MLive Reporter Gets Handled When The Proud Boys Came To Kalamazoo

So yesterday, a White Nationalist group called the Proud boys came to Kalamazoo to exercise their 1st Amendment right to protest Saterday. And while doing so, from what I’ve seen it was a lot that went on. Fights, and what this post is about, which is a MLive reporter getting handled and arrested. Check out the video above, and lemme know your thoughts on this, I would like to see what they are, because in reality we really need to be having a direct conversation about this whether you feel it affects you directly, indirectly or naught at all.

Give Respect When And Where It’s Due- “Certified”

Still think there isn’t any real reppahz from those day’s who showing that those who came before are still rapping, and repping, just on a whole other level? Aw yea, why of course it is, and for me it’s truly important to let it be known that, there are still real reppahz for Kzoo, but in a way where it shows that the walk, and come up was far from easy as some try to paint the picture with the Fat-man living.
This is why I strive to reach y’all especially if ya in Kzoo in hopes that you can see, and say in all honesty that the work placed before you is either on point or it’s naught. Creatively, and truthfully speaking though, you know after watching and listening that this is real Kzoo music from a street point of view.
Only those who know, know the struggles that one faced back in the day’z and time of the hardcore street life of many, many obstacles that one either fell victim to, or strove, and sacrificed in order to make it through. I been telling y’all that this ain’t about who got the most money, material and finer things in life.
It’s about naught allowing those who don’t know the hardships that one went through be undermined, played with, and overlooked for the sake of a paid for image that has or holds no concrete, and solid when it comes to ones everyday situations and struggles just to survive in animal zoo.
So as a creative rap artist who paints the picture, I invite you to watch, view and listen to the lyrics of this artist who clearly shows to naught play with the art of making rap music for the mind, and be brave enough to just express, and share.
Making this music clearly, I’ve shown is naught just for me, and far from easy. It’s work better know that, be it recording and or producing. But to show that one hasn’t and won’t forget all of the good, bad and ugly with no regrets, just making it clear that respect must be given to the ones who show to carry the torch for the old-school kattz and women who Walked It Rough in their time, and deserves respect if earned, and that’s #Rilla. “I holds it down, just call me weight.”
When a Chief Speaks

Here’s Some More Facts That You Should Think About When It Comes To Charlottesville

So, did you see what really went down in Charlottesville? No? I mean really mafa; did you see what happened? I know you saw what you think you saw on the news, but there has been a lot eyebrow raising issues that are being questioned when it comes to what really went down in Charlottesville, Virginia. Many are calling it a false flag event, staged, a hoax etc.
When it happened, I had done a post about it way before all of the speculations, and questioning started to pop up, which you can find here. “Whose to Blame When It Comes to What Happened In Charlottesville”And from what you will read is my thoughts on the whole situation without allowing self to get caught up in the web weaving of programming.
And then after more information started coming in, I decided to do a video on my take to what I seen, what was being said about it, President Donald Trump’s public statement and what I got from it, which now has reached over 1,000 views. But then, I found something else that to me, is very disturbing as well as disappointing when it comes to this new damaging evidence when it comes to this whole Charlottesville nonsense.
What you have below is part 2 to the first video which is called:Here’s Some Facts To What Really Happened In Charlottesville” (Part 1) In reference to how it just seems that, Black people are allowing themselves to be used  by partaking in much of this mess that we see that is going on.
Why are Black people so quick to subject themselves to showing to be exactly like, and what some of these Caucasian people already stereotype people of our pigment of skin color to be, have those who are running around talking about how racist the opposite color of people are, but in the same breath are our people showing to naught do show to be, and do the same?
The possible truth is just that, and the illusion minded living messy mindedness of our people who choose to do so are the ones who clearly show that, they could care less about the possible truth, and how their selling out affects naught just them, but others in-directly, but yet are the same ones who you see committing these acts, and doing all the complaining at the same time.
These are the ones (Like the one who you will see in this video) are the ones who are and will make it more possible for what these people are trying to accomplish, which is possibly to gain control by suppression due to order out of chaos possible.
So, is this really the case you might ask? I’ll leave that to you to discern, and come to a better standing to the questions that, you may have when it comes to all of this mental noise that’s going on when it comes to these protest, and rallies that are going on throughout the cities and states #InTheseDayzofTyme.
It is very important, and should be that, you be very aware to how your children are the ones that are being moved like pawns, and it would very wise for you to pay more attention to what is really going on, and stop allowing your children to get mixed up in all this foolishness. It is your choice, your responsibility, and up to you to do your due diligence to work towards seeing better, in order to know better.
When A Chief Speaks

Here’s Some Facts To What Really Happened In Charlottesville

So, did you see what really went down in Charlottesville? After it happened, I ended up doing a post in regards to how I felt about the whole situation, because it just didn’t look right from jump called: “Whose To Blame When It Comes To What Happened In Charlottesville”.
But, I kept an open mind about it as always, and decided to wait a little while, but also at the same time check into a few things before I decided to do a video, and touch on this situation a little more.
And so now that, I have taken a closer look and the situation, I thought I’d do a quick post on it along with a very good video.
So what facts did I find you might ask? Well, all I can tell you is to watch the video for yourself, and then you can come to your own realization, and conclusion in thought to whether what you will see in the video either is hitting on something, and makes any sense to you when using your Creator (God) given common senses.
Or, I don’t know what I’m talking about, and what’s being touched on is naught the case. And the statement President Donald Trump at the press conference held at Trump Towers made no sense either.
Here’s the thing. The intent of posting this video is for educational awareness, for you, the reader to gain incite, and for viewers, visitors, subscribers and those who are connected be able to read, critique, and build a discussion for the purposes of possibly coming to a better understanding to a more reasonable standing.
This is naught to mislead, slander, bash nor create conflict nor add to the messy mindedness of people who running off with whatever nonsense they are acceptable to being fed.
I’m just raising the issue on this situation because there are those of you who continue to sway with the projections of those who are doing things that they have no business doing, but if you fall for it then whose fault is that?
I’m naught saying that horrible things didn’t take place, but I am questioning the acts that were carried out by those who played a part in this, and you should too.
So, after reading, and watching the video, you really need to ask yourself; Whose to blame. Be sure to catch part 2 to this video. Give It 2 Em Raw TV
I’m out, peace and many blessings.
When A Chief Speaks