The Many Obstacles We Face We Have To Face In Order To Know

When They Misunderstand My Why 2 What I Do

“Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.”

Ever wonder why? Why what right? Why ask why? Well, if you really think about it; do people actually show to ask why about the things that one should be asking why to? How about why we all tend to go through what we go through in life. Why is it so much selling out going on? Why are there so many fall outs with family and so-called friends? Why there’s so much animosity jumping off? Conflict? And even if there is some type of resolution; there are those who tend to show that they don’t even have to bother with even thinking about that until life shakes them up to reality. How about race hate mess? And I could name other things, but we’ll stop right there.
So in the video, I kick it off with some knowledge and music for you and basically just giving you, the visitor, read and listener something to once again hopefully think about. Yes, ya guy is back and coming with it creatively like no other. I’m stressing the important to ask Why we go through it andWhy we have to eventually face it.” Asking whose to blame for the change that people want to see be it in their own life and or and especially their community environment.
Many want to be seen and looked to be right, and know what their talking about, but yet have yet to lean how to accept when they just might be wrong. And as I said before, and I’m a bring it back one more gin. If I’m wrong about something said, I welcome and challenge ANY who feels that I am to come with it and prove me wrong, and show where and what I am saying in the video is naught the possible truth. But why? Why do I do what I now do? I do it because it’s my choice to. My choice to give it 2 em raw and like no other. I do it because I’m seasoned when it comes to my experiences be it in life, and this music game who gone say and prove otherwise?
I say what I mean, and mean what I say. Sometimes I even ask myself does it even benefit me to show to care when addressing the many issues I see be it when it comes to people especially ours, and or what I see taking place throughout many communities whether it’s in Kalamazoo, Michigan and all throughout the United States of America. I also spoke on how Kalamazoo and Michigan is great in it’s own way, but it’s some of the many people in the two who are damaging the image. And naught only that, you also have a lot of pump faking, turn-coating, faking and problems with unity due to trust and ownership issues. But who do, and can you trust? You have those who show side taking and rooting for those who they see worthy based off of favoring because?????
And no matter how much they’re doing it, the results are showing that the change is naught better, but a bit worse. Now, that’s some some of what I be seeing jumping off. My thoughts, your views, opinions but just be up and up and brave enough to admit when I’m right whether you like and appreciate what I strive to be and do or naught. it’s naught just about me, but the work that God moves through me, which means I’ve accepted my role and position to play, respect that.
I get deeper than the people you favor, now check that. I’m coming outta my slump, and it’s time to set the record straight. My outlet? Doing what I really love, and naught because I have to, but choose to. I think you can see that by my ambition as a rydah to get back into my creator mood and mode. Get ready for ya shake up. May something said help you move closer to the truth that you seek.
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

Pistol Packing While Following The X-Train In Kalamazoo

Well, it looks like peoples children are at it again. The X-Train is slowly making its way back on the scenes doing they’re reckless thing as they have the time of their life thinking that what their doing is right, but in real life is the wrong lane. Getting arrested for Pistol packing while rolling with the X-Train. But this is nothing new is it? I’ve touched on this before, and broke it down for my readers and visitors of the #knowledgeandmusic site/blog about when and how it started. And how it (X-Train) really is something that is being reintroduced, but in a more upgraded modern way. So how am I able to touch on this so well and what makes me a professional when it comes to speaking on this you might ask?

Well, because I am no stranger to it, and know it very well. I consider self as a professional speaker and (#Certified) to do so because I’m from the hood, and represented in and on the streets that your children are now growing up in and now are trying to do the same. I touch on it because I give a damn enough to in hopes that something said may help those who don’t get it, get it. For one, it is an attachment of a lifestyle in Kalamazoo that was way before those (Your Children) who are merely just picking up and carrying on something that was done way before their time, but just with a different name.

But, it’s naught as the same as people may think, because it’s a different age and time. Different drugs being taken, different alcohols being consumed. A different upbringing and different mindset. The is fact of the matter, and those who know, know. And lemme clarify something. This is naught really about right or wrong, wrong or right, but just telling it like it is. This isn’t about judging; this is about seeing, knowing and having a better understanding to have a better standing with what’s really going on and possibly why.

This is about setting the record straight and then work towards making corrections to the problem, which is???????? I’ll let you ponder on that, but in the meantime think about what I am typing because regardless to how bad you see it to be, and how much you will complain about it; truth is… you can’t follow through with any solutions when you can’t relate to something, naught trying to see and know better, and just may be a part of the aiding of the problem.

There’s nothing wrong with partying and having a good time, but there is when you’re showing to make it naught safe while doing so within your community. Why would you want to continue to think that it’s okay to be programmed and conditioned to be a part of and or contribute to the projecting of a negative light from your own city and community? And then when you have these people (Police) (Government) (Law Enforcement) putting pressure on us by enforcing (Statute laws) and (Ordinances) that make you feel like you’re being harassed, and racially profiled every time you get pulled over especially while rolling through the hood (North Side), and then you want to ask why? Yo a** know why, and if you don’t; then there may be some answers for you in some of the songs made like In These Dayz Of Tyme but it’s all on you to take a listen.

How can people show to naught forget about, but basically overlook the deaths of people who I actually know that lost their life while involved in what? Yep, this right here, the good ole X-Train. Do you really think that this is something that should be praised, looked up to and glorified? Do you think that this could be one of those type of possible generational recycled curses that people (Black People) should be working towards breaking and correcting? You decide. If you don’t talk to your children, take back control and stop showing to condone or these people gone do the controlling #CanUImagine how? They Workin Oon It just a little awareness for you, the people from yours truly, #theartist4thepeople.

When A Chief Speaks

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The Outcome Of Other People’s Failure To Respect Your Space

You know, it’s one thing when you damage and or tear your own shhhh… up. And though it may hurt and you will be mad 😠, I assure you that one can deal with that better than you having to see that; damage has been done by SOMEONE else’s FAILURE to see how important it is to show respect and responsibilities. Point being, even your freewill (choices) do affect others. I don’t f___k with no one, I don’t really know what to make of this right now. And though I feel like really going in reverse, I know that it will merely be no more than just a temporary high of satisfying my own thirst for revenge and desire to also cause one major loss. The struggle with the Battle Of the Mind continues, and gotta Pray 4 Those.These are the types of issues that really needs to be addressed, because this is a part of the reason to why living around certain people especially you own race of people will cause stress, tension and hate. Just telling it like it is.

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Respecting Those Who Have Not Earned It

I found it very interesting how it was some possible major shhh…. going oon for the past days/weeks when it comes to these young #rappers, these young dudes in the streets, and how the tension increased due to names in regards to those who are trying to make a name (respect) for themselves vs those who already have sacrificed a whole lot, and has truly worked hard to have added much value and worth to their name in this game of life, and anything else be it the streets, business and most importantly one’s divine relationship with the most high almighty God.

So when it comes to the young and the #OGS if you will; situation that one see’s and notices popping up a lot. And who are the REAL OGz and who should and should naught or doesn’t deserve to be shown a certain JUST DUE respect. Oneself can naught help but touch on such a topic, and how important it is whether you feel the need to take the time to pay attention or naught.

Point being as far as I know, can see as well as comprehend and even get from it all is basically my own personal take due to my being no sleeper nor new jack by my own concrete experience in this game of life, and naught just speaking on shhhh… just because I feel that I can because of the way this whole Socialist Online Social network is, and a  way for nobodies to now have a way to become somebody’s? Nor do i desire or thrive off the urge to attention seek. My thoughts, yours means to better analyze and comprehend is my only intent.

Nothing wrong with that right? Naught at all I say, but then again in a sense there can be, and it is when you have those who allow things like the lusting for (Power) and (Control) to go to their head and start giving themselves and or making themselves feel like they have a new-found power that holds no greater need for showing better self-control and responsibility.



And knowing the stuff that has been going on as far as the whole discrediting mess, and disrespectful things that people tend to do online, and has shown to do so by ALLOWING self to be controlled by THESE people’s social media tools to cause friction, tension, disregard, disrespect and forgetting how important some things still are; just to make a name for yourself, and try to tear down someone else’s?

To me, that in itself is a very dangerous and naught so smart nor a good idea to be dabbling in or the type of waters that one should be trying to jump in without the proper gear, and skills ya feel me.  And like it or naught; there are rules as well as principal’s and LAW that are still in play and have an affect whether you catch that wave I just pushed or naught. It’s what keeps balance, honor, respect and order in order to prevent disorder, out-of-order and most of all lawlessness on the manifest to overthrow one’s standing in upright righteousness.

“Whoever pursues righteousness and love
finds life, prosperity and honor.”

So with that all being said; the storm is here, and time is now to work towards showing to strive towards being and doing better with whatever power one thinks they may have. Stop instigating, and pumping up, as well supporting people who are clearly showing to have an effect by the promoting of nonsense that shows to be for self-gratification, power tripping and destructive intent. #canuimagine ? That is what I have to say about it all thus far. Care to prove otherwise? 

When A Chief Speaks

Some People In Positions Are Pretending

Here are the thoughts of #theartist4thepeople on this day. Allow me to get straight to it. Have you ever experienced someone who is supposed to be and act professional who tends to show attitude, anger through expression in a social status? I have and yep you have people out here doing it. here’s the thing. I don’t think that, it’s the world nor the system that’s screwed up, and I’m naught saying that, it can’t be because in a sense, it is to a degree. But! In order for something to become screwed up, it takes something and or someone who has control of something for something to in up that way: (SCREWED UP).
And in all honesty, the possible truth is…. I think that it clearly shows to be some of the people who are placed in the positions that hold major responsibilities and duties who are the one’s who are screwed up. I’m pretty sure that, if you are one who are reading this who can relate to what I’m saying, you are able to, because I’m pretty sure that you’ve either seen, and or have had an experience be it with family and friends, and or having to deal with people out in the world be it a restaurant, office building employee, manager or even when dealing with some of these organizations, departments (Government) etc.
Some of these people you can naught tell me, have naught shown to act and show that since they have a certain position of some type of authority; they show to act as if they can say, look and talk to you any type of way without they themselves being held accountable for their actions do they naught?
You probably just went through this yesterday didn’t you? Are these type of people pretending? Could this be true? Is it possible that, people are pointing the finger, and blaming the wrong ones? Well, I don’t know about you, but no one can tell me otherwise until they’ve gone through a process of being traumatized like I have, I’ve been done, and been through, and trust me, I’ve had dealings and encounters with many people, their jacked up attitudes, power tripping, carnal minded as well as their uncontrolled emotions, feelings and bogus behaviors.
So who am I to say such? Easy! I am one with the most experience in a certain area (Pick One) who probably has the been through what Many of these people out here who you see complaining, and or acting on and off social media (especially) on Facebook claim to. Why? Because in reality; they know what they have and have naught been through, but the question is…… what have they actually been through in order for what they say and do to be recognized, and seen as certified? Can they relate? Many are just looking to be seen, recognized and acknowledged because the way I see it, they’ve yet to really face and or go through nor face major life threatening obstacles nor have a standing to much of what you or I may have been through, but yet have the nerve to act and talk like you making things difficult for them and now that gives them a reason to get ugly with you? I think naught.
Why do some people do what they project to do? Why would people get into positions of power, and then pretend? Me personally, I think it’s for the lust, and or road to opportunity, opportunity to possibly obtain that certain feel to be certified, and accepted? the Battle of the Mind?
Fame? Maybe, maybe naught, but that’s what I see everyday all day In these Dayz of Tyme. I’m telling you, the mess is truly nerve wrecking, and stressful because being and knowing who I am, what I stand for, and really been through is by far naught perfect and or how the saying goes: “A walk in the park.” And to allow and or accept any of what I see going on when I know it’s wrong clearly would naught be who I claim to be, which is someone who can see through a lot of the bullshhhh…. that be going on, Rilla.
So much to say, but in the same breath it’s hard to stay focused and find the time throughout the day to express what truly needs to be said and expressed. This is where my knowledge and music comes to play a big part in my life as a recording artist, and music producer, but naught only that, one who can say that, he is seasoned enough to touch on, and deliver whatever message that needs to be delivered and like no other as a co-creator of divine thoughts through one’s works, now prove otherwise.
No one knows how it feels unless they know. And me being me, I’m the type to challenge you whomever you may be, but humbly 😉 on whether you truly know or naught.
People can act however they choose, and choose to see self as and whoever they feel, that’s your right. But the reality is….. is that, there are those who are out here really going through a whole lot more than some people can and could ever care less or imagine. And at the same time, you have those who are pretending as if they know how it feels, and what it’s like to face major hardships in this game called life. #CanUImagine the #BattleoftheMind?
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