When The Spirit Moves You In Another Lane

So What Do I Mean By The Spirit Guided Me?

Whether many of you care to reflect back and recall what should be very familiar to you when it comes to these horrible car crashes that we’ve seen jump off in Kalamazoo, or naught. I’m here posting a yet another one right in the same area where the other ones prior to showed to occur.

What I mean by that, is just that; the possible. What was the chances of me headed to an appointment yesterday, and headed up south Westnedge only to forget something and had to back track. And then; having to end up where I started, but this time due to naught wanting to deal with the oncoming traffic. I decided to take another route to reach my destination. And doing so is how I ended up on Burdick headed towards Cork as you will see in the video. BUT WHAT WAS THE CHANCES? Was it meant? My thoughts, your views and opinion, I’m just visually painting the picture of the possible. If you’re driving throughout Kalamazoo, you clearly know what I’m talking about, and where I might be coming from when it comes to these moments in time as far as these car crashes go. and if you have subscribed to my #KnowledgeAndMusic artist blog site, and have been following my work.

You will see that, this is something that is, and should be no mystery to you to what you will see in the video, and why I’m choosing to touch on subjects such as these. Clearly you should know that, I do naught do this for fun. It is sort of for entertainment purposes if that’s what you want to see it as, but allow me to clarify the why I do this. I do it to educate, and bring awareness to what you may already know, or may naught, but awareness is fairness would you say naught? And doing so allows me to #Giveit2EmRaw and like no other as an artist if you will, an activist, voice, producer and Spiritual Leader in my own way when it comes to duty within this city/state and community.

Final Thoughts From The Artist 4 the People

Be naught fooled about anything that is clearly going on #RightBe4UrEyez. You can move around and think whatever you choose, but there’s a lot going on especially when it comes to spiritual things taking place with people etc. All I can do is encourage you to be more aware, and very mindful of how you are navigating #InTheseDayzOfTyme. You can overlook what I post, say and produce all you want, but the truth is the truth that you can see, know and feel. And the truth of this matter is that, right in that area alone to me is haunted due to the tragic deaths of those that lost their lives right there in that spot, and you just need to be very alert when taking that route. People be on their phones, texting, music loud etc. Noise is what I call it, which spiritually distracts you. which means……. When you have people out here who are behind the wheel, but barely can drive nor multi-task especially these young and VERY IMPATIENT always in a rush type of people, and that goes for some of you grown one’s too.

STOP BEING IN SO MUCH OF A DAMN RUSH, because look at the possible outcome. #CanUImagine? Think about allowing self to naught move alone, and have the creator God and the Universe as your co-pilot. And think about the importance of other people’s safety. Better to naught do it alone than choose to, right? But at the end of my thoughts on it all, it’s your choice just like it’s mine to or naught to. Are people really showing to learn from the past? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that especially those whose family and or friends have been impacted by the negative energy activity that has taken place in this area of Kalamazoo.

When A Chief Speaks

One Dead Another Injured In Fatal Head On Car Crash

A little bit after 3 Am this morning there was yet another life claimed by a fatal car crash between Wood and Kalamazoo Ave, and one injured who climbed out of the car.

I found out by a credible close source who I spoke with who personally knew the man killed in this crash, so I thought I’d do a post, and touch on this.
Look at the picture close. Appears to be head on, and had to be some heavy speed involved for both cars to look like that, but why?
And as I recall, I had just took that route the other night, and was saying to self how the way it looks and feels just going through there made me feel like a crash was bound to happen.
It is really sad to how so many people are allowing their life to just simply end so fast due to whatever may have been part of the reason, and case to leading up to ones death in such a tragic and horrible situation like this.
Why are people so in a damn rush? I cannot be the only one who feels this way. Just the other night rolling late night somebody blew straight through a stop sign, and had I naught been paying attention or on my phone (Like People Be Doing) they would’ve tore up my whole driver side, and pint me, you feel me?
But you wanna know what’s worse about this whole situation? The fact that, naught only did this young man lose his life, but think about the fact that, his children who are left behind have taken a lose as well.
His family took a lose, friends took a lose, and that in the end is what one leaves behind while navigating In These Day’s of Tyme, and the next time they will see him is when its funeral time.
Did he even get the chance to see his children before this? Did he talk and or hug his mother? Father? Why am I even asking these questions?
Well, because to me, they’re important, VERY and one might want to consider doing the same.
See, this is why, I strive to utilize ones time more wisely. This is why I try so damn hard to be more constructive, and productive with my time now, because I have way more respect for life, and how I choose to utilize this time is all on me, so I try to make it count.
Are you asking yourself why there has been so many fatal automobile crashes in Kalamazoo, Michigan lately? Have you even took the time to at least think about it?
And naught only that, but people are dying horrible ones, and just to be blunt about it, I really don’t think that, that is part of one’s purpose set to go out in such a way what about you? I can name 7 of these crashes, and they still fresh.

So, I say that to say this. I would encourage you, the possible reader of my post to truly take heed to what I place before you.

Nobody knows when it’s their time to go, but putting self in a position to rush your time is naught fair to you, your children, significant other, mother, father and friends.

Try naught to be off in the midst of messy mindedness, and find things to be and show to be more grateful for.

If you going through some shhh… by arguing with people and then jumping in ya ride, putting whatever in ya neck (Getting Drunk , and or High) while in motion behind the wheel STOP!

Is it naught hard enough just trying to live and survive? And I’m naught saying what I said was the case, I just stand in reality, and know the street life very well.

At fault or naught, we’re talking about self trying to be as on point as possible while rotating amongst those who will show to be careless, reckless, and irresponsible behind the wheel and are naught thinking, and being more considerate until they either cause or get caught up in either way nobody wins.

And whether you can see it or naught, but others lives are in your hands too, and one should think about it in that order, because that is exactly the case, so it is important to think about that, and also be naught just a defensive driver, but offensive as well.

It also helps to have the extra shielding/protection of the Creator (God) as your copilot. Being in good hands with Allstate is one thing, but in the better hands of the Creator to me, just works out better.

I’m an end it there, and I just hope and pray that this reaches you, the one who is able to see. And to the people in Kalamazoo, Michigan, it’s the #BattleoftheMind and its way more than meets the eyes.

Remember, just because you are using the privelge doesn’t mean you have a license to hurt and or kill someone due to being irresponsible, and negligent. More on this story from MLive is below.

My condolences go out to this young man’s family and friends

Gotta try to be and do better people. Money, fresh cars and other material things are showing to naught save you. Got thoughts? Leave them below, I’m out. Peace and many blessings to all.

When A Chief Speaks

Source Article: M-Live: One Killed Another Injured In Another Car Crash In Kalamazoo