Give Respect When And Where It’s Due- “Certified”

Still think there isn’t any real reppahz from those day’s who showing that those who came before are still rapping, and repping, just on a whole other level? Aw yea, why of course it is, and for me it’s truly important to let it be known that, there are still real reppahz for Kzoo, but in a way where it shows that the walk, and come up was far from easy as some try to paint the picture with the Fat-man living.
This is why I strive to reach y’all especially if ya in Kzoo in hopes that you can see, and say in all honesty that the work placed before you is either on point or it’s naught. Creatively, and truthfully speaking though, you know after watching and listening that this is real Kzoo music from a street point of view.
Only those who know, know the struggles that one faced back in the day’z and time of the hardcore street life of many, many obstacles that one either fell victim to, or strove, and sacrificed in order to make it through. I been telling y’all that this ain’t about who got the most money, material and finer things in life.
It’s about naught allowing those who don’t know the hardships that one went through be undermined, played with, and overlooked for the sake of a paid for image that has or holds no concrete, and solid when it comes to ones everyday situations and struggles just to survive in animal zoo.
So as a creative rap artist who paints the picture, I invite you to watch, view and listen to the lyrics of this artist who clearly shows to naught play with the art of making rap music for the mind, and be brave enough to just express, and share.
Making this music clearly, I’ve shown is naught just for me, and far from easy. It’s work better know that, be it recording and or producing. But to show that one hasn’t and won’t forget all of the good, bad and ugly with no regrets, just making it clear that respect must be given to the ones who show to carry the torch for the old-school kattz and women who Walked It Rough in their time, and deserves respect if earned, and that’s #Rilla. “I holds it down, just call me weight.”
When a Chief Speaks

Rap Artist Coming With New Ep. Called: “Certified”

Kalamazoo local recording rap artist Chief Adam the Great X is heating up with his new Ep that is sure to give his fans as well as music listeners in Kalamazoo and throughout Michigan an ear full of versatility, creativity and straight up hardcore flavor that gives you a reason why he stands to be a force in this new music game to be reckoned with.
“I’m not just your regular, and average local recording rap artist, I’m the type of artist who offers and brings a new energy in thought when it comes to creativity, I bring mine to my audience, followers of my workings and listeners on a dual level. There’s a whole lot of rappers and Hip Hop artist in Kalamazoo and Michigan as a whole.
There’s some real lyrical katts in the game, but there are also those who are straight whack and destroying the image and essence of what rap is really about and what it stands, so that’s why I’m in it; to bring the essence back, and to show the music listeners who feel like rap has no life in it; that there are still warriors, students, and teachers like me, who taking what is and has been disrespected back, it’s the return of rap.”
So with that being said, check out the production, and listen to the lyrics that’s being kicked on the song called: “Hardcore” that basically is Chief ATG X given’ it to em in the Raw about why he stands to be one of the true representatives who really puts in a lot of work when it comes to doing music.
But that’s not all; this artist is so razor-sharp and creative with his workings; that he even puts his own videos together. No, not done with the best equipment, but so gifted that God has granted him the ability to use what is considered as the cheapest tools, but he works them like a smith. It’s not just what you use, because you can have a little of nothing and make something right?
This artist is showing up those who try to tear him down by trying to discredit his work because it’s not done by a certain video or music producer and or expensive equipment.
“I’m just doing my thing and utilizing what I have. I don’t just rap just for the record, I’m a universal artist with the flow to go fast or slow. If I’m able, I’m gone do it with or without anyone. So when I see the competition if that’s what they wanna be, who has all the aid and assistance, all the support, all the money, all the connects and even a big fan-base, it would appear that I wouldn’t be able to be a match or hold up, but understand this; look at the positions, I’m a one man entourage holding his own while your favorites put on a good show for you.
My purpose is opposite, my mission is different and my goal as well as vision is to do; not what everyone else and how everyone else is doing it, but how i see to, I’m me, no “ID Crisis” here.”
Well, there you have it, straight from the kutt.
Check out the video, leave a comment below, like and share your thoughts about this artist who is for the people. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Peace and many blessings.
When A Chief Speaks