Man 20 Shot And Killed At Kalamazoo’s Fox-Ridge Apartments

Found out that there was another shooting that led to a 20 year old shot and killed in Fox Ridge apartments a couple of nights ago. You can hit the link to read and or watch the video below on more about it. Click Here 👉 Young Man 20 Shot And Killed In Kalamazoo FoxRidge Apts

You have to ask self are: “Black People Programmed?” What do I mean might one of my black readers ask. you have to ask are black people showing to be programmed to die just because? I have to ask the hardest questions that some just would prefer to overlook than look, listen and learn in order to even want to answer such a question.

Here we have yet another very sad, and unfortunate killing, and though there’s so much to touch on, I really just don’t have the mind energy nor time right now to even do so. but I do try hard as hell to touch on topics such as this one, but I do send my sincerest condolences to the friends and family. 

I think it’s important to touch on this, because when you hear that it’s this many (8 Murders) that have went down just this year alone in Kalamazoo, if you really give a damn, you (People who live in Kalamazoo/Communities) have to really start asking yourself is this normal and what’s really going on? And this is why myself, #TheArtist4thePeople whomever those people may choose for themselves to be; continues to strive to #GiveIt2EmRaw and like no other by the delivering of my thoughts through #KnowledgeAndMusic.

But the Helperthe Holy Spiritwhom the Father will send in my name

he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

John 14:26

I do this in hopes to bring awareness to the possible and ongoing issues that we all are clearly seeing bubble up, and nothing more. “Awareness is fairness right?” And I can’t stress it enough that, it has nada to do with me, I just do my part and deliver the message. We want the youth to change and do better, but how are they able to when when it’s being projected that, this is the type of life, and the style that one is supposed to live in order to feel like their somebody?

Due to the conditioning of acceptance, children are being programmed to just naught care, and this is how a life that has yet to even get started should end? And lemme say this; there can be all the help in the world in place as a help tool, but how can any tool help if it’s naught picked up and used? Do the math It’s gone take more than prayer when it comes to the work that has to be done if you want to see real results of change in Kalamazoo and Michigan as a whole.

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In the “I Was Sent” I touch on much of what could may well explain why, but it is really naught on me to force you or anyone else to listen to what possibly was sent to you. You can’t expect anyone to risk their time and life to assist with getting to the root of the matter at hand. So where do we start? I think it starts with naught accepting the unacceptable for starts. #CanUImagine the unacceptable? It’s starts with being up and up with the fact that, we have a major problem that needs to be thoroughly analyzed and touched on by and with the right people who actually have experience in this shhh…

Who are the influences, and where’s the Spiritual growth? There can be none if you’re surrounded by a whole lotta noise and pressures. Remember the saying: “Pressure buses pipes?” All and all, I think that it goes back to the possible fact that Spiritual Warfare taking place, and the most high merciful Master God is being pushed out of the equation. “Handed over to a reprobate mind state, doing whatever you wanna do.” Could this be true? I’m a leave it here in hopes that this gives you, the reader hopefully in Kalamazoo something to truly think about. They keep screaming about there are no leaders in the communities. There are, you just refuse to see and support them, seems like a choice to me.   

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

When You Just Sitting Here Listening

♒💨 My story for today is that, I see and I listen. I see so much going oon around me, and in the world. And I listen to a whole lot as the world turns. There many stories being told, but the question is…. what story and why. So many stories being told in hopes that people will tune and channel in to the story. but what is the story? Well, this is just a part of the story today. But what is the story? The story is that, some people think that the way they see things as I type right now are and is actually the way things are. But the reality is….. is that many either see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear. Or, they just go along with whatever they think is really popping. The battle of the mind? Maybe.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of Kings is to search out a matter.”

So when I see what I see, and listen. For me, it’s a must for oneself to better see, listen and hopefully can learn. And what I see is that, how important it is to choose what wave, frequency and channel to tune into. My story is a part of my experience, and my experience on this day was seeing, and listening to and paying attention to absorbing the energy placed in the air. And for me, there is both good and bad energy right now, and it can have a in-depth impact that will be positive or negative and I can’t break that down to you know plainer or clearer.

I woke up this morning to seeing a crescent moon, but last night I was chilling and then asked by my home-girl did I know Nipsey Hussle? and I was like yea, and then she was like: “he’s dead.” And I was like what? 😯 And then I start to see what I always be seeing when it comes to these post in regards to these major public community figures. But this time, it seemed to be at a faster pace of picture posting of this young recording artist, and entrepreneur business owner. I also see how Dr. Sibi is in the equation, and you know how these people love to bring in the gang affiliate ties, because he’s from Crenshaw, Los Angle’s.

So, like I said; my story is that, I see, and I’m listening. And Though Gale King may naught be “bothered”, I kinda am, but naught moved. I’m bothered by the fact that, it appears that even when you’re striving to be and do right especially when you show to give a damn enough about your people, City, State and community. It always has to be messy, and at times very confusing stuff like this Nipsey Hussle situation as well as the many other one’s prior to. Does it even pay off in the end to be and show that you can reach and be more than the limits placed? How good and great can it be to want to get involved in something, and or even feel safe enough to be involved with something such as the Rap and Hip Hop game, and or even be affiliated and or around such a “build you up, just to break you down” surrounding and environment?

How can you grow, how can you get beyond, how can you be successful, how can reach a means of a better life and prosperity, and happiness while in pursuit of this; when you have people somehow always trying to get in your way and or betting on you to fail and loose in life? How? And guess who does it the most? #canuimagine? I’ll let you answer that truthfully. But clearly it should cross one’s mind for you to really think about. I won’t say that, I don’t know what to think, because I’m a thinker, but I will say that it all tends to wear and tear on one’s mind, mental and life because of all these F***ed up projections, stereotypes, labeling s, illusions, power tripping, ego matches that I hope you can see that is going on #rightbe4ureyez.

Can you now see why I made a song called: “Right Be 4 Ur Eyez”? Because what else am I suppose to see when you have people out here doing such horrible things to people, and or playing with people’s mind, time and life? I’m honestly naught feeling none of it because how does this help naught only our race of people, but especially these children? How? So again, I see, and I listen, but for me, it takes so much more now. Some people love to always have access to space in your mind, and use of your time but they want to do it for free. Everyone likes free am I right? I would really encourage y’all to see Online Social Networks for what they are, and naught be so quick to lose control, because in reality people are using it are allowing the real connection to be replaced, and causing one to carry and deliver an energy of negative vibes of hate, tension, friction and self-destructiveness upon your own as well as other’s without any thought towards the importance of seeing better, to possibly know better in order to do better, because the reality is this:They Workin Oon It,and just thinking about it all.


I truly think that they’re betting on the gangs to set it off because of all of this. Nothing matters without the calmness of God’s goodness in any matter. these folk know how to get people’s attention playing on people’s emotions and feelings. End-note? Stop being and pushing race hate towards one another. My condolences go out to all those who have loss love ones to street violence and effected by this situation. May the almighty God continue to reach those who seek by working through those who deliver, and teach with #Gods4lo.

When A Chief Speaks

They Holler Foul But Doing the Fouling

You know, it’s naught funny but merely just more and more for ones own awareness to see how it shows to be very clear that. Some of the same ones that you see online and offline screaming, complaining and ranting on about racism, racial hate, racial discrimination and how people’s rights are being violated show to clearly be some of the same ones who are either involved and or are showing signs to demonstrate some of those same acts and ways of those who they accuse are doing it.

I can naught, and will naught make this shhh… up. You have people out here b******* about the same shhh… that they show to be doing to others. Say, see, feel and think however you want about it, but the shhh… is super true. You have people who are out here doing and thinking that it’s cool to be oon this messy minded mission to project and promote the nonsense, but then, trying to cover up the fact that, they are doing it themselves. Am I lying? You don’t want your freedoms, and rights infringed on, violated, dishonored and or disregarded, but you show to invest and force your wants and will upon people, and do it to them why is that?

I’ve asked this questions some years ago, and I guess I’ll ask it again since it’s clearly relevant and applies to exactly what I am posting about:

“Is racial discrimination and hate able to be seen to be possible when it comes to your own race of people (Black People?)”

Is it naught true that, our so-called race of people are a people who show to make the most un-excusable excuses to tear-down, belittle, disrespect, make fun of, try to intimidate (Bully) and assassinate one’s character all while so eager to promote dumb, deaf and blind mindedness hurtful things (Thoughts), which is a part of the plan just for a temporary feel good just to make them appear to be better and smarter type of high?

Black people get highly upset, and mad when you call them out on the messy mindedness and point out the messed up and stupid shhh…. that other black people be doing and only doing it as to defend the whole color itself rather than the “being” who will show by their ways and actions to who and what they truly stand for. Who the f*** has time for it? Why even try to engage with people who show to be comfortable with the toxic mind state? Showing nothing but attitudes, and ego clashing and flare ups against your own means…….. nothing because what is it solving and helping? Exactly, nothing.


And you want to know what else? One of the biggest “cop-outs” that I’ve noticed is that; as soon as black people are shown to be doing some shhhh….. that they probably shouldn’t be doing, and get caught and called on it. Here comes the “Defend The Possible Nonsense Calvery”, and guess what their famous excuse is? “Oh, well (White People) do it!” Guess what? Yep, Caucasians do, but what does that have to do with you and yours? You show to be so concerned about, and focused on the wrong people, and the wrong shhh… that you can’t even see straight.

Instead of being more concerned with connecting and correcting your own people, you have these “MIND AND THOUGHT INVADERS” out here among-st us who are more worried about being seen to be JUST AS BAD IF NAUGHT WORSE than those who you feel like always getting away with shhh…. STOP IT!

Meaning….. you clearly show naught to be any better than the ones who already know that they show to be worse. So tell me, how does it feel to know, and show that, you have learned and are conditioned so well to be seen in the image of your oppressor?  😎 Act like your fed up, quit making excuses to self-destruct and wake up or stay sleep, seems like a choice to me. Beyond Kanye West’s freedom of expression, but with respect to is shown. Break the Chains, because some of you just show to naught be as trustworthy. The Artist4thePeople is coming. 😉

When A Chief Speaks