The Hard Hits In Life That Will Beat You Down But May Help

What up y’all. Yep, I’m back it again hitting ya with another creative piece from the artist 4 the people. I haven’t really been motivated in a while to get creative nor have I really been in the mood to do any music due to???? #CanUImagine ?

Yes, though I feel like the man of steel; there are many moments in life where I feel a bit off at times especially when it comes to life, and this music game.

There are times where I just don’t be feeling up to doing nothing, which is naught me, because I’m always into and doing something constructive and productive.

But as I see what I see, and know what I know, one things for sure and that’s regardless to what I may be facing in life, and going through, let the truth be told that, help is just a call away. But naught the type of call that you may be thinking, I’m talking about a whole different type of phone call that I needed to make.

When going through the many obstacles that I tend to go through, I have to reach out and seek the type of connection, and guidance that is far and beyond the norm. I put y’all up on how man and woman will fail and forsake you, but never would God. And whether you want it to happen or naught, it happens.

In life itself shhh… happens, and when it does who can you really call and depend on in your time of need?

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Well, I made a call, and what was told to me is what I been knowing, but needed to be reminded that no matter how tough, and strong I may feel and or be; life will show you you whose tougher, stronger and knows how to hit much harder you feel me?

Allow me to provide a perfect example. Rocky Bolboa, you know, the character that Sylvester Stallone plays as Italian Stallion? When you think about the Rocky movies, it will kinda give you an idea of what and where I might be going with this post.

But to make it short though, Stallone has always been one of my favorites, and just below is a video clip of how he expresses to his son how hard life hits, and will surely beat yo a** down no matter how tough you think you are.

He stresses: “It’s naught how hard you hit, but the hits you take”, and still find the strength and will to strive to move forward in life.

Ain’t that the truth. But lemme get back to the call demo, and hopefully you’ll see how it all fits. Life been getting at me, and there’s nothing easy about whatever the situation may be that one faces. But I found a way to reach for the real, and doing so allowed me to see what I needed to see in order to know what I needed to know.
The #BattleoftheMind I say, and Iv’e seen it taking place naught just with me, but others and heavily. I had those feelings as if I just wasn’t gone make it. And then when you look at this whole other life of mine as a recording artist/music producer, you would think that all would truly be well, but I’m here to tell you that that in itself can actually add fuel to the flame because of what one is trying to accomplish when it comes to the music game.
And that’s when I received what actually helped me to realize that, I needed to reevaluate some of the situations and get back to the basics. And that’s where I am now, and taking action by getting back into creator mode, and that’s what this post and video below is all about. Who I am, what I do and why I do what I do.
Basically, I’m showing you something, I’m showing you how important it is to naught allow self to easily be swayed into going in the wrong direction by feeling like you got this shhh… all figured out and you’re in full control.
The video above started out as just making some changes, but ended up being more than what the first thought was. I’ve been in a major slump, but struggling to come up out of it, and shhh…. just have’t been working out, which causes one to have a bit of a shutdown.
I really was just trying something out, but God is letting know that, my time is now, and it’s all oon me. And now when we go back to some of what is being said in the video, I think it now would make a little more sense to why I put this post together. For me, that last part was like God speaking (Confirmation) through and to me when he said:
“I’m a always love you no matter what, no matter what happens. You’re my son, you’re my blood and I’m a love you regardless. you’re the best thing in my life, but until you start believing in yourself; you ain’t gone have a life.” 
Know your worth, take the hits, but most importantly never forget that it starts with just a call.
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

The Artist Who Represents For Michigan And Like No Other


Wanted to share some thoughts with y’all, and this video song clip expressing a bit about my ambitions. Better know that I can say that, and best know that, I stand on it, and like no other. This is a song video clip titled #myambitions, which was done some years prior, and those who have taken time to listen have actually requested it to be finished.
And for those who show that, it’s hard for them to comprehend to my ambitions. My ambitions come from my experience in life, striving to be who I need to be as a man and artist who goes hard in this music shhh…. and life all while representing for where I reside, which is the greater Michigan State, Kalamazoo and showing to do it like no other why you think they call me ZooRilla?
But there is a lot of dark and light being shined on and in the Great Lakes (Michigan) when it comes to the music game, and even this life. There is also a lot of talent coming up, and out as well. I’ve even been able to talk with and even do some work with a few (Shout Out 2 The Music Makers Throughout Michigan) respect to your work. But, this has always been even way before me, and this artists shhh… is part of why my passion and ambitions, like roots running deeply.
But the flip-side of it is that, you have to also see the fact that there is so much music coming out from so many different rap and hip hop recording artists that it tends to be a bit over saturated, and also watered down when it comes to the art and creativity level of the art in music. I have no interest in really talking down on or really just telling you that, your work is “TRASH” and weak unless I have to, but I do listen, and will critique other artist’s work and let you know if I’m feeling your work and may even work with you in time. But here’s the thing; I refuse to let and allow anyone to try and take from, and or discredit “The Great.” Am I the best? Nope, and far from perfect, but I do this shhh… and I won’t be denied in all due respect. There’s levels in this, and I stand to be on a different level due to my ambitions feel me?
So knowing this, I see and know that me being me, and what I represent and stand for, I tend to have to work even harder to make it very clear why I do this, and why I’m here. On or offline “I’m me!” And my ambitions as a ryda is something similar to what pac expressed as he put it down for the West LA (California).
I do this for my side and even for those who show their support for #theartist4thepeople from a far for the Midwest. All and all, Adam the Great X be’s I no lie, and like it or naught, I’m just doing my thang, and that in itself should and needs to be respected, because I’ve sacrificed a whole lot, and been going hard for mine so respect is a must be it on or off the mic.
As a creator, a master, but yet still see self as an educator/teacher, administrator. I refuse to get ahead of self, and still be a learner. I’m still learning shhh… as I go, and as I go you better know that, regardless to whether my work is digged, appreciated and taken serious or naught, be it the will of the most high (God) Almighty, I’m gone shine and do what I gotta do no matter what the case may be.
And that, I say is My Ambitions, to be, see and show to do better.
When A Chief Speaks #KnowledgeAndMusic