Just To Live Is To Be Evil So Find Life

You ever think about how you have people who go about their lives working, and just caring on doing the things that they feel they want and or need toContinue readingJust To Live Is To Be Evil So Find Life

Struggling Father’s Are Being Undermined

How I feel after #fathersday Ever get the feeling that you really are naught loved or appreciated? And yes, I’m talking to you, that man, guy, dad/father who may beContinue readingStruggling Father’s Are Being Undermined

What was the chances? When God speaks

I’m pretty sure that you know by now; that my life doesn’t just evolve just around me, making music.   I also have a very spiritual side of me, thatContinue readingWhat was the chances? When God speaks

The importance of Pondering

Do You Know What It Means 2 Ponder? What Does It Mean To You? Woke up this morning, and very thankful for that. So much stay on my mind inContinue readingThe importance of Pondering

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