More Going On In Flint Michigan Someone Shot And Killed

Well, apparently Flint Michigan has a lot going on right now. For the past few days Flint has been in the media and news light for things that aren’t very good. First it was the sex solicitation G.H.O.S.T sting. The water situation is an ongoing one, and now I just ran into this one, which is about someone allegedly shot and killed.

Again, I touch on these topics of choice, because being that I am the artist 4 the people of knowledge and music, I find it to be necessary. There is a lot going on right now and being that I stand to be more than just a rap artist and music producer, I give y’all my thoughts on these possible; unaware of issues that may be going on in another part of the state, but we all are here in, which is the Great Lakes state.

And whether you feel it affects you and where you are and your city/town or naught. Indirectly this stuff does eventually travel and may in time.

And when I look at it all, I feel as if Michigan is kinda under attack. Why ? I have my reasons to feel that way, my thoughts your views.

When a Chief Speaks.

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