Why The Artist 4 the People Stay Going #1 On Reverbnation

I know for some recording artist; reverbnation stats and or even the site alone doesn’t matter when it comes to getting ranked. I been a part of reverbnation’s community/platform for some years now, and though there are many others who have come along afterwards. I have still chosen to stay grounded. Why? Well, it’s a choice, but one based off of naught just because I tend to either move on up to take that #1 spot, and remain in the single lineup. But because I actually like reverbnation. I’ve never really had any major problems while using the site nor the provided tools that help you to reach out and possibly attract new viewers/listeners and or fans. I’m 1 Local my Regional is 8 National 67 and Global is 75 and when it comes to the other three! those have never all been that low all together.




And though there has been those moments in time to where I did have that change of heart swimming throughout my mind to depart from reverbnation. I guess I’m just that type of artist who doesn’t do like some of the rest and just abandon ship when I feel as if I’m naught obtaining nor seeing the results that I would like to when it comes to the pushing of my knowledge rap music work. I just come with it, and do it like no other, and whatever I choose to do I’m a do. As a leader in this Rap recording music game genre, and when it comes to delivering knowledge through the form of music for those who find my music work, and take a liking to it. So all and all this isn’t about bragging, even though I do have bragging rights.

But this is more about how struggling artist like myself show that, it doesn’t always take paying your way, it’s about your work ethnic, integrity and will to show other artist’s that you can make things happen with or without the help and approval of others. This is about purpose, and reason for me, and I use reverbnation for what it is useful for, and it hasn’t failed me yet.

So, I’m just doing this post to share the progress that I tend to make by my own efforts to invest in self, and utilize this platform that really works. Now do I agree with everything and all the perks? No, but I use what works for me, and I’m looking forward to continuing to build within the platform and who knows; may even do a partnership deal with them that will help myself, and reverbnation grow together. 

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

Check Out Adam the Great X on ReverbNation! – #1 on the charts thanks to all who listen to #theartist4thepeople who #giveit2emraw with #knowledgeandmusic.



Give Respect When And Where It’s Due- “Certified”

Still think there isn’t any real reppahz from those day’s who showing that those who came before are still rapping, and repping, just on a whole other level? Aw yea, why of course it is, and for me it’s truly important to let it be known that, there are still real reppahz for Kzoo, but in a way where it shows that the walk, and come up was far from easy as some try to paint the picture with the Fat-man living.
This is why I strive to reach y’all especially if ya in Kzoo in hopes that you can see, and say in all honesty that the work placed before you is either on point or it’s naught. Creatively, and truthfully speaking though, you know after watching and listening that this is real Kzoo music from a street point of view.
Only those who know, know the struggles that one faced back in the day’z and time of the hardcore street life of many, many obstacles that one either fell victim to, or strove, and sacrificed in order to make it through. I been telling y’all that this ain’t about who got the most money, material and finer things in life.
It’s about naught allowing those who don’t know the hardships that one went through be undermined, played with, and overlooked for the sake of a paid for image that has or holds no concrete, and solid when it comes to ones everyday situations and struggles just to survive in animal zoo.
So as a creative rap artist who paints the picture, I invite you to watch, view and listen to the lyrics of this artist who clearly shows to naught play with the art of making rap music for the mind, and be brave enough to just express, and share.
Making this music clearly, I’ve shown is naught just for me, and far from easy. It’s work better know that, be it recording and or producing. But to show that one hasn’t and won’t forget all of the good, bad and ugly with no regrets, just making it clear that respect must be given to the ones who show to carry the torch for the old-school kattz and women who Walked It Rough in their time, and deserves respect if earned, and that’s #Rilla. “I holds it down, just call me weight.”
When a Chief Speaks

Take A Listen To The Work Of A ZooRilla Midwest Artist – In These Dayz of Tyme The EP.

So just when they thought it wouldn’t get deeper, it just did. it took me a minute to get it together, but I got it together. it wasn’t that i didn’t know how, but making the time to do it. Below is a new addition to how this creative Rap recording artist does it, and clearly one shows to do it like no other. Just continuing to build, and bring to you my viewers, readers, listeners and supporters of #KnowledgeAndMusic mass production on a dual level Aquimini style.

This music player below allows those who find this post the opportunity to take a listen to each song from my EP. #InTheseDayzofTyme and naught only that, but also showing how I make it very clear to how versatile I am. If you pay attention, you will also notice that, I’ve made it where you have the option to either donate, or purchase the songs that you like the most, and receiving the songs instantly by download delivery, that’s how user-friendly I’ve made it for those who would like to support #TheArtist4thePeople ‘s creative work.

It’s all linked, and synced. My reason? Well, being that I’m also on You Tube, but I also have my artist site, which is where you are now, I create the avenues where my music is available naught only here, but also on You Tube for those who use that platform, which also helps those who don’t know about my Knowledge And Music artist site will have access to getting here with no problem.
Can you dig it? This what makes me great, and naught just saying it, because it sounds good. Do I naught show that through my works that it is good? Feel the vibe of this artist who does it like no other, and let me know what you think about this new way of producing.
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

Is There A Difference In Being Looked At As Creative Artist or One With Talent?

Something hit me on this rainy, flood y day. the thought about creativity and talent hit me, and whether there’s a difference. So I wanted to touch on it, and in all honesty, I feel like there is a difference between being a creative artist, and a talented one. Being creative is a means of expressing ones gifts universally, and unlimited. Where you have one who is talented by, but also stands in limitation. And what I mean by limit is; the only recognition given is by someone else seeing and acknowledging whether you have some type of extra skills over someone else s.

But in all reality; everyone has some type of gift of creativity that is universal and beyond the limiting of those who would feel that they have the power to say whether the creativeness of someone else is good enough or naught. Creativeness comes from above, and talent comes from below. It really just depends on how you are able to look at it, but if you are able to see; then you will be able to see that, but creativeness tends to stand beyond what it means to be talented. The power given when looked at to be talented can also be taken and stripped away. As a creative artist, the only taking is what you allow to be taken.

If I used self as an example, this is what my thoughts would be: “I may naught in the eyes of those who feel that they have the power to see a worthiness in me, to be acknowledged as possessing a certain talent worthy of recognition in the eyes of those who hold the power to help. But, as a creative artist, I control the flow, and operation to how my work will be seen and critiqued by the eyes and ears of those who seize the moment, and opportunity to experience by choice in engagement”

Below is the song video “Man of Steel” (God’s 4lo). A song what one could see as an example of what it means to be a creative artist rather than be seen as a talented artist. There is no limiting my ability to be, and show to have a flow, and vision of creativeness that, I feel is important to me, and why regardless to whether talent is seen in my work or naught, it don’t stop my continuing flow of creativeness.


To me, it appears to be a favoritism game being played when it comes to talent, but as a creative artist you might be bothered a little by it, but when you know what I know you tend to take the good with the bad and allow that in itself to fuel ones ambitions even more to work harder towards being even more of stand up, and out as an artist who creates. Creating is an operation, like science and the flow possession of uniqueness beyond entertainment.

Me personally, I stand for the creative minds of artist who struggle to get their work to be recognized by those who could possibly help that creative artist’s work elevate by endorsement, support and guidance to how one can make a living off of doing what they love doing, which is their creative artwork. Anyway, I just wanted to touch on this because it crossed my mind today.  Long live the creative artist.

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