Respecting Those Who Have Not Earned It

I found it very interesting how it was some possible major shhh…. going oon for the past days/weeks when it comes to these young #rappers, these young dudes in the streets, and how the tension increased due to names in regards to those who are trying to make a name (respect) for themselves vs those who already have sacrificed a whole lot, and has truly worked hard to have added much value and worth to their name in this game of life, and anything else be it the streets, business and most importantly one’s divine relationship with the most high almighty God.

So when it comes to the young and the #OGS if you will; situation that one see’s and notices popping up a lot. And who are the REAL OGz and who should and should naught or doesn’t deserve to be shown a certain JUST DUE respect. Oneself can naught help but touch on such a topic, and how important it is whether you feel the need to take the time to pay attention or naught.

Point being as far as I know, can see as well as comprehend and even get from it all is basically my own personal take due to my being no sleeper nor new jack by my own concrete experience in this game of life, and naught just speaking on shhhh… just because I feel that I can because of the way this whole Socialist Online Social network is, and a  way for nobodies to now have a way to become somebody’s? Nor do i desire or thrive off the urge to attention seek. My thoughts, yours means to better analyze and comprehend is my only intent.

Nothing wrong with that right? Naught at all I say, but then again in a sense there can be, and it is when you have those who allow things like the lusting for (Power) and (Control) to go to their head and start giving themselves and or making themselves feel like they have a new-found power that holds no greater need for showing better self-control and responsibility.



And knowing the stuff that has been going on as far as the whole discrediting mess, and disrespectful things that people tend to do online, and has shown to do so by ALLOWING self to be controlled by THESE people’s social media tools to cause friction, tension, disregard, disrespect and forgetting how important some things still are; just to make a name for yourself, and try to tear down someone else’s?

To me, that in itself is a very dangerous and naught so smart nor a good idea to be dabbling in or the type of waters that one should be trying to jump in without the proper gear, and skills ya feel me.  And like it or naught; there are rules as well as principal’s and LAW that are still in play and have an affect whether you catch that wave I just pushed or naught. It’s what keeps balance, honor, respect and order in order to prevent disorder, out-of-order and most of all lawlessness on the manifest to overthrow one’s standing in upright righteousness.

“Whoever pursues righteousness and love
finds life, prosperity and honor.”

So with that all being said; the storm is here, and time is now to work towards showing to strive towards being and doing better with whatever power one thinks they may have. Stop instigating, and pumping up, as well supporting people who are clearly showing to have an effect by the promoting of nonsense that shows to be for self-gratification, power tripping and destructive intent. #canuimagine ? That is what I have to say about it all thus far. Care to prove otherwise? 

When A Chief Speaks

People Will Push You To Not Like Them

♒💨 I haven’t posted in a while due to so much going on, which has affected me and my wanting to even do any post. So I felt and found the need to do one today while I have the time to do so. As #theartist4thepeople, I stand on that. But! There are certain people that I choose to stand for.

The many people who you THINK are your people are naught your people unless by their acts and ways do they show to be your people. And while elevating among-st a world full of Jokes (clowns) who either wanna make people laugh, because they a** really is just that mentally miserable, and or show in their thoughts to be just that sad. You have to see that, these same type of people you clearly will naught be able to depend on.

One has to clearly see, and choose to fight to show to be, and make a difference in this life. But striving to do just that; in itself is a very difficult task when people (YOUR SO-CALLED PEOPLE) are part responsible for making it difficult for you through their ill acts and ways to even want to do anything for anybody.

Clearly there are also those people who TALK a good (sermon) in hopes for you to believe. But ask self: “are their ACTS with no strings attached lining up?” Is it naught your own so-called people who just love to see ya down, out and will laugh at you?

Do some deserve it? Me personally I would say so. And if they do how do you better discern who has it coming, and who doesn’t? Lemme give you a much clearer example. As much as I really don’t like #blackwomen. If the Spirit of God moves; then I will help them. The talk is good right? But it means nothing without one’s own acts (Actions Speak Right?)

Like yesterday, I saw a #blackwoman fall right in front of me, money clinched in her hand and all. And instead of getting on my phone to quickly get a shot to post on social network for giggles and likes, and watch her struggle to get up all while feeling embarrassed. And even in fear to being ROBBED. I used the common(commonsense), which is naught so common and asked: “Are you okay? Come on I gotchu” and helped her to her feet.

#canuimagine what she said while down and being helped up? “I’m tired of falling.”

She probably was one of them femmi-con man haters too who defy and has turned on man. But did I allow that to affect my decision whether she appreciated (A MAN, naught a WOMAN) being there in her time of need? Am I looking for special kudos by making this post and point? No, hopefully you, the reader will see and get whatever you are meant to receive and get from it.

and then that evening, I seen a woman with two bags of groceries struggling to get through the snow. I thought one thing, and then did another all while thinking about some things that give me a good a** reason to why I feel how I feel. But I guess that’s where Spiritual Discernment, and moving when the Spirit moves comes in play. Because whether you, the reader agrees with me or naught. One thing is for certain, and two is for-sure that,

“People will push you to not like people, and all it takes is one to mess it up for others who really could do for and deserve your time and help.”

When A Chief Speaks.

Know Who Shows To Be Against Than For You

I find it to be as clear as day to how you’ll have those who say that, they are for you, but turn right around and show by their ways in acts and thoughts to be totally opposite to what they claim and say. But what I’ve come to realize is that, this is something that may need to happen, and whether you want it, and or feel you have to deal with it or naught, it has to happen. Why? maybe because one needs to experience the moment in order to know who and what you are dealing with when it comes to people nowadays. It is being proven that, though you really have to trust somebody; there are those who are showing to make that very hard to do, and this is where I think the whole: “Trust None, and no one” slogan comes into play.


But oon Rilla, do you really want to have to feel as if you have to go throughout life feel as if you can trust no one and or anybody? I mean seriously, it can be challenged that, when it comes to real life we all need somebody, and do depend on people when we are in need, but quick to say that we are handling it all by ourselves. But the question that one should ask self is… are you really? What I’m starting to see is that, people are running around and thinking that it’s okay to breach the trust that people put in them. This is a problem, and it’s going on all around us. I think that people are literally being programmed to think that it’s cool to mess over people, downplay and betray people and do it without a care in the world that they are doing something either in a conscious or unconscious state of mind.

Do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away. Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.” Psalms 37

Now, clearly is this what you see, or are people doing just the opposite? People will pretend to show to be for you for whatever the intent maybe, and then turn right around and flip the script oon you, and now you’re hurt, disappointed and trying to figure out why? And then you have those who feel like since you’ve been done so wrong by people that, now you find self oon the vengeful tip and now you show to start to projecting the same that you feel you received onto others. You ca naught tell nor convince me, that people are naught committing these acts against one another and this is done without a second thought. And guess who tends to do it the most? Family, and they tend to be the worse, and I know this as a fact and this is why I decided to make this the subject post for today.


To make it clear that, I can relate on so many levels that it ain’t even funny. You have those who be talking about kicking the truth, and knowledge and even history. But these same type fail miserably, because they themselves show to suffer in lacking to accept the truth whatever those truths may be. So is this acceptable now or has it ever been for people to pretend just to, play, betray, turn on you, and show no sense of will to see? Admit when you’re wrong and just come correct by just coming clean with those by just seeing where you might have been wrong in a situation and work towards making it right.

That’s what we as people no matter the race, color, creed and nationality you are. Why complain when you are showing to project the same if naught just as bad, but possibly even worse? Whether you like it, or naught it has to happen so that you’ll know. Know what? Know the difference when it comes to dealing with people In These Day’s of Time.

So that’s it for this one. I’m making some changes to where I’m considering on shortening up the length in words typed on my posts. I have to consider that people have short attention spans, and really aren’t into doing a lot of reading. So, I will be working on shorting up the word count in my future post. But this is for those who like to read interesting thoughts, and enjoy the content I post. I encourage you, the reader whomever you may be to take a very deep and in-depth look at what I am saying, and then ask yourself: “Is this really going on?” And if so, how do you deal with it.


Sure, you can easily say just don’t deal. But, some things you just may well have to deal with. Why? Because how can you know, learn from and make a clearer decision on naught doing the same? How can you yourself learn and elevate without seeing why you shouldn’t? Know who you are investing your time and trust in. Why? Are they truly worthy? Or, they showing by their acts and ways to be seen as otherwise? because complaining about it, and making it be seen as just the norm; especially among-st Black people makes you just as wrong for naght striving to correct the error. 

When a Chief Speaks

Just the #ThoughtsofaRisingLeader



Why Are Some Successful Black Business People Naught Supportive Towards Other Black Business People

I find it to be very overwhelming how some people feel like they need to straight step on other people in order to be successful. What do I mean by this?

I mean how I see some people do, and say one thing, and turn around and act another way. Why is it so hard for a black man to finally see and be successful?

To me, it seems like it is being projected that the only way a black man can see any type of leverage in feeling, and actually having a real essence of success is to get it negatively?

What I see is that, the only way for a black man to have anything is to literally take from another in order to have.

The only way a black man can have something is to sell a man-made substance (DRUGS) in order to feel like they’re having, and living the American Dream.

Is this true? If so, why is that? Why is it that one has to feel like they’re being a slave to someone else in order to provide for self and your family?

Let me give you a blunt example. You have all these PRO BLACK, AFRICAN AMERICAN men who are successful people, and are clearly seen to be in a better position than other black people right?

I see these people on and offline talking real good, but I question they’re intent and purpose because here it is when you have black men out here who are trying to get it together are placed in somewhat of an awkward position, because these same men are left out here hanging to fend for self UNLESS you paying them for they’re fish (Product)?

Can you kinda see where I’m coming from? It’s like the only way some of these people will actually show to be of your best interest is for you to first be placed into a position to where they’re above,and you’re below.

These same successful black people who I hear on they’re videos etc. for one, these same want you to be successful, and giving these lectures, but at the same time through they’re actions “You’re On Your Own.”

I have even tried myself to reach out to some of these same people, but through they’re actions there was no interest in connecting with this man who has, and still is working towards all that they preach, and I’m solo, and naught by choice.

I don’t just talk, I show to be the change, and would like to unify, and connect with others to build, but these mafas man…. I’m telling you,i feel like they’re full of s***.

It’s hard as hell to try to build from nothing, and I feel like my own so-called people don’t make it no better.

When I think about the music industry and the successful mainstream rap artist’s who got deals, and opportunities and are in a great positions of power to reach back aren’t, and if they are it’s always a f***ed up catch to it why is that?

So when I think about all of this of what I be actually seeing, I have questions.

All thought that, when you show to be self approved you would think that those who say they want to see you do better would reach out and support your work so long as it’s showing constructive energy.

All of these Dr.s, and psychologist with no real-time connectives to show black men how to build, and rise up, but without all of the bull****.

I welcome any so-called political leaders to help answer these questions, because I feel like a black man should naught have to feel any less, because from what I know is that our people have adopted some of the same horrible ways that they speak on so diligently.

Check out the song “Tryin’ 2 Maintain” from my Ep. In These Dayz of Tyme.