Flint Michigan Sting Caught 22 People That Targeted Children

The War On Children And Human Life Is Real In Michigan

I found this story by Fox 17 to be very interesting being flint already has a major situation on they’re hands when it comes to the water crisis, and now they also have human trafficking issues as well. Guess the draining of the swamp is real, because I’ve never seen the exposing and focus of finding and putting a cease on this type of mess by cracking down on child predators. Michigan has been the light when it comes to Human Trafficking.

People keep talking about how f*** up President Donald Trump is, but yet you have children out here being solicited and sexually assaulted as well as taken against their will or sold off.  So let’s come clean with the possible truth of, and fact of the matter that since he’s been in office, you’ve seen more good results (Raids) than naught when it comes to the shedding of necessary light on how good this mess has been hidden in the dark, and how bad of a problem it really is when it comes to the attack on innocent lives of children in our State, country and nation as a whole now let that sink in. So let me ask; Is the assaulting of 2 year old’s something that, I or even you, the reader should see as something that should naught be payed attention to, and addressed?

The #battleofthemind is real, and so is the war of children #canuimagine ? #waronchildrencrisis

When A Chief Speaks

Source Link via 22 caught in Michigan sting targeting child sex solicitation — Fox17

Is Racism A Part Of Hate Programming?

Are You Born A Racist, And Born To Hate Or Is It An Act Of Ones Own Freewill?

Are You Racist?

We all know how touchy this type of topic is, and how caught up people can get in their feelings and emotions when having a discussion about racism. Racism has always been an issue way before you, and I were a thought.

It’s been used in many ways especially as a weapon in order to conquer and control someone else. When I touch on these topics and just ask simple questions such as “Are you born racist, or is it an act of ones own freewill?”

No one seems to be able to, or have the desire to even try to make an attempt to question something that has such a negative, and destructive impact on all of us all in some type of way, and nor can they or are willing to at least try to answer.

The main ingredient used when cooking up nonsense

Whether you know and or are able to see it, but racism to me, is nothing more than just a learned behavior, and a programming that we are subjected to the moment we came out of the womb. Labeled, and tagged like a product and named to keep track of inventory, and people accept it without even eyebrow raise. So I guess I answered my own question huh?

Or maybe not, I can be wrong, and that is why I asked the question. It can be agreed though, that it is an act of ones own freewill, why? Who is forcing you to think what you think when you think it? Who told you that you have to? See, back then 1,000’s of years ago there were no laws set in play the way they are today, which means that, that was probably why and how the whole slavery game came into play, but I’ll save that topic for another day.

I think about this, because I my self have had my fair share of encounters through my own experience with racist people who committed these acts upon me. I think about all of those day’s, and even a lot of what went on in the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. day’s. The whole color game, and at the end of the day even that too was put in play for a reason. 

I just see things in a more elevated way, and I couldn’t have been able to without the help of the Creator (God) and the universal energies that help bring balance to my mind state.

So much to touch on when it comes this subject, but I don’t even want to go as deep as I could go, I’m just touching on the fact of how people be ducking the questions that should be answered, and I’ll challenge anyone with these same questions, and thoughts on how people allow themselves to be controlled by someone else s foolery thoughts and ideas, and not even know that they are.

I think that we’ve all experienced it in some type of way, and probably don’t even realize that we did it, and or are doing it until this very day, but the thing about it, I think that being that we are in a new age people are actually starting to feel that somethings not right, and hasn’t been right. The things that we are seeing going on right before our eye’s are showing us something if we pay attention, and I think that the Creator and the universe has some type of involvement in it.

I say think, because I know that there are those who don’t think and or believe that there is a higher power, and that is fine with me, I don’t try to appear to tread nor force anything that I may have to say on no one. This is the Battle of the Mind that we are dealing with right now, and some very heavy dark forces too.

So, it is very important for one self to be trying to learn as much as possible about self and who you are “Know Thy Self” is what was written, but when you do, that in itself is even a big task and responsibility, which means that, if you are not ready you will fall, and hard it will be a hard one at that.

Everything that I am seeing right now as far as with a lot that’s going on in the several States of the U.S. is a bunch of racism. And don’t fool your self, it ain’t like it never left, but here’s my thing; people allow themselves to be pulled into the nonsense by not knowing better. I’m saying that, things just don’t accrue neither, because some situations are forced on people, and then you have to defend yourself. 

And here’s a question for all who feel that they can answer it: “CAN YOU BE A RACIST TOWARDS YOUR OWN COLOR OF PEOPLE? leave your comments below, and tell me what you think about this post, is it relevant?

Peace, and many blessings.

When a Chief Speaks