mind, but that is their opinion and depends on the receiver. How others want me to look, act and or even do things may naught be the way they want, but that again is their opinion. But one thing we do know is that, I bring whatever I do like no other. I refuse to be labeled as just another black a** nigga, rapper, who is good for nothing, can’t think, non educated, just another carbon copy THUG, HOODLUM, watered down , clown, fake, snake and can be and bring nothing more than who and what SOCIETY and any other race identifies and sees me to be, which is what many show to project, and make those who try to label you as such be seen to be right in their way of seeing our people, and I’m good on that shhh… y’all can have it.
Trying to get me to feel as if I have no other means of being no more than what they put out for me to promote self as, which is a drug dealing, killer and deadbeat shuck and jive a** punk who glorifies and can’t find a way to reach beyond what they put out for us on these streets, yea the streets that clearly shows to give a damn less about you or me, hoping it too shall continue to keep one forever blind, lost and in the end guess who paying the biggest price? Na, I’m good on all that, y’all want it you can have it.
As a man who is on a mission and has a vision, and won’t be denied, and knows that this is way bigger, deeper and darker. I just gotta do what I feel and know is best, and naught really saying f*** the rest, but just staying on top of my own business, because people are going to either recognize, and see and want to be for you or against you, but in the end this is choice, because they can see, and know and want to see you grow. ask self: “Why does it seem as if all of the darker, ugly horrible minded demonic twisted things projected are being pushed the most and by who?
Black on Black crime is a major problem in many communities, and our people are seen to be the BIGGEST PROMOTERS of the many things that are showing to be a part of our destruction, and being used to program and destroy one another. Is this true? Ask yourself, and figure it out, because even when you show the possible truth people gone choose to see what they wanna see anyway, and that’s real.

Mistake my walk and thoughts naught, because no one can tell me, I don’t understand or know how it is, because I think that the one who goes through what they have already went through is and can be seen as the living truth right? And if this is true then you think that as a recording artist representing for Kalamazoo, Michigan, I won’t stand on truth in this music shhh…?
I don’t do what I do for fun, and everything isn’t funny nor a joke, but some tend to show and think that it is until tragedy strikes, and now people want to know, yea be nosy just so they can say that they know for gossiping purposes, but that’s the world the we are living in like it or naught, but you do naught have to accept it, Am I lying?
Anyways, I’m done with this one, I just wanted to express that, and promote the video above in hopes that it will get your attention, and get your mind warned up and ready for the CD, which I am finishing up. There is another one that was supposed to come before the battle Of the Mind CD, which is called: “Certified,” but I think it’s a need to get this Battle Of the Mind out first. So reader what are your thoughts on what I just typed? If you’re from Kalamazoo, in Kalamazoo and or are in Michigan I welcome you to engage with me, and comment below, like and share this with others especially family and see what they think.
And though you might naught agree and don’t like what I have to say doesn’t mean that they might naught see and agree, so please don’t keep what I have to say and offer from them especially the children. And let me make this clear, this is naught about me, this is about me just placing the possible in you face, and challenge you to say otherwise, but in the end hopefully we will be able to have a meeting of the minds and even learn from one another and start seeing how important it is to be more for those who are really showing to do the creator (God’s) work.
“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”
Hmmmm…. very interesting words right there. The showing of ones workings just may well present self as approved and worthy by naught being ashamed, and being diligent while handling of the word of truth correctly? Maybe, maybe naught. I’m just placing it #RightBe4UrEye’z in hopes to spark the mind. May you the reader find relevance in these thoughts for elevating you, Peace and blessings.
When A Chief Speaks