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As the world turns, we continue to face the many challenges and obstacles that await you and I in these dayz of tyme. And being that I know what I know through experience. I strive to create, and lyrically paint the many pictures that not only gives you a visual, but also something to think about. When it comes to my rap music, it’s a must that, I deliver whatever messages that may need to be heard. And I do it in a way that is like no other.  Get my rap music downloads, and find your reason to support the artist 4 the people.

Helpful Note Instructions

For those who don’t know.

When the player pops up, to download free downloads just right click on the player, and then save to whatever the device you’re using like a PC, but phones auto download once you click the download button. Any problems or questions feel free to message email me.


My Rap Music

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