Kalamazoo Artist Minding His Own Business And These 2 Caucasians Kept Popping I Think They Trying To Follow Me

So I felt the need to get this done and posted, because its from the day before yesterday. And being that I be on the move a lot, and either so caught up with dealing with my personal life itself. Or, I just be so overwhelmingly tired mentally that sometimes I will have to hold off on doing any posting/blogging until I’m able to get to it. My in tent is to get content out as soon as shhh… pop off, especially something LIKE THIS. As we all can see, and know; we’ve now jumped from a WHOLE….. Corona Virus pandemic right back to something that should look very familiar. I call it: “The same soup warmed up, served and willfully eaten over and over again” you call it whatever you want. But how we go from a whole major health crisis outbreak situation, to everything that is going on like the rioting and destruction moving all throughout the United States? Oh that’s right, its due to the protesting of the man named George Floyd who from what they’re showing was murdered due to the overly excessive force and abuse of authority of Derek Chauvin a Minneapolis Police officer by having his knee placed on the back of George Floyd’s neck, which I personally find very strange. Now has sparked an anger, even more hate and rage of energy that has now crept its way up and out and is now the focal point of for the whole world to see and watch. And can’t forget also combined with a little of the Ahmaud Arbery shooting?
And though I would like to touch more on both situations, I have to leave that for another post that I will surely be doing hopefully in a day or so.
So now what is this post about you might ask? Well, I would say that its showing an example of more bullshhh… undercover race hate that a good fraction of these Caucasians (White People is what y’all call them) be naught only choosing to learn, carry and project it, but also embed and plant it into the head and mind of their children. Who then (Like these two jokers) who saw me walking, had already rode pass and made it their business to bend on me and pretend like they were going to the store. So me being me I’m just peeping the play, but still minding my own. So now it gets deeper. As I am walking to head into the store, I noticed them under and side eyeing me in a sneaky kinda way. But what I also noticed is that dude was packing (Legal Carry) or open carry and I guess he and his chick felt the need to want me to see, know and be intimidated? Maybe, maybe naught but awareness is fairness right? So, I went in the store, and then they came in looking all suspect and shhh… and when I got what I wanted I walked right on towards them, said excuse me as I move on pass his chick and she got on out the way. Well now I decide to do a test and see if it was them or was I just being paranoid. So I stopped at the bus stop in front of Burger King, and bout a minute or two guess who riding from Sunny-mart and now turns and rolls up through the drive-thru of Burger King? Yep, these two. So then they park as you can see, So that’s when I decided to do this video, which is below.
They stayed about 5-10 minutes and then as they finally rode off, I could see her kinda side glance, and I’m just like: “Look at these mafas here.” So, with that all being typed, its naught my intent to ride the wave of what’s already going on, and add extra unnecessary tension and agitation. My intent is clear; awareness to the fact that like it or naught, you gone have foolish programmed Human beings who you bound to run across who feel some type of way based off of their own freewill, choice and desire to carry the torch of hateful feelings for whatever the reason. “BUT WHAT YOU MAD FOR?” “WHAT YOU HATING FOR?” These are the type that you have to watch-out for, because they’ll try to set you up so they can have the situation and justification to fall more in their favor, and that’s just how I see it. So again; I’m doing this in hopes to bring a bit more knowledge and awareness to the fact that, education and communication helps to bring a better standing between people no matter who you are and what color tone you have. You have these type who are out here who need YOU to show to prove them right as they want to be Gypsy Tellers of you and your life.
And I’ll end this one on this note. To those of you, who show to misuse and abuse your power and privilege, I say to you KILL THAT SHHH…. In reality, you don’t want people to tread on and do it nor assume that you are, but you claim otherwise… So you may want to re-think about showing to naught do the same. And to those of you who think you know how it truly feels to experience RACIAL HATE AND DISCRIMINATION but I can honestly say that I do. BIG FACTS. So if you’re going to be a follower, please find those who are more worthy and fit to follow. Hate pushers and torch carriers of the many wrongdoings of those who you choose to idolize and feel the need to look up to really just showing to use and sac you. Yes, its your choice, but ask self: “What does that say about you?” Who are you obeying and listening to? Who are your children, friends and family listening to?
“Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and overtake thee, till thou be destroyed; because thou hearkened-st not unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he commanded thee:
Deuteronomy 28:45

And it also shows that what you promote, push and project out is the same energy those close to you are receiving (Like Your Children) shall do the same. What I am showing you is that, there are those like myself who really be out here on the front-line and experiencing much if naught more of the same and or similar struggles and hardships as those who are moving to the beat and drum of the mass-media. So is there a difference? #CanUImagine ? Yes, everyday is the #BattleoftheMind And this is one of the reasons why I have the song called: Pray4Those because though I truly know that my life matters, and I show it. When will people show that mine as well as others does matter?
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Video Of Three Comedians Giving They’re Take On What’s Happening To Black People

So, I was on Facebook and trying to find a video last night, and ended up running across this one below on a FB page called: “Men’s View Point.” I actually took the time to watch the video, and in it is three comedians that I know you know. Mike Epps, Aries Spears, and last but definitely naught least a brothah named Brandon T. Jackson who in naught just my opinion, but truly felt what he was kicking, and how he was kicking what truly needed to be kicked; touching on everything that needed to be known and in the raw, which was etched in stone with the blood of truth. I mean I really don’t think that he could break it down any plainer. Everything that he spoke on was felt, naught because he made it sound good, but it was good because what he said was the truth, upright and relatable, and I speak for self when I say relatable.
A strong message from a comedian that decided that it was time to move beyond the time of jokes for the entertaining of the mind, and get to what was asked, and needed which is to be another light worker who now strives to enlighten our people who think it’s a game and refuse to take things as seriously as they should especially when it comes to naught just their own life but others as well. So much to say about his delivery, but I’ll let you watch for yourself and then you decide who you think was more on point. Now, as far as the other two, which is Mike Epps and Aries Spears is concerned; this is where it gets a little tricky. Why I say this is because I watched Mike Epps video some days ago about a katt getting gunned down by the Police in Indianapolis, which I think he said is his hometown. And his video I also felt, because I knew where he was coming from.
However, Aries Spears felt differently due to Mike Epps saying: “Police are killing young black men because they’re watching us kill us.” So he had some words to say in regards to how he felt about Mike Epps; calling him “Reckless and Irresponsible and statement being on the level of Charles Barkley.” So when you watch the video you’ll see, and hear for yourself what jumps off with that. I won’t give my take on those two yet, but I will say that, though Aries Spears has a right to feel and express his thoughts on how he felt, I think due to him knowing why Mike Epps said what he said; him being whomever he sees self to be, he could’ve gave a much more balanced response rather than try and what Mike Epps allegedly said: “Discredit Him” which I would basically see as an attempt to assassinate one’s Character.
I also know how it’s important to pay attention, because there’s too much going on naught to. And I would have to ask: “Was Aries Spears wrong to a degree for what he said or how he chose to express his take?” Remember, it’s naught just what you say, but how you choose to say things with intent. Maybe this was his way to get people over to his podcast? Maybe, maybe naught. Either-way, I’m hoping they can work it out. My thoughts for the people’s take.Another example of The Battle of the Mind? You decide.
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They Holler Foul But Doing the Fouling

You know, it’s naught funny but merely just more and more for ones own awareness to see how it shows to be very clear that. Some of the same ones that you see online and offline screaming, complaining and ranting on about racism, racial hate, racial discrimination and how people’s rights are being violated show to clearly be some of the same ones who are either involved and or are showing signs to demonstrate some of those same acts and ways of those who they accuse are doing it.

I can naught, and will naught make this shhh… up. You have people out here b******* about the same shhh… that they show to be doing to others. Say, see, feel and think however you want about it, but the shhh… is super true. You have people who are out here doing and thinking that it’s cool to be oon this messy minded mission to project and promote the nonsense, but then, trying to cover up the fact that, they are doing it themselves. Am I lying? You don’t want your freedoms, and rights infringed on, violated, dishonored and or disregarded, but you show to invest and force your wants and will upon people, and do it to them why is that?

I’ve asked this questions some years ago, and I guess I’ll ask it again since it’s clearly relevant and applies to exactly what I am posting about:

“Is racial discrimination and hate able to be seen to be possible when it comes to your own race of people (Black People?)”

Is it naught true that, our so-called race of people are a people who show to make the most un-excusable excuses to tear-down, belittle, disrespect, make fun of, try to intimidate (Bully) and assassinate one’s character all while so eager to promote dumb, deaf and blind mindedness hurtful things (Thoughts), which is a part of the plan just for a temporary feel good just to make them appear to be better and smarter type of high?

Black people get highly upset, and mad when you call them out on the messy mindedness and point out the messed up and stupid shhh…. that other black people be doing and only doing it as to defend the whole color itself rather than the “being” who will show by their ways and actions to who and what they truly stand for. Who the f*** has time for it? Why even try to engage with people who show to be comfortable with the toxic mind state? Showing nothing but attitudes, and ego clashing and flare ups against your own means…….. nothing because what is it solving and helping? Exactly, nothing.


And you want to know what else? One of the biggest “cop-outs” that I’ve noticed is that; as soon as black people are shown to be doing some shhhh….. that they probably shouldn’t be doing, and get caught and called on it. Here comes the “Defend The Possible Nonsense Calvery”, and guess what their famous excuse is? “Oh, well (White People) do it!” Guess what? Yep, Caucasians do, but what does that have to do with you and yours? You show to be so concerned about, and focused on the wrong people, and the wrong shhh… that you can’t even see straight.

Instead of being more concerned with connecting and correcting your own people, you have these “MIND AND THOUGHT INVADERS” out here among-st us who are more worried about being seen to be JUST AS BAD IF NAUGHT WORSE than those who you feel like always getting away with shhh…. STOP IT!

Meaning….. you clearly show naught to be any better than the ones who already know that they show to be worse. So tell me, how does it feel to know, and show that, you have learned and are conditioned so well to be seen in the image of your oppressor?  😎 Act like your fed up, quit making excuses to self-destruct and wake up or stay sleep, seems like a choice to me. Beyond Kanye West’s freedom of expression, but with respect to is shown. Break the Chains, because some of you just show to naught be as trustworthy. The Artist4thePeople is coming. 😉

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Man Choked By Officer At Waffle House

Alright, so here’s my take so far on this. From what I read, and watched in the video. They “CNN” says that it’s unclear to what took place up to the point where the police officer arrived on the scene responding to a call because of a fight with a Waffle House Employee. So dude gets choked, he’s screaming at the officer to get his hands off him, and ended up getting slung to the ground and charged with Disorderly conduct and Resisting Obstruction.
Well, seems as if it’s now getting to be a bit of a risk to even go to a Waffle House to eat being that things like this are kicking off at a public place, and mind you this is naught only the 1st, 2nd, but third situation that has taken place at a Waffle House so far. The first was the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee (The South) where they say a black man took action against the assailant, which was a young Caucasian guy who start popping off rounds leaving four dead. Then there’s another one where a black woman at a Waffle House in Alabama (The South) had a run in that eventually led to being arrested. Oh, did I mention a fourth? Yep, a Waffle House shooting in Norfolk Va. (The South)and now this one.
I’ll be waiting to see what happens in this situation as it tends to be another intense encounter where a black man/ black people on video getting wrapped up in a web of conflict of police altercations, which shows brutality, excessive use and abuse of force, and authority and even possibly shot and killed by police officers in the process. It’s just way too early, but, I will say this. I would truly encourage those of you (Young and Older) who see, read and watch this video to find a way to learn from it.
You can look at it however you want, and feel however you want about it, be mad, pissed, in raged etc. that is your choice in right. But ask self is it helping? I think the most important thing that you can do as a black man, men and women of color and or what and whoever else you see self as. If you do nothing else; take the time to look, listen and learn from these situations that are taking place right now. Learn? Is what you might say. “Yea, learn that, Police can do what they want to black people, and get away with it because they have the authority and power to do so?

Video Shows A North Carolina Officer

Choking A Man Outside Of A Waffle House

N….ope! Naught at all. What I am saying is that, do naught think for a second that this is just happening as well as other incidents just because they feel they have those powers to. What many of you have failed to see, and realize is that, a lot of things as well as laws etc have changed. People’s attitudes are changing on both sides. There’s a tug of war taking place and guess whose getting caught in the middle? You, and or your children. Based off????? Let’s just say for the hell of it conditioning and propaganda as well as social programming and the feeding of continuous fear just may be being pumped and dumped.
Black people (Black Americans) especially the young generation are placing themselves in situations to be seen as an immediate threat if naught already before; definitely after the fact that these police officers are already possibly seeing you as something such as a (Threat), the enemy, and God knows what else. My point? If you already know that there’s a possibility to something. Why would you place yourself in a situation where it proves these people to be right? And now giving them reason to these already possible power tripping police officers who may or may naught be particularly on some race hate mess. But you think giving them a reason to be able to now exercise it (Race Hate) legally is the way? I think naught. 
So, I say to you, the one who has made it this far by taking the time to read what I have to say in regards to the ongoing tension between these police officers and black people. If you haven’t done nothing wrong then why create one? Let me be very clear. “YOU DO NAUGHT KNOW WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE POSSIBLY DEALING WITH” so it’s your choice to either; STOP aiding by agitating by getting yourself pumped up by whatever, and whoever to act just as bad as the ones who you are saying wronged you. This isn’t about being scared and being punk’d out and violated by these whomever they are police nutty acting, control induced police officers if that is the case. This is about you now using your Spiritual common senses to deal with those who act senseless. Your life should mean more. Meaning… that, you should be doing more like educating self and naught allowing yourself ego to lead to automatic flare ups and pissy fitting attitudes.Check out this update on how a breakdown is being done on how black people are being shown to be in attitude mode.—> Waffle House Is Under Fire
Mother’s and Father’s should be having talks with their children knowing that they are going out into (The Jungle) no matter what city and State you are in within the United States areas where situations are known to erupt, which will lead to police being called. And then? I think you already know. Example? If you watched the video, I think you can now see what I am saying and where I am coming from. And most importantly rebuilding ones relationship with the creator (God) to help guide ones better discernment.
Now, one question would be; Was the officer wrong? Why of course. He was wrong for the excessive use in the choice of force chosen. But, you can only say so much, because unless you truly know what went on prior to what led up to the officer feeling as if he needed to take it that far, it’s in the air. Was dude a part of the fight with the employee? In the end this will only lead to more built up anger, aggression filled animosity towards police officers, police officers will now have a reason to be even more nervous and trigger happy, which will then lead to more room for agitation, more fear, more laws, more policy then comes the reason. Mind you this happened in NC North Carolina (The South). That too is also something to think about. My thoughts, your views and opinion, but opinions mean nothing, it’s about setting the record straight.
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Here’s Some More Facts That You Should Think About When It Comes To Charlottesville

So, did you see what really went down in Charlottesville? No? I mean really mafa; did you see what happened? I know you saw what you think you saw on the news, but there has been a lot eyebrow raising issues that are being questioned when it comes to what really went down in Charlottesville, Virginia. Many are calling it a false flag event, staged, a hoax etc.
When it happened, I had done a post about it way before all of the speculations, and questioning started to pop up, which you can find here. “Whose to Blame When It Comes to What Happened In Charlottesville”And from what you will read is my thoughts on the whole situation without allowing self to get caught up in the web weaving of programming.
And then after more information started coming in, I decided to do a video on my take to what I seen, what was being said about it, President Donald Trump’s public statement and what I got from it, which now has reached over 1,000 views. But then, I found something else that to me, is very disturbing as well as disappointing when it comes to this new damaging evidence when it comes to this whole Charlottesville nonsense.
What you have below is part 2 to the first video which is called:Here’s Some Facts To What Really Happened In Charlottesville” (Part 1) In reference to how it just seems that, Black people are allowing themselves to be used  by partaking in much of this mess that we see that is going on.
Why are Black people so quick to subject themselves to showing to be exactly like, and what some of these Caucasian people already stereotype people of our pigment of skin color to be, have those who are running around talking about how racist the opposite color of people are, but in the same breath are our people showing to naught do show to be, and do the same?
The possible truth is just that, and the illusion minded living messy mindedness of our people who choose to do so are the ones who clearly show that, they could care less about the possible truth, and how their selling out affects naught just them, but others in-directly, but yet are the same ones who you see committing these acts, and doing all the complaining at the same time.
These are the ones (Like the one who you will see in this video) are the ones who are and will make it more possible for what these people are trying to accomplish, which is possibly to gain control by suppression due to order out of chaos possible.
So, is this really the case you might ask? I’ll leave that to you to discern, and come to a better standing to the questions that, you may have when it comes to all of this mental noise that’s going on when it comes to these protest, and rallies that are going on throughout the cities and states #InTheseDayzofTyme.
It is very important, and should be that, you be very aware to how your children are the ones that are being moved like pawns, and it would very wise for you to pay more attention to what is really going on, and stop allowing your children to get mixed up in all this foolishness. It is your choice, your responsibility, and up to you to do your due diligence to work towards seeing better, in order to know better.
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