Did You Catch What Kwame Brown Said?

Kwame Brown Strikes Back


The Kwame Brown Situation – Part 1

Did a video a week ago as a part 1 notice to my thoughts on the whole #KwameBrown situation. A breakdown to what I got from what I’ve absorbed thus far, and my experiences that were very interesting. What I got, and feel about the situation for me, is something that I felt the need to touch on all while getting my creativity on. And since I haven’t done any creative and very enlightening and informative video content to post.

Well, I’m back and one again giving it 2 em raw and like no other.  In the video Kwame Brown did; he touches on how there some don’t want to hear nor listen to the truth. Now, is he lying or is that the truth? Me personally, I can say that, based on my own experiences, he’s right. He also makes it very clear to how you have those who are trained to not accept the truth.

The many things that have been going on, I told y’all was taking place for a much bigger and deeper reason. What I see is that, People only like and accept the truth when it’s coming through those they like.
Kwame Brown also spoke on how you have those who would rather spend time trying to find dissect what he’s been saying and try to make it seem as if it’s all about one thing instead of really paying attention to the message he’s delivering.

People Will Be Weeds (Thorns) And Either Know It Or Don’t

Yep, people gone do that,  (Like Weeds) but why? Why would people (Especially your so called own people) who act like weeds. Showing to be thorns, which are nothing more than just prickly weeds.
And what does the two do? They choke, entangle and steal. Known to hinder fruit from maturing. Not really stopping growth completely, but tries to slow down it’s potential to ripen through process.
That’s part of what I see taking place right now in this Kwame Brown situation. I say that, part of the reason why is because there’s always way more to it. And the way more to it is the fact that, men of my tone are always attacked, and pushed to defend self when showing to speak on what needs to be spoken on whatever those truths may be.
So, with that all being dually said, I picked this video clip of Kwame Brown snapping on those who are involved with his situation. Again, this is just a warmup video to the part 2 video. Enjoy the thoughts, #knowledgeandmusic and the creative works of #theartist4thepeople when a chief speaks.   

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