They Holler Foul But Doing the Fouling

You know, it’s naught funny but merely just more and more for ones own awareness to see how it shows to be very clear that. Some of the same ones that you see online and offline screaming, complaining and ranting on about racism, racial hate, racial discrimination and how people’s rights are being violated show to clearly be some of the same ones who are either involved and or are showing signs to demonstrate some of those same acts and ways of those who they accuse are doing it.

I can naught, and will naught make this shhh… up. You have people out here b******* about the same shhh… that they show to be doing to others. Say, see, feel and think however you want about it, but the shhh… is super true. You have people who are out here doing and thinking that it’s cool to be oon this messy minded mission to project and promote the nonsense, but then, trying to cover up the fact that, they are doing it themselves. Am I lying? You don’t want your freedoms, and rights infringed on, violated, dishonored and or disregarded, but you show to invest and force your wants and will upon people, and do it to them why is that?

I’ve asked this questions some years ago, and I guess I’ll ask it again since it’s clearly relevant and applies to exactly what I am posting about:

“Is racial discrimination and hate able to be seen to be possible when it comes to your own race of people (Black People?)”

Is it naught true that, our so-called race of people are a people who show to make the most un-excusable excuses to tear-down, belittle, disrespect, make fun of, try to intimidate (Bully) and assassinate one’s character all while so eager to promote dumb, deaf and blind mindedness hurtful things (Thoughts), which is a part of the plan just for a temporary feel good just to make them appear to be better and smarter type of high?

Black people get highly upset, and mad when you call them out on the messy mindedness and point out the messed up and stupid shhh…. that other black people be doing and only doing it as to defend the whole color itself rather than the “being” who will show by their ways and actions to who and what they truly stand for. Who the f*** has time for it? Why even try to engage with people who show to be comfortable with the toxic mind state? Showing nothing but attitudes, and ego clashing and flare ups against your own means…….. nothing because what is it solving and helping? Exactly, nothing.


And you want to know what else? One of the biggest “cop-outs” that I’ve noticed is that; as soon as black people are shown to be doing some shhhh….. that they probably shouldn’t be doing, and get caught and called on it. Here comes the “Defend The Possible Nonsense Calvery”, and guess what their famous excuse is? “Oh, well (White People) do it!” Guess what? Yep, Caucasians do, but what does that have to do with you and yours? You show to be so concerned about, and focused on the wrong people, and the wrong shhh… that you can’t even see straight.

Instead of being more concerned with connecting and correcting your own people, you have these “MIND AND THOUGHT INVADERS” out here among-st us who are more worried about being seen to be JUST AS BAD IF NAUGHT WORSE than those who you feel like always getting away with shhh…. STOP IT!

Meaning….. you clearly show naught to be any better than the ones who already know that they show to be worse. So tell me, how does it feel to know, and show that, you have learned and are conditioned so well to be seen in the image of your oppressor?  😎 Act like your fed up, quit making excuses to self-destruct and wake up or stay sleep, seems like a choice to me. Beyond Kanye West’s freedom of expression, but with respect to is shown. Break the Chains, because some of you just show to naught be as trustworthy. The Artist4thePeople is coming. 😉

When A Chief Speaks


Humble In Mind And Kindness Is My Revenge

When they call themselves thinking that they’re getting away with anything that they do, and or have done to you. You have to make it clear that, (Well I do anyway) that, I forgive, but naught forget that’s how I roll. It’s very hard to trust people in these dayz of tyme. Why? because they have made it that way by doing the things that they do to those who have shown to have them unconditionally, but in return is letdown, turn on and betrayal.
So, instead resulting to the option of going back to being how I used to be, and or swaying to the ways of those who’s actions show where they are in mind. I choose to work harder towards the showing of a much more kinder heart in one’s thoughts, ways and humbleness flowing through me. This also can be looked at as the revenge (Vengeance Is Mine) that is said to be the creator (God’s). One that will be administered for me.
So I move as I move, and do what I do. Continuing to stay on track and path as I strive to elevate as I go. Struggling and striving in this world full of truth mixed with lies, and people who pretend to love, and care for you, but they really don’t, but hey still I rise. Because regardless how they show to naught be with and for me, I’m just doing what was asked of me. Showing the better side of me through my knowledge and music creativity. Press play and feel the pain of #theartist4thepeople. Everyday is the battle of the mind.
“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”
Now, if you took the time to listen, and read, you just may see how relevant this really is especially when you know if some people nowadays show to clearly say, and do shhh… that places you in a space and position within one’s mind to feel some type of way and go there on them. People be doing shhh… that they should know they have no business doing, and saying things that; the era and generation I came up in would getchu served up like a dish on a platter. That rule still stands, but these other people (A particular government) have something else in mind. I won’t get into that now, but I will direct you to that battle of the Mind album where you’ll find some very interesting thoughts on the world we are living in in these dayz of tyme. Now the song above is actually going to be on my next drop, which is called: “Certified The Ep.” which I will be putting out as soon as I figure out the cover and label work. But in the You Tube video, I express while I illustrate. And, if you from Kzoo and or know about the history when it comes to other artist who were doing their thang musically and well known in the Zoo.
Then I think something will catch your attention, and may have you like: “Damn, that boi Rilla on point. See, that’s the thing, I’m naught trying to stress to be the best, I just tend to be the best how I do, and I know how to support other artist even if they don’t show to do the same. All the shhh…. I done went through, and still going through. “Man of Steel” is how I have to feel, because mafas out here wanna see you penetrated, and laugh when you fall. But throughout it all, I asked for help and guidance from the most high almighty (God) who helps me to be humble in mind, and let my kindness be that revenge best served cold.
When A Chief Speaks

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Is There Positive Found In Negative?

You have to question why people tend to show to be so negative, but expect to receive all the positive coming their way. You clearly will have those who shall gratefully accept and embrace with open arms, all the good and positive things in life that they can take from life and others. But yet feel that, when it comes to negative; ooooooh….. nooooooo….. they don’t want any parts in the accepting and the embracing of that. Any idea why? People run around and expect things and life to be all they want it to be, but never ask themselves what do they offer life in return? To me, that shows one sided-mess, and even a bit of selfishness as an appetizer.

I mean this clearly is the case when it comes to the many obstacles that we either witness, and or face #InTheseDayzofTyme, but some just have a hard time catching on to these truths. It’s no mystery to the fact that, the importance of seeing what you need to see, verses what and the way you want to see is truly slept on, underestimated and taken for granted. Some people feed off negative energy, and depend on it in order to thrive and feel some sense of being accepted when exercising and promoting negative mindedness for the sake of attention seeking maybe?

This, I could prove and show to possibly be the case without being seen to assume, but in the same breath, I always leave room to be open minded to ones opinions to beg to differ so long as they come reasonable with their reason to why they see what I am saying to naught hold weight, and possible truth to the matter. Let’s be honest with one another rather than naught work towards seeing the importance to the clear #BattleotheMind that’s going on #RightBe4UrEyez.

So yea, it’s a battle for all of us, and it’s hard to be and or find things, and life to be as positive as one would like when you have all the negative things going on in this world #InTheseDayzofTyme. So much messy mindedness being carried out by people, and you’re asking why? You’re asking self: “What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?” Maybe they’re so caught up in the living and acceptance of “That Life” whatever that life is; that it’s very hard to find the time it takes to focus, and find what will help one along the way. But for some that is my opinion, and that, it is and along with it also holds proof in ones possible truth.

The training of ones mind is very important, because otherwise you’ll find self swaying, and moving right along with the madness, and thinking that, it’s okay for you to have everything positive to go on in your life, but have a problem with the possible negative that you project naught only in yours, but in life of others as well. So, I’ll leave you the reader with this question: “Can there be a positive in a negative?”

When A Chief Speaks 

Did You Know About the Super Blue Moon?

Yep, that’s what I said; A super Blue Moon, and naught just that but a total Lunar eclipse to go right along with it. What does this mean? Well, for me, it’s a planetary alignment thing with all that is above, and beyond us dealing with change naught just affecting the solar system, climate, and Economy, but even us as well.

They are calling it a rare super blue blood moon. When I think of this; Uranus comes straight to mind, which is one of the other planets that has been known to carry the “Rebellious” title. It’s a planet of action and impact  by (crisis) and could be (problematic) within peoples lives. It could either help or hinder by the blessings and benefits gained.

But what does that have anything to do with this? Maybe, maybe naught anything, I just tend to be more than just a rap recording artist, and have love for more than just doing music.

But let’s get back to this super blue blood moon. What is it? It’s considered as an incredible combination of the three. The super moon is a full moon that obits closer to the earth. The blue moon is referred to as the second full moon within a month. And the blood moon is when the moon is seen red during a lunar eclipse.

Now, from what I heard is that it already kicked off early this morning, and had I knew i would have been up and waiting. however, I did catch some really good shots of the moon last night. the super moon is the one that is larger, and projects a brighter illuminating light.

Below, I found a nice video from the Detroit Free Press with more information on it. So why am I doing a post about it? Simple, I keep my head high and deep into the stars, and heavens. For me, it’s a spiritual thing and much more. It also tends to be a showing of transition. it’s something that one can either pay more attention to or naught. For me, I’m a deeper learner, and I enjoy reaching beyond the limits that are set and apply if you accept them.

There are many things both good and bad that will be taking place, but it doesn’t necessarily mean, that it has to mean the total ending of the world, but saying that change is taking place, and things are and have to take place in order for what we are seeing In These Day’z of Tyme has to, and it’s for a reason. Did you know that this type of moon also took place in April 1866 during the time of Abraham Lincoln, his emancipation proclamation, reconstruction, slavery and the great Civil war and many of the changes that took place such as the abolishing of Slavery.

My thoughts, and suggestions would be for people of different races, creed and nationalities, those who hold powerful positions of holding office within government; local, State and Federal to also find it in mind, heart, spirit and soul to also make an effort to naught turn a blind eye when the Creator (God) and the universe is reaching, and speaking.

There are many, many things that are going on down here that are naught acceptable, and we all play a part in what, where and how things go about changing especially all of the corruption, the killing, the greed, the race hate, and bating, the playing, the bickering, the selfish acts that are being done in order total control over someone else’s life by the infringing and forcing of order in a way that should naught be taking place against someone’s will unless the are unable, disabled and incapable of handling certain things in life for themselves.

Anyhow, I just wanted to touch on this, and leave my thoughts on what this event could play a significant part in all our live, the question would be though is how? Seek, and ye’ shall find if you choose to be guided along the way. A new vision? Whatever the case, maybe one should find the time to talk beyond one’s comfort zone in mind to see the impossible possible?

When A Chief Speaks


USA Today 5 Things to know About the Super Blue Moon Eclipse

Detroit Free press Super blue Moon 2018


Why My Ambitions In The Art Runs Deeper

I make it very clear that, I have no interest in horn tooting like many do. There is no need for me to brag, though I’ve earned my fair share of bragging rights when it comes to doing this music, and video productions.
My ambitions truly run deep, because of naught only my love for music, and the creative arts, but also showing how important it is to me, as a man and artist who contributes to the two cultures rap and Hip Hop.
What I post for you, whomever the visitor/reader may be. Is more of my workings that are clearly musically divine with much power for ones ears and the mind.
Below is a song and video clip of a track done, and song that will either be on my upcoming music for the mind CD called: “#Certified” and or the “#BattleoftheMind’, which is in the mix and making coming straight from the kuttz of Kzoo.
As I carry the title Zoorilla, one who shows to hold his own, and always has no matter what the case may have been. No matter how much those show to secretly hate, hold down, mock the struggle, pretend, and keep projecting that falsehood, and they know who they are. I’m a keep bringing it like no other, and like I should.

My Ambitions And Reason Are Much Deeper

It’s my ambitions to naught only say, but also show that, I paid a different price if we gone talk about money buying and or paying for anything when it comes to this music game.
This is naught about who’s better, and who doing the best. for me, it’s more about what some can’t see to be, which is purpose.
All the grand standing fat man talk sways me, naught to follow any man who shows to naught be what is truly needed in this music game, and that’s one who dares to bring nonstop content that is original and unique, and naught shuck and jive mess.
Anyway, I hope that you find this work  from #TheArtist4thePeople Aquimini Productions style interesting, and I welcome you to leave a comment on the beat and lyrical flow of Chief Adam the Great X, because regardless of what they may say; whether it’s digged or naught.
There are those who know where I’m coming from, and can relate to what’s Rilla.
This katt who cleary reps for Kzoo been earned his respect, and this is why I keep Kzoo, and the Midwest alive and poppin’ my way with my creativeness.
Good, bad and ugly, I still go hard for Kalamazoo as a born leader, continuing to elevate beyond those who just love to secretly bite and hate, but swear they love ya.
Peace and many blessings to the eye’s that are able to see.
When A Chief Speaks