Here’s Some Facts To What Really Happened In Charlottesville

So, did you see what really went down in Charlottesville? After it happened, I ended up doing a post in regards to how I felt about the whole situation, because it just didn’t look right from jump called: “Whose To Blame When It Comes To What Happened In Charlottesville”.
But, I kept an open mind about it as always, and decided to wait a little while, but also at the same time check into a few things before I decided to do a video, and touch on this situation a little more.
And so now that, I have taken a closer look and the situation, I thought I’d do a quick post on it along with a very good video.
So what facts did I find you might ask? Well, all I can tell you is to watch the video for yourself, and then you can come to your own realization, and conclusion in thought to whether what you will see in the video either is hitting on something, and makes any sense to you when using your Creator (God) given common senses.
Or, I don’t know what I’m talking about, and what’s being touched on is naught the case. And the statement President Donald Trump at the press conference held at Trump Towers made no sense either.
Here’s the thing. The intent of posting this video is for educational awareness, for you, the reader to gain incite, and for viewers, visitors, subscribers and those who are connected be able to read, critique, and build a discussion for the purposes of possibly coming to a better understanding to a more reasonable standing.
This is naught to mislead, slander, bash nor create conflict nor add to the messy mindedness of people who running off with whatever nonsense they are acceptable to being fed.
I’m just raising the issue on this situation because there are those of you who continue to sway with the projections of those who are doing things that they have no business doing, but if you fall for it then whose fault is that?
I’m naught saying that horrible things didn’t take place, but I am questioning the acts that were carried out by those who played a part in this, and you should too.
So, after reading, and watching the video, you really need to ask yourself; Whose to blame. Be sure to catch part 2 to this video. Give It 2 Em Raw TV
I’m out, peace and many blessings.
When A Chief Speaks

Did Kanye West Really Delete His Tweets That Were In Support Of Donald Trump?

If he did why the sudden change of heart? I guess the only way to know would be to get it from the artist’s mouth himself, because anything else is really just assumptions. I can’t say he did or he didn’t, I’m just raising the question to whether he did or didn’t and why?
Being that things are so shaky when it comes to the truth nowadays that is also clearly mixed with lies due to #FakeNewsMedia one would have to take upon self to clearly naught just take what is being said and just settle for it.
As a recording artist, and voice it is my responsibility to do my part by naught allowing self to be brainwashed and then spread someone Else’s homemade doctored up propaganda with the intent to mislead.
Well, from what I’ve read so far, one of the reasons to his deleting acts was because he’s unhappy with President Trumps first two weeks in office, and because of the Muslim Immigration temporary Travel Ban, which was later suspended by a judge. 
One of the said tweets were: “I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues,” and some others touched on were about bullying, the supporting of teachers, modernizing curriculum’s, and violence in Chicago.
It is also said that one of his tweets were that; he felt it was important to have a direct line of communication with the future President if we truly want change.
Now again it’s said that those are the tweets he tweeted last year, and now he got rid of them.
The only reason I am speaking on this is because, I’m showing how important it is to pay attention, and I refuse to just take what is being said from these so-called real news publishers. And what we do know is that;  President Trump been on these #FakeNewsMedia people behinds, and calling them out.
And you know what? I’ve even caught them in some visual lies myself, and that’s why I’m raising the question to whether any of this whole Kanye West missing tweets are even real or if that was really even him with president Trump at Trump Towers, but that’s just me.

And let me naught forget to mention of the possibility that there something that I also ran across about how Kanye was in hopes to perform at the inauguration, but only to find out that, he did naught qualify due to naught being American enough?
Now whether that is true or naught, I leave it open for the truth to manifest. Now, could that also be one of the reasons that Kanye reneged on his support?
I don’t know only he does. Will Kanye West Perform at Inauguration?  
I feel like a lot of this is a bunch of more of what they already been doing, which is just telling us a vision, and entertaining ones mind.
I feel like, it’s all for boosting at the expense of our time and currency that’s clearly helping them, and naught us who are really going through more than any of them.
I also want to stress how these journalist who are in these positions are slacking and have failed in upholding the trust that we have placed in them to stand in integrity and honesty.
But what do I know, I’m just considered as The Crazy Native Man on the land, and recording rap artist who calls it for what it is seen as.
I could be wrong, but I leave it open for those who want to challenge what I say, and if I’m wrong on anything then I leave the burden on you to call me on it.
They want you to believe this, and believe that, but you also have a duty too, and that is to think, use your mind and see what adds up and what doesn’t. Does it matter?
It may well  to me, but may well naught to you, but I’m naught responsible for that, you are just like I’m responsible for my post that I’m doing expressing in question to what is, what isn’t and what is possible.
Anyhow, any thoughts on this whole tweet thing? Feel free to leave a comment below on whether you think it’s real or naught, and how it helps or hinders. I bring to you #RillaNewz
When A Chief Speaks