Download Song “Day’z of Tyme”

Download Song "Day'z of Tyme"
Download Song “Day’z of Tyme”
Duration:05:05   Year:2018
  • Description

Song Description: Download Song “Day’z of Tyme.” This is a song where Capital Reg felt my pain on my first single; In These Day’z of Tyme and wanted to do a reloaded remix feat on it. So we did dat! And at the end hits ya with some chastising thoughts in hopes to get you to see what time it really is. Get your Download Song of “Day’z of Tyme.” Be sure to hit the link below to checkout some thoughts that relate to this song. And also checkout more from this artist “Capital Reg”  on Spotify.

The Type of Music That You’re Listening 2 In These Day’z of Tyme

Author: lightworker21

Adam is a creative writer who sets the record straight on and off the mic. As a recording artist and producer of visual dope, Conservative who exercises that 1A, and bringing awareness to the many issues that some love to talk about, but really don't know about. Professional when it comes being a knowledge and musicologist.

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