When You Know It Shows 2 Already Be In The Air Do This

Everyday Is A Battle On the Mind

Threw a lil something out there on my Instagram Live IGTV. Just a top of the morning awareness light video for the eye’s that are able to see. When you already feel it, and see it in the air, you have choices to make. I’m continuing to learn as I go, and grow. . . How do you deal?

When A Chief Speaks

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Video Of Three Comedians Giving They’re Take On What’s Happening To Black People

So, I was on Facebook and trying to find a video last night, and ended up running across this one below on a FB page called: “Men’s View Point.” I actually took the time to watch the video, and in it is three comedians that I know you know. Mike Epps, Aries Spears, and last but definitely naught least a brothah named Brandon T. Jackson who in naught just my opinion, but truly felt what he was kicking, and how he was kicking what truly needed to be kicked; touching on everything that needed to be known and in the raw, which was etched in stone with the blood of truth. I mean I really don’t think that he could break it down any plainer. Everything that he spoke on was felt, naught because he made it sound good, but it was good because what he said was the truth, upright and relatable, and I speak for self when I say relatable.
A strong message from a comedian that decided that it was time to move beyond the time of jokes for the entertaining of the mind, and get to what was asked, and needed which is to be another light worker who now strives to enlighten our people who think it’s a game and refuse to take things as seriously as they should especially when it comes to naught just their own life but others as well. So much to say about his delivery, but I’ll let you watch for yourself and then you decide who you think was more on point. Now, as far as the other two, which is Mike Epps and Aries Spears is concerned; this is where it gets a little tricky. Why I say this is because I watched Mike Epps video some days ago about a katt getting gunned down by the Police in Indianapolis, which I think he said is his hometown. And his video I also felt, because I knew where he was coming from.
However, Aries Spears felt differently due to Mike Epps saying: “Police are killing young black men because they’re watching us kill us.” So he had some words to say in regards to how he felt about Mike Epps; calling him “Reckless and Irresponsible and statement being on the level of Charles Barkley.” So when you watch the video you’ll see, and hear for yourself what jumps off with that. I won’t give my take on those two yet, but I will say that, though Aries Spears has a right to feel and express his thoughts on how he felt, I think due to him knowing why Mike Epps said what he said; him being whomever he sees self to be, he could’ve gave a much more balanced response rather than try and what Mike Epps allegedly said: “Discredit Him” which I would basically see as an attempt to assassinate one’s Character.
I also know how it’s important to pay attention, because there’s too much going on naught to. And I would have to ask: “Was Aries Spears wrong to a degree for what he said or how he chose to express his take?” Remember, it’s naught just what you say, but how you choose to say things with intent. Maybe this was his way to get people over to his podcast? Maybe, maybe naught. Either-way, I’m hoping they can work it out. My thoughts for the people’s take.Another example of The Battle of the Mind? You decide.
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music 

They Really Try Hard To Silence And Oppress Those Who Deserve To Express What’s Real

I’m really starting to see more and more to how hard it’s getting to show through your able-ness to willingly strive towards finding balance when it comes to conflicts and resolutions. When doing so, there are also those who try to work even harder to try and silence you when you merely are exercising one’s ability to express thoughts, and feelings beyond the level of communication that people; especially ours are use to receiving. You have to ask self: “What is a real friendship, and or even an relationship when there is no seeking of balance in the communication?”

It always tends to be some type of friction, one-sided way of seeing things and fall-outs. Why? Could it be that, you have people who would rather spend time and energy in silencing you when they either know that they might be wrong, and for some reason they just don’t know how to admit it. Or, they may well just be on some other shhh…, don’t know how to express and communicate, which is something that they say is important to them, and expect it, but don’t want to project it.

So, when I feel as if this is the case, and being done to me, it basically is an example of the oppressing of one’s thoughts, and feelings through expression when I decide to speak on what I see to possibly be wrong and out of law and order now am I wrong for feeling like that? You can’t tell me that this isn’t the case, and that, it’s naught taking place especially within friendships, relationships, companionship’s,  these social media streets etc. And you wanna know what’s bad if naught worse about this? The fact that, here it is our race of people as well as other races of people went through so much, and sacrificed a whole lot for one to be able to freely now do what one does; only for it to seem like there are those people who really don’t appreciate that fact that, there are others who do, and I’m one of those people.

Hopefully I’ve reached someone, and or a few who can see, possibly relate to, and feel exactly where I’m coming from by doing this post and why. It’s naught just my truths, but the facts of the matter that you, the reader may be able to see, and get something from the thoughts, and experience of The Artist 4 the People. So, are our expressions being very well oppressed by some of the same people who we expect to feel where we’re coming from, respect how we feel and show in their acts and ways to want the need to get beyond the possible conflict in order to reach a more balanced solution? #CanUImagine

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music 4 Awareness 


Incompetent Power Tripping Armed Security Guard Tries To Block Artist Adam the Great X In

So I had started this post, but didn’t finish it yesterday, so here I am back at it like it was yesterday. Well, if you wondering if this is real, and actually went down, I would have to answer your question with a yes. As we all tend to be, out minding our own, and taking care of day to day business, I somehow found myself in a situation that I could have chosen to totally ignore, which you would then naught even see this video about my encounter and experience nor my thoughts in this post that I am taking the time to type as I re-think about what happened.
I don’t need to do a whole lot of typing in this post of what you can actually watch, and listen top in the video. I really just wanted to get the post done and out to those who look forward to, and want to see what’s popping, and coming up next from the artist 4 the people when it comes to Knowledge, Music, Awareness and News on what’s really going on be it in Kalamazoo, Michigan and or throughout any of the other several States when it comes to the United States of America.
What I am doing, and showing you is that, there’s is a lot of mess, disrespect, chips on shoulders attitude carrying, showing to be incompetent dysfunctional acting people out here who are getting hired into these businesses/companies who are placed in good, positions of privilege, and title. Which then creates a feeling of power that allows individuals “LIKE THIS CLOWN” that I just so happened to be forced to deal with. Why? Because of exactly what you see in the photos in the video.
And these type of clown minded, power tripping, egotistical type are the one’s that I try to bring awareness to you about. Is he racist? Don’t know, can’t prove and don’t care about his choice if that is the case. My only concern is whether or naught this punk is wrong for what he said, and chose to do. yes, he’s on the clock and has a job to do, but I too have many jobs to do, and he chose to interfere with that the moment he undermined and brushed off my request for him to move up a little so I could safely pullout and leave.
This is yet another one of those situations where it clearly shows what I been promoting?  yep, you probably guessed right, The Battle of the Mind And these are the one’s that I speak on in the song: “Pray 4 Those.”
“Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor..”
Romans 12:10
I feel like I showed to do what I needed to do by standing in honor in this situation, and naught allowing self to be moved by this fools negligence and reckless-mindedness. Awareness is fairness to those who can see why I am posting this. Anyway, I felt that it was of great importance for me to put y’all up, and let y’all know what I encountered, my experience and how I handled it. Was I wrong for checking him for what he did, or should i have let it slide and just let him get away with naught only what he did, but also his response to my request for him to move up a little so that I could safely backup and leave peacefully.
These type of people are the same one’s that I be seeing people crying about doing and getting away with murder, but fail to realize how important it is for you to see what you need to see, know what you need to know, and do what you need to do. So my question to you, if it was you what would you have done, and how should this be dealt with? Watch these type, because they’re everywhere. 
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music 

The Outcome Of Other People’s Failure To Respect Your Space

You know, it’s one thing when you damage and or tear your own shhhh… up. And though it may hurt and you will be mad 😠, I assure you that one can deal with that better than you having to see that; damage has been done by SOMEONE else’s FAILURE to see how important it is to show respect and responsibilities. Point being, even your freewill (choices) do affect others. I don’t f___k with no one, I don’t really know what to make of this right now. And though I feel like really going in reverse, I know that it will merely be no more than just a temporary high of satisfying my own thirst for revenge and desire to also cause one major loss. The struggle with the Battle Of the Mind continues, and gotta Pray 4 Those.These are the types of issues that really needs to be addressed, because this is a part of the reason to why living around certain people especially you own race of people will cause stress, tension and hate. Just telling it like it is.

When A Chief Speaks