Giving Up On Real Friends For Pretenders

If you’re one of those who chose to give up, turn on and rather deal with the fake than me, for whatever you’re reason was, is or the case may be that you came up with, and you chose to show me who and how you really feel and are, I can’t help but to say thank you.

Why thank you? well, I would rather thank you for showing me, what is needed for one to better see than to hate you. See, people will make you want to feel like you should and that’s real. And to see, and know this; that you are the type who shows to have no problem with being and showing your selfish acts in your ways, “And you know who you are.” These are the type who one has to be more aware of and watch out for.

And though I touch on these topics here and there, I can naught over stress the fact to how important it is to see, and know the type of people who tends to project these acts and energy sucking ways. There are so many traitorous people out here who are in disguise, and though I forgive, I shall naught, and will neva forget, so please don’t ask why, because you should already know why.

Betraying me, is no different from doing it to the creator (God) like many do, which is no surprise to the eyes of the “one” who chose to figure out, and have a better standing to why, and I know that I am naught the only one who feels this way, so as an artist, and one who shows to naught just feel, but can think as well.

I have to #GiveIt2EmRaw when it comes to some of these pretenders, and fake people nowadays who are out here playing as well as jacking off real Soul connections for “Fool the eyes πŸ‘€and tickle the ears πŸ‘‚ one’s just for a laugh πŸ‘„, entertainment and or to have something to talk about, because in real life they’re bored out they’re minds, and I think that is part of what the whole Facebook “Cater What’s On Your Mind Could Be About.”

A platform designed for both good and bad purposes. But you have to ask self: “Who’s to blame?” “Who’s really at fault?” Many are out here pretending, and possibly even more lost than they showed from the start. Are you one of them? Be honest, because I can tell if you are even if you say that wasn’t.

People (Both Men and Women) especially those of my tone show to be very comfortable with showing to be the type who proudly does this to other people, but as soon as it’s done to them, now it’s a problem. Anyways, mafas don’t listen nor pay enough attention to what I may have to say anyway, but I say what I feel the need to say anyway in hopes that, those who take the time to visit this site, and read these thoughts I type.

One thing each and every one of you who just may take the time to read these thoughts that I lay today. One thing you will naught, and can naught ever say, but hey, you just may. But say that, there is no such thing as real people, or real friends and a such thing as friendship. You can naught say that no one took or has shown to take the time and or made the time to have real dialect, intellectual and more meaningful thought in one’s talk through communication by conversation.

You can neva say that there was neva those who showed to naught convert and flip-flop. You will never be able to say that, you were given no options and choice to a better connection, and an example was neva projected for you to see.

You may neva again have a friend who gave a damn like me. πŸ˜‰ May my thoughts on this Holy Divine Friday reach, and possibly help my readers and supporters as well as others who just may experience or are experiencing the same in time. Be naught mad at the messenger who kicks the possible truth. Who knows, something read just may help and elevate you.

When A Chief Speaks

Adam is a creative writer who sets the record straight on and off the mic. As a recording artist and producer of visual dope, Conservative who exercises that 1A, and bringing awareness to the many issues that some love to talk about, but really don't know about. Professional when it comes being a knowledge and musicologist.
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