Man 20 Shot And Killed At Kalamazoo’s Fox-Ridge Apartments

Found out that there was another shooting that led to a 20 year old shot and killed in Fox Ridge apartments a couple of nights ago. You can hit the link to read and or watch the video below on more about it. Click Here 👉 Young Man 20 Shot And Killed In Kalamazoo FoxRidge Apts

You have to ask self are: “Black People Programmed?” What do I mean might one of my black readers ask. you have to ask are black people showing to be programmed to die just because? I have to ask the hardest questions that some just would prefer to overlook than look, listen and learn in order to even want to answer such a question.

Here we have yet another very sad, and unfortunate killing, and though there’s so much to touch on, I really just don’t have the mind energy nor time right now to even do so. but I do try hard as hell to touch on topics such as this one, but I do send my sincerest condolences to the friends and family. 

I think it’s important to touch on this, because when you hear that it’s this many (8 Murders) that have went down just this year alone in Kalamazoo, if you really give a damn, you (People who live in Kalamazoo/Communities) have to really start asking yourself is this normal and what’s really going on? And this is why myself, #TheArtist4thePeople whomever those people may choose for themselves to be; continues to strive to #GiveIt2EmRaw and like no other by the delivering of my thoughts through #KnowledgeAndMusic.

But the Helperthe Holy Spiritwhom the Father will send in my name

he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

John 14:26

I do this in hopes to bring awareness to the possible and ongoing issues that we all are clearly seeing bubble up, and nothing more. “Awareness is fairness right?” And I can’t stress it enough that, it has nada to do with me, I just do my part and deliver the message. We want the youth to change and do better, but how are they able to when when it’s being projected that, this is the type of life, and the style that one is supposed to live in order to feel like their somebody?

Due to the conditioning of acceptance, children are being programmed to just naught care, and this is how a life that has yet to even get started should end? And lemme say this; there can be all the help in the world in place as a help tool, but how can any tool help if it’s naught picked up and used? Do the math It’s gone take more than prayer when it comes to the work that has to be done if you want to see real results of change in Kalamazoo and Michigan as a whole.

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In the “I Was Sent” I touch on much of what could may well explain why, but it is really naught on me to force you or anyone else to listen to what possibly was sent to you. You can’t expect anyone to risk their time and life to assist with getting to the root of the matter at hand. So where do we start? I think it starts with naught accepting the unacceptable for starts. #CanUImagine the unacceptable? It’s starts with being up and up with the fact that, we have a major problem that needs to be thoroughly analyzed and touched on by and with the right people who actually have experience in this shhh…

Who are the influences, and where’s the Spiritual growth? There can be none if you’re surrounded by a whole lotta noise and pressures. Remember the saying: “Pressure buses pipes?” All and all, I think that it goes back to the possible fact that Spiritual Warfare taking place, and the most high merciful Master God is being pushed out of the equation. “Handed over to a reprobate mind state, doing whatever you wanna do.” Could this be true? I’m a leave it here in hopes that this gives you, the reader hopefully in Kalamazoo something to truly think about. They keep screaming about there are no leaders in the communities. There are, you just refuse to see and support them, seems like a choice to me.   

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

Does Black Lives Really Matter? How Valuable Do You Really Think You Are?

It should really cross your mind to how valuable you really are. #InTheseDayzOfTyme, I question peoples seriousness when it comes to life, morals, and their values.

Why am I saying this? I’m saying this, because of the acts that are being carried out that clearly show that, this may well be the case. When

I have to watch on the news or read articles about senseless, and tragic situations like 15 year old little girls can’t even attend family functions, and even be hurt, harmed and loose their life due to the ignorant and stupid stuff that nigga’z do, I have to ask the question.

First off, my mom told me about it, and then I went and read about it, and for a young child to loose her life all because these Negroes were asked if they could just slow down to prevent from hitting a child and or children, I truly have to ask the question does Black lives even matter to other black people.

I mean damn, REALLY? And you wonder why these people in powerful positions are trying to do what they are doing: DESTROY OUR RIGHT TO BE ABLE TO ABLE TO BARE ARMS TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM FROM THE PREDATORY ACTS OF THOSE WHO INFRINGE.

That is what the #2A (2nd Amendment is all about, not being reckless with the liberties that one has.

It’s something how my people are destroying one another, glorifying and praising tools that weren’t even made by us.

We use what they created to kill off one another, and then when you’re caught with they’re product you have to pay the price for using it?

Didn’t think about that huh, but it’s true, but you wanna know what the saddest part of it is?

The fact that, black people are allowing self to be played on the board like a pawn messing over one another, so wheres the value in that?

We killing off one another, killing the innocent children who are supposed to be the ones who will make moves for the future, and they’re lives are being taken early due to nonsense, stupidity.

So, I have to ask the question: “How Does A Black Life Matter” when it’s your own that’s doing you in?

It’s a very hard pill to swallow I know, but that’s the picture that is being painted by black people daily.

It’s okay for us to kill one another, but when it comes to the police, kkk, Caucasian or any other race for that matter, that’s when it’s not okay.

How do we as a people expect these folks to take us seriously when there are issues within communities no matter where you are; when the acts of the people (Black People) who are in their communities are projected as careless by those who show to care less about themselves until they get caught up in these folks profit system, and now your in a position where they’re telling you what to do. Now who’s the master?

The boss? In control, and running things?

I just call it how I see it, and it’s just wrong. Can it change? of course it can, but it starts with you and I, it starts with not accepting and tolerating the nonsense that goes on within your community.

It starts with rebuilding the trust with the people who are close to you, and who are your neighbors, it starts with having the will and the courage to correct those who are in error. Well, isn’t that what happened in this case in Detroit? But hey,

I could be wrong, and maybe everything is fine, and it’s all just a figment of my imagination just running away from me.

Maybe, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I do know this, I know what I read and right in Detroit, Michigan that little girl losses her life for nothing, and now a family has to live with the pain, sorrow, and grief for the rest of they’re lives with no relief.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch on this, and express myself and also see what others think about this situation, I’m a leave the link to the story below, and I would encourage y’all to really think about what I’m saying.

I would like to hear what others have to say when it comes to situations like this especially if your from Detroit, Kalamazoo and any other city throughout Michigan. leave your thoughts in the comment box below. peace and many blessings to all.  

When A Chief Speaks