What Matters To You The Title People Carry Or Acts And Deeds

While sitting here listening to some of my music: “The Battle Of the Mind Album” and the thought popped up, and I start wondering if people think that what and why I choose to do what I do is for the inflicting, and implanting of fear. Why am I asking self that question? Because as I listen, I kinda find self sounding a bit intimidating with my thoughts on whatever it is that I’m touching on lyrically. But just because the way I deliver the word, message and a type of food and or fruit for thought for y’all to think about and possibly ponder on, doesn’t mean that that is the case.


Did you know that I am?

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Or maybe I’m just too serious? Or maybe I just over care about certain matters in this life that I consider self as a bit more knowledgeable and a professional in and on as I express through the art and music in a way that is naught like your favorites, and it doesn’t mean that I’m trying to intimidate and or promote any type of fear and naught just as worthy of your time and ears. And if that is the case, then allow me to set the record straight.

That is naught my intent. My intent is to exercise my mind power, and hopefully elevate a few minds at a time along the way by empowerment through awareness. Awareness is fairness, and I feel like, and expect those to one day (if you haven’t chosen to already) to find a better reason to appreciate and respect my work just like you do with your favorite rappers, actors and entertainers.

Remember, you have those out here POWER TRIPPING with these titles. Whatever the title is is just that, A TITLE. But the more important image and subject of matter at hand should be based off of what comes from, and through you and the same goes for those who you look up to and show your love and support for as well.

So, if you’re going to ride for, and show support to and for a certain person(s) and or people; whomever those people or person(s) may be. Make sure that, you are choosing to do so NAUGHT because of the title they carry, but the image and energy they project that’s clearly going to show either or when it comes to one’s deeds, acts and intent in their walk, thought and talk. Are titles bad? I would say naught, it just all depends on whether one let’s it go to their head while risking slowly loosing themselves without even knowing it.

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

There’s Been A State Of Emergency Of Rap For Creative Rap Artist’s But Who’s To Blame For It?

Okay, so below is a short video clip in regards to the whole state of emergency of rap and hip hop, and how I been showed that it’s been in a state of emergency. Time don’t lie, people do, and for people to pretend and speak on how rap and hip hop is dead and or there is no real music coming out ESPECIALLY IN KALAMAZOO, that truly deserves recognition as well as a worth taking the time to listen to.

That in itself is a WHOLE lie, and the truth is naught in those who clearly either assume, undermine, secretly hate and really don’t want those who show to be the real deal and worthy to shine. Or, is it that people just plain ole choosing to see what they want to see, and listen to what they want to listen to showing to be dismissive and show favoritism for the sake of wanting those who you see fit to win, achieve and succeed.

Let me be clear, the music game is naught the same, and neither are those who are in it. But who’s to blame? Who’s to blame for the changes that you see in both rap and hip hop? If this is going to be talked about then it must be on a level field in thought, and naught by assumptions, bullshhh… and lies.

Example? If and when I say I been telling y’all what was coming for years, which is almost 10. Either it’s the truth, or I’m telling a lie. And I challenge those who feel otherwise. Is there good music and recording artist’s coming out of Kalamazoo?

Why of course, I would say there is even beyond self, but that’s just me, I know how to give credit where it’s due, but it appears to be too damn much like right for others to show to naught be bias, and show to feel and do the same for other artist’s without it being seen as some try and suppress the light being projected on those who show, and have shown to naught only be supportive of others musical workings and content, but also showing that there are and always have been real reps to go hard for the Zoo who have been promoting and stressing the importance of unity.

But #inthesedayzoftyme, it is naught wise to be linking up with just any ole body. How do you represent, and continue to show your love and support for a city of people who don’t show the same in return? I’m naught into tooting my own horn, I just tell it like it is, and allow others to do that if they choose by recognizing the worth and value I clearly show to administer, been administering as well as contribute to this hijacked and over saturated with a whole lot a mess music game in Kalamazoo care to prove otherwise?

Take A Listen To The Work Of A ZooRilla Midwest Artist – In These Dayz of Tyme The EP.

So just when they thought it wouldn’t get deeper, it just did. it took me a minute to get it together, but I got it together. it wasn’t that i didn’t know how, but making the time to do it. Below is a new addition to how this creative Rap recording artist does it, and clearly one shows to do it like no other. Just continuing to build, and bring to you my viewers, readers, listeners and supporters of #KnowledgeAndMusic mass production on a dual level Aquimini style.

This music player below allows those who find this post the opportunity to take a listen to each song from my EP. #InTheseDayzofTyme and naught only that, but also showing how I make it very clear to how versatile I am. If you pay attention, you will also notice that, I’ve made it where you have the option to either donate, or purchase the songs that you like the most, and receiving the songs instantly by download delivery, that’s how user-friendly I’ve made it for those who would like to support #TheArtist4thePeople ‘s creative work.

It’s all linked, and synced. My reason? Well, being that I’m also on You Tube, but I also have my artist site, which is where you are now, I create the avenues where my music is available naught only here, but also on You Tube for those who use that platform, which also helps those who don’t know about my Knowledge And Music artist site will have access to getting here with no problem.
Can you dig it? This what makes me great, and naught just saying it, because it sounds good. Do I naught show that through my works that it is good? Feel the vibe of this artist who does it like no other, and let me know what you think about this new way of producing.
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

Are You Really Listening To The New Rappers, And Hip Hop Artist That Are Coming Out?

Do you really like the music that’s coming out?

We all know how over saturated & the #Rap & #HipHop game has become. Every time u look around there’s some new dudes & or dude’ets who are trying 2 get u 2 listen, & share they’re work.

I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with that. However, some just over do it. Some people are actually up on what’s really going on now, & have now limited they’re interest. Why?

Because much of what’s being pushed sounds just one of the #Rap & #HipHop game has become.

Every time u look around there’s some new dude & or dude’et who are trying 2 get u 2 listen, & share they’re work.

I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with that. However, some just over do it.

Some people are actually up on what’s really going on now, & have now limited they’re interest. Why? Because much of what’s being pushed sounds just like one of their favorite rappers, however.

There is nothing wrong with being inspired, but the problems come in when you allow self to get lost by the lessening of ones ability to be as creative as one can be when it comes to the whole Rap and Hip Hop experience.

When A Chief Speaks