Rich The Kid Is Getting Sued By His Management Company For $3.5 Million

Found, and read this article about a lawsuit has been filed on this rapper called Rich The Kid. Why? Because after switching management companies, going from Interscope to Republic Records.

The company is saying he hasn’t paid them in some years. Me personally I’m just trying to figure out HOW these katts (Made It Mainstream Rappers) seem to always be caught up in some mess.

Too busy to keep their business straight? Is it true? Maybe a revenge move by his prior record label? 3.5 million dollars is nothing to just ve trying to brush off but what do I know right?

You can read more on it by hitting the link below 👇 and leave the Great a few thoughts on it if you can better explain what’s going on with this. As a recording rap artist myself, I find situations like this very enlightening, and educational.

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