Know Who Shows To Be Against Than For You

I find it to be as clear as day to how you’ll have those who say that, they are for you, but turn right around and show by their ways in acts and thoughts to be totally opposite to what they claim and say. But what I’ve come to realize is that, this is something that may need to happen, and whether you want it, and or feel you have to deal with it or naught, it has to happen. Why? maybe because one needs to experience the moment in order to know who and what you are dealing with when it comes to people nowadays. It is being proven that, though you really have to trust somebody; there are those who are showing to make that very hard to do, and this is where I think the whole: “Trust None, and no one” slogan comes into play.


But oon Rilla, do you really want to have to feel as if you have to go throughout life feel as if you can trust no one and or anybody? I mean seriously, it can be challenged that, when it comes to real life we all need somebody, and do depend on people when we are in need, but quick to say that we are handling it all by ourselves. But the question that one should ask self is… are you really? What I’m starting to see is that, people are running around and thinking that it’s okay to breach the trust that people put in them. This is a problem, and it’s going on all around us. I think that people are literally being programmed to think that it’s cool to mess over people, downplay and betray people and do it without a care in the world that they are doing something either in a conscious or unconscious state of mind.

Do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away. Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.” Psalms 37

Now, clearly is this what you see, or are people doing just the opposite? People will pretend to show to be for you for whatever the intent maybe, and then turn right around and flip the script oon you, and now you’re hurt, disappointed and trying to figure out why? And then you have those who feel like since you’ve been done so wrong by people that, now you find self oon the vengeful tip and now you show to start to projecting the same that you feel you received onto others. You ca naught tell nor convince me, that people are naught committing these acts against one another and this is done without a second thought. And guess who tends to do it the most? Family, and they tend to be the worse, and I know this as a fact and this is why I decided to make this the subject post for today.


To make it clear that, I can relate on so many levels that it ain’t even funny. You have those who be talking about kicking the truth, and knowledge and even history. But these same type fail miserably, because they themselves show to suffer in lacking to accept the truth whatever those truths may be. So is this acceptable now or has it ever been for people to pretend just to, play, betray, turn on you, and show no sense of will to see? Admit when you’re wrong and just come correct by just coming clean with those by just seeing where you might have been wrong in a situation and work towards making it right.

That’s what we as people no matter the race, color, creed and nationality you are. Why complain when you are showing to project the same if naught just as bad, but possibly even worse? Whether you like it, or naught it has to happen so that you’ll know. Know what? Know the difference when it comes to dealing with people In These Day’s of Time.

So that’s it for this one. I’m making some changes to where I’m considering on shortening up the length in words typed on my posts. I have to consider that people have short attention spans, and really aren’t into doing a lot of reading. So, I will be working on shorting up the word count in my future post. But this is for those who like to read interesting thoughts, and enjoy the content I post. I encourage you, the reader whomever you may be to take a very deep and in-depth look at what I am saying, and then ask yourself: “Is this really going on?” And if so, how do you deal with it.


Sure, you can easily say just don’t deal. But, some things you just may well have to deal with. Why? Because how can you know, learn from and make a clearer decision on naught doing the same? How can you yourself learn and elevate without seeing why you shouldn’t? Know who you are investing your time and trust in. Why? Are they truly worthy? Or, they showing by their acts and ways to be seen as otherwise? because complaining about it, and making it be seen as just the norm; especially among-st Black people makes you just as wrong for naght striving to correct the error. 

When a Chief Speaks

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Are Men Continuing To Allow Women To Help Them Fall Short Of Glory Because of Acceptance?


The struggle on the mind of (Black American) (African American) (Native American) and men in general is a heavy one. When I see some of the things that I see, and hear some of the thoughts that I hear that come from women nowadays is at times beyond reasoning and troubling. And if you’re a man who’s also able to see, and or kinda get the feel to where I’m coming from then you like self have to really start asking self some questions to what the hell is really going on when it comes to some of these women out here in society and or on line who are showing to clearly be outta control.

Let them tell it “Women,” nothing is wrong with talking to a man recklessly, acting tough and trying to go up against a man getting all in his face, trying to spit on him, putting their hands all in his face moving around all wild and talking loud, but saying nothing. Naught only that, but also have shown to be so mentally outta control to the point where they’ve even shown to have overthrown the dude’s position that their dealing with clearly making him look like a straight sap, simp, wimp and soft in the middle man.

Now, is this true? Well you tell me! Are there naught women (Black American) (African American) women, and women of other creeds too, but right now, I on you the one’s running around on the loose acting WILD throwing they’re weave around super loud talking about pop a bottle and or blow one, fighting and teaching younger girls by they’re actions that this is the way? Have you naught witnessed some of these women especially on videos on these social network sites like (Facebook) and (YouTube) who what they would use as an excuse “Doing Them” straight cutting up?

Yes, you clearly have, but some of you guys look at this type of behavior (Carnal Minded Mental Slave Mentality) to be all good, acceptable “Gangsta” “Boss” “Hood” “Down @#% chick” and so very attracting to the point where you excuse it, and allow it to go on. But here’s the real reality to this acceptable madness. Any and everybody are entitled to their freewill to feel like they can do whatever the hell they want, make an @%# of themselves in public just so long as you are naught causing lose, harm and or infringing on someone Else’s space and property, but with this entitlement does that mean that you just loose yo damn mind while your at?

Well, I don’t hate to break it to ya, but some of them are doing all of the above, and even worse, it’s causing men to get either hurt, they hurt someone, and or even kill or get killed all because of a women’s freewill and choice to feel like she can say and do anything she pleases, and she has a man who she can send off and gone and take it for the team. And you wanna know whats worse? She’ll be off to the next dummy who will bend to her horrible ways and will in thought.


Now, there is hope and light at the end of this post tunnel. There are (Black Women) (African American) women who can and do show that there is a need to work on their self, mind state and are able to think better, be and try to do better just by what is projected from they’re mind, and desires the same for man. There are some women who are truly for and in support of some of us men who are showing through our actions mentally and physically that we too are making efforts and improvements in naught allowing self to continue to be followers, clones wimps, simps, and soft in the middle. However, enough men such as self are naught supported by women especially the ones who are close as one should. Why is this? Kalamazoo Rap artist is touching the hearts of people with his music 4 the mind

Well maybe it’s because they’d rather support men who are naught showing to elevate in mind, and appear to be that knight Thug in dressy armor. And to be honest, I think that it’s the whole attraction to the bad boy image thing that’s clearly being projected by one favorite actors, stars, movies, music and the entertainment field that plays a part in it especially right here in the united States of Northern America, because who wants to feel like they’re living a stale life and naught the American Free dream right?

So, to you the reader of this post whether you be man, woman and or both how do you feel about this, is all the above true? Feel like you can prove otherwise without getting out of character, over sensitive and willing to at least being truthful, and honest with self for a change and quit making excuses to overlook what is clearly right before our eye’s? Feel free to comment your thoughts about this ongoing reality that we all face In These Dayz Of Tyme.

When A Chief Speaks