Pistol Packing While Following The X-Train In Kalamazoo

Well, it looks like peoples children are at it again. The X-Train is slowly making its way back on the scenes doing they’re reckless thing as they have the time of their life thinking that what their doing is right, but in real life is the wrong lane. Getting arrested for Pistol packing while rolling with the X-Train. But this is nothing new is it? I’ve touched on this before, and broke it down for my readers and visitors of the #knowledgeandmusic site/blog about when and how it started. And how it (X-Train) really is something that is being reintroduced, but in a more upgraded modern way. So how am I able to touch on this so well and what makes me a professional when it comes to speaking on this you might ask?

Well, because I am no stranger to it, and know it very well. I consider self as a professional speaker and (#Certified) to do so because I’m from the hood, and represented in and on the streets that your children are now growing up in and now are trying to do the same. I touch on it because I give a damn enough to in hopes that something said may help those who don’t get it, get it. For one, it is an attachment of a lifestyle in Kalamazoo that was way before those (Your Children) who are merely just picking up and carrying on something that was done way before their time, but just with a different name.

But, it’s naught as the same as people may think, because it’s a different age and time. Different drugs being taken, different alcohols being consumed. A different upbringing and different mindset. The is fact of the matter, and those who know, know. And lemme clarify something. This is naught really about right or wrong, wrong or right, but just telling it like it is. This isn’t about judging; this is about seeing, knowing and having a better understanding to have a better standing with what’s really going on and possibly why.

This is about setting the record straight and then work towards making corrections to the problem, which is???????? I’ll let you ponder on that, but in the meantime think about what I am typing because regardless to how bad you see it to be, and how much you will complain about it; truth is… you can’t follow through with any solutions when you can’t relate to something, naught trying to see and know better, and just may be a part of the aiding of the problem.

There’s nothing wrong with partying and having a good time, but there is when you’re showing to make it naught safe while doing so within your community. Why would you want to continue to think that it’s okay to be programmed and conditioned to be a part of and or contribute to the projecting of a negative light from your own city and community? And then when you have these people (Police) (Government) (Law Enforcement) putting pressure on us by enforcing (Statute laws) and (Ordinances) that make you feel like you’re being harassed, and racially profiled every time you get pulled over especially while rolling through the hood (North Side), and then you want to ask why? Yo a** know why, and if you don’t; then there may be some answers for you in some of the songs made like In These Dayz Of Tyme but it’s all on you to take a listen.

How can people show to naught forget about, but basically overlook the deaths of people who I actually know that lost their life while involved in what? Yep, this right here, the good ole X-Train. Do you really think that this is something that should be praised, looked up to and glorified? Do you think that this could be one of those type of possible generational recycled curses that people (Black People) should be working towards breaking and correcting? You decide. If you don’t talk to your children, take back control and stop showing to condone or these people gone do the controlling #CanUImagine how? They Workin Oon It just a little awareness for you, the people from yours truly, #theartist4thepeople.

When A Chief Speaks

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Did You Know About the Super Blue Moon?

Yep, that’s what I said; A super Blue Moon, and naught just that but a total Lunar eclipse to go right along with it. What does this mean? Well, for me, it’s a planetary alignment thing with all that is above, and beyond us dealing with change naught just affecting the solar system, climate, and Economy, but even us as well.

They are calling it a rare super blue blood moon. When I think of this; Uranus comes straight to mind, which is one of the other planets that has been known to carry the “Rebellious” title. It’s a planet of action and impact  by (crisis) and could be (problematic) within peoples lives. It could either help or hinder by the blessings and benefits gained.

But what does that have anything to do with this? Maybe, maybe naught anything, I just tend to be more than just a rap recording artist, and have love for more than just doing music.

But let’s get back to this super blue blood moon. What is it? It’s considered as an incredible combination of the three. The super moon is a full moon that obits closer to the earth. The blue moon is referred to as the second full moon within a month. And the blood moon is when the moon is seen red during a lunar eclipse.

Now, from what I heard is that it already kicked off early this morning, and had I knew i would have been up and waiting. however, I did catch some really good shots of the moon last night. the super moon is the one that is larger, and projects a brighter illuminating light.

Below, I found a nice video from the Detroit Free Press with more information on it. So why am I doing a post about it? Simple, I keep my head high and deep into the stars, and heavens. For me, it’s a spiritual thing and much more. It also tends to be a showing of transition. it’s something that one can either pay more attention to or naught. For me, I’m a deeper learner, and I enjoy reaching beyond the limits that are set and apply if you accept them.

There are many things both good and bad that will be taking place, but it doesn’t necessarily mean, that it has to mean the total ending of the world, but saying that change is taking place, and things are and have to take place in order for what we are seeing In These Day’z of Tyme has to, and it’s for a reason. Did you know that this type of moon also took place in April 1866 during the time of Abraham Lincoln, his emancipation proclamation, reconstruction, slavery and the great Civil war and many of the changes that took place such as the abolishing of Slavery.

My thoughts, and suggestions would be for people of different races, creed and nationalities, those who hold powerful positions of holding office within government; local, State and Federal to also find it in mind, heart, spirit and soul to also make an effort to naught turn a blind eye when the Creator (God) and the universe is reaching, and speaking.

There are many, many things that are going on down here that are naught acceptable, and we all play a part in what, where and how things go about changing especially all of the corruption, the killing, the greed, the race hate, and bating, the playing, the bickering, the selfish acts that are being done in order total control over someone else’s life by the infringing and forcing of order in a way that should naught be taking place against someone’s will unless the are unable, disabled and incapable of handling certain things in life for themselves.

Anyhow, I just wanted to touch on this, and leave my thoughts on what this event could play a significant part in all our live, the question would be though is how? Seek, and ye’ shall find if you choose to be guided along the way. A new vision? Whatever the case, maybe one should find the time to talk beyond one’s comfort zone in mind to see the impossible possible?

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USA Today 5 Things to know About the Super Blue Moon Eclipse

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Is Michigan Governor Playing With The Lives Of People In Flint, And Detroit Michigan?

Did governor Rick Snyder show an act of war by lying to the people not only in Flint, but Michigan as a whole?


I thought Clean water is a necessity for all the people

I just read an article that, I wouldn’t say that I’m speechless to, but is a real eye opener when it comes to the Crisis in Flint, Michigan, and those who are voted for, and elected to represent for the real people, but one must also ask are you considered as one of the people?

When you think about some of the people who have held office as a public servant and figure, and most importantly a LEADER who has been voted for and elected to hold a high power position such as “governor” like John Engler for instance who made a modern type slavery deal with Virginia back in 1998 has been known to violate the human rights of people in Michigan. And breaching the trust of the people tends to be nothing new under the sun.

Kinda makes you wonder WHO some of these people really are doesn’t it? And what People do these representatives for the people do they really hold a best interest for? Well, the way I am seeing it; history has found itself repeating again through people like governor Rick Snyder (Republican) for the people of the State of Michigan who clearly caught himself up by saying one thing when it turns out that, it actually shows in (LIVING COLOR) to be a different projection. So, my question if I asked Rick Snyder; would be: “Is this true what has been published about you saying that, the water in Flint, Michigan was safe when you and your administration knew months prior to that it wasn’t?”

See, here’s the thing with me, I know how the media is, and I also know how there is truth mixed with lies, which means that, I have to be cautious of what I consider to be the truth when it comes to second and third-party talk. I don’t like just off the back start accusing and condemning people, and just out right saying Hey! “Your guilty” even though that feeling is not mutual in the minds of those who are in power that I see to play and juggle the lives of people’s health and well-being when it comes to policy, profit, police harassment, arrest, charges, State Statutes, court administration and judgement.

So what I’m saying is that, until you show me otherwise, I don’t get off by targeting people and judging people, but this situation with the #FlintWaterCrisis really calls for some unanswered questions to be answered to why? Yea, I know that one of the main reasons was to cut cost in 2014 so he had the water supply switched from Detroit to Flints River? Why would anyone even think of doing something like that, a river?

But look what happened as a result; a much worse situation for the people and at the expense, the health and lives of the people who have to live in Flint, and it looks like Detroit to, because when switched back, the crap from the river (Lead) and only God knows what else leached its way possibly into Detroit’s pipes?

But this doesn’t just effect the city of Flint and or Flint City, it has an effect on Michigan as a whole, why? Because is Flint not recognized as a part of Michigan? Some people may not care, because it hasn’t hit home, but in all actuality it has, just not as bad. So then my next question would be; is this an act of war on the lives of the people who deserve, and are clearly entitled to life liberty, well-being and safety here in the Great Lakes State?

And when I say war, I mean one who is committing a War Crime act against human beings who supposed to have human rights, civil rights and universal rights under the rule of law.

The definition of a war crime specifically states that: “It is usually, crimes committed against an enemy, prisoners of war, or subjects in wartime that violate international agreements or, as in the case of genocide, are offenses against humanity.”

So, based off of the definition above are residents of Flint and or citizens being considered as enemies? Prisoners? And have some how violated international law? Ones knowingly and willful intent by saying that, the water was safe to use when one clearly knew that it wasn’t was to use the Flint River as a weapon against the enemy, which would be the people/civilians and residents who live in Flint?

Now, I’m not saying that, that’s what Rick Snyder did and or was his intent, it is what the people see and decide, I’m just saying that that’s the way it appears through ones actions doe it not?

So now that all this back fired, he is now looking to the aid and assistance of the U.S. Government “FEMA” and national guards to help with this situation that was intentionally created. I really see something more to this situation than what it is being seen to be, and if what I am saying is correct, and my thoughts on it is correct then my next question would be to governor Rick Snyder: “Why would you treat living beings like this?

Are the people/civilians and residents being used as a way to dodge the bullet? Are the people (Black People) and (White People) if that’s what you want to say; being used as a way out for you and your business deals? To me, that is no different from  you doing what you want to do with your property, which would then be seen as slavery, and I thought that had ended Dec. 6, 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln within the constitution for the united States of America 13th amendment and the constitution of Michigan 1835 ARTICLE XI PROHIBITION OF SLAVERY 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall ever be introduced into this state, except for the punishment of crimes of which the party shall have been duly convicted.

And 1863 Article 1.Slavery and involuntary servitude. Sec. 9. Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude unless for the punishment of crime, shall ever be tolerated in this state. Both for Michigan.

But one might say that, this isn’t about slavery, this is about the health and safety of the people,residents and citizens of Flint right? Well then; Equal protection; discrimination. Sec. 2. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws; nor shall any person be denied the enjoyment of his civil or political rights or be discriminated against in the exercise thereof because of religion, race, color or national origin. The legislature shall implement this section by appropriate legislation.

So, that alone say’s what it says, so why are those who are entitled to the same enjoyments being stripped of those rights and enjoyments that, clearly Rick Snyder and others who are wealthy (White People) is what y’all say, I say Caucasians enjoying clean water in they’re homes and community?


It just pays to just do the right thing, but maybe his hands are tied or something. Hell, I don’t know, but what I do know is that, many lives have been effected, and placed at a major health risk, is this some type of Sacrifice? We know that, part of it is all about money and profit, but to INTENTIONALLY POISON A CITY OF PEOPLE WHO ARE INHABITANTS, AND GET AWAY WITH IT WITH JUST AN APOLOGY? No one deserves this from the people who ask for your trust, but the thing about it, I don’t think that those people are being affected.

I just feel like it’s more to it, is him and his family subject to the crisis? Bet he in the comfort of his home chilling with his family right now DRINKING ICE COLD CLEAN WATER ON THE ROCKS (ICE) while others are suffering. I just don’t see the equality in that under the law. But you wanna know something? What if the civilians, and residents in Flint and Michigan period for that matter were being labeled, and considered as ENEMIES and why?

What happened to what we call #Pure Michigan was that all a just a sound good thing to scream just to get the peoples trust just to betray them? And then when these type of situations pop up guess who it affects the most? Guess whose always in the front being abused and violated the most? Native/Black, African-American People, Negroes, Color People, 3/4 less than human beings and whatever you want to see and or title people with a darker tone, but we are still the people, some may act otherwise, but what do you expect?

Look at the backgrounds, the pain, the suffering and hate pushed on my people of the same skin tone, and in the end we are, and have been the most effected, the most out of all in all of these damn wars and crisis’ when it comes to a scattered, torn apart and distanced people why?

So, could black people be the target and being considered as enemies? If so why? But, as I see it so far, this isn’t a racial issue. All races who live in that city are targets, and have been affected by the effects and this type of nonsense just needs to stop.

I just call it how I see it, and it’s going to take more than just prayer. The Creator (God) sees what is happening, and maybe it has to happen in order for the real people to wake up, and realize that, the true power lies within the real people, and to reach back to the Creator for ones dependence.

“And he cried unto the LORD; and the LORD shewed him a tree, which when he had cast into the waters, the waters were made sweet: there he made for them a statute and an ordinance, and there he proved them, And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the LORD that help thee.”~Exodus 15:25-26

So, can you see what this is saying? And this happened way before you and I. So is it a racial hate crime thing? No, because other races too are affected by this CALAMITY.

“Whereas it is essential, if men and women are not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that (HUMAN RIGHTS) TO LIVE SHOULD BE PROTECTED BY THE RULE OF LAW.”

And so, I say to the residents, civilians and people in Flint, Michigan Rise up! And know the power that you all possess to reverse this mess, and Don’t Riot, don’t give any reason for them to see you as the enemy, you are inhabitants, you are the people whether they feel you are less.

You have rights, and those rights were infringed upon, and intentionally violated the moment the trust was breached when a lie and deception was used, and that is so wrong for those who hold office and or anyone to do to us. It is time that, those who hold these offices be held accountable for they’re misdeeds, wrong doings and HEINOUS ACTS committed upon the innocent just for profit and gain, image and control.

If Rick Snyder broke any laws especially the law of the land and international law he and those responsible within his administration should be held liable and accountable for the damage, and losses that the people may, and have suffered especially the loss of life done to the people in Flint, Michigan mentally, physically and financially.

And, I say to you governor Rick Snyder that, and this is in noway to cast judgement on you, but to merely say that, I’m praying for not only Flint, but all of Michigan and even you, and you really need to make this right for all of Michigan and it’s people by taking full responsibility for the acts committed against the people/National/Citizens/Residents in Flint, Michigan, and even Detroit too, because switching the system back did nothing more than place the people in Detroit in the same situation?Just make it right.

One affected should have some type of effect on other cities in Michigan. What happened to #PureMichigan? or is it just pure for a certain favored percentage/group who are blessed with privilege. And is this an attempt to turn Flint and Michigan into a third world city?

In no way is this an attempt to be hostile, belligerent, hateful controversial none of that, I am one who stands to be corrected if I am saying anything that is in error. And to my readers feel free to like, comment, share and speak on how you feel about this major issue. I just want to see things set right, and cease with all of these ungodly acts of senseless for profit attacks.

When A Chief Speaks

Why I’m feeling Foreign

Why Some People In the United State of America

Got Me Feeling Foreign As Hell

I think a lot about way more than just trying to get my music out, and show that, I’m the best Rapper, Beat Maker and or Music Producer. I think about the things that, I guess I’m supposed to think about, because I could be thinking about other stuff right?

Something popped up in my head last night, but has always been the thought to how I be feeling foreign as hell when it comes to life here in the supposed to be LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE, the united States of America. A land that, was clearly built off of a lot of business, control and bloodshed, but I’m not getting into all that today.

A land that, I don’t have to ask the question of whether it loves a me, or not for it is not the land who has shown not to, but it is those who live on this great land just as I do who, and so I focus my questions to some of the people in the united States of America.

So, “Do and or can you really love this man of a different color and race?”. I would say yes, but then you have those who choose not to for their own hidden reasons, which is fine, but if respect is given, then it should be returned, and I stand on those principals.

I think about how it is clearly said in the writings of the scripture (The Holy Bible) that, “I am entitled to have dominion over all in the land and on earth.”

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

But then, I think about all of what has occurred throughout time. All of the racial feelings that many of these Caucasians, Europeans “AND OTHER RACES TOO” have against not just my race of people, but others too that was passed on from those of their decedents, who carry this with them, hate, unholiness and really be trying to hide it acting like everything is all good until there is a situation that moves them emotionally that causes them to get caught up in their feelings and then what do you know, the mask comes off, and then what was hidden has just manifest and been exposed, and mind you all of this is by choice and freewill, its called: “The Battle of the Mind.”

I think about all of the stories told of what some of my people have went through, and how they were treated, some things like: being considered inferior, and less of a human being etc. and the craziest thing about it some Caucasians still feel that way, but  When it was clearly known that my people possessed something of great worth and value that, the oppressors saw and knew about, and feared, but at the same time was envious, jealous and full of greedy thoughts, so they did what they did. Excuse? Far from it. And there is so much more to all of this as well as so many questions unanswered.

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So when I have to think about my life while moving around as what some of these other races would call: a Colored man, Black man, Negro, Nigger, African American and any other name that SOMEONE ELSE CAME UP WITH as a title for me? I truly find it a very very hard ass pill to accept, and I won’t, because I know better.You don’t tell me who I am, I tell you who I am, and that’s if I choose to do so, and that is the power I possess through my unalienable rights handed down to me from the supreme Creator.

Just knowing of what was, and how far my people have came, and the standing my people held as Kings and Queens is one of the reasons I don’t complain, and why I strive the way I do, and mentally fight the way I do, because I know that, I am more than what and who one sees me to be, and I am more appreciative than anything for my people being strong as they were, and who they were, and they weren’t just slaves. What I possess today, which  knowledge of, is what I worked hard to get and none of this would be possible without the guidance of the Creator, the universe and my will to know Thyself as I was instructed to do so. But they got me feeling foreign as hell when I have to be placed in a situation like: unexpected encounters with police officers (PIRATES) public servants who I don’t even know who are out on the land in their offices patrolling, and controlling while DOING BUSINESS, and make it their business to get all up in mine.Want me to respect them, but violate me by force isn’t that SLAVERY? “KIDNAP ME AGAINST MY WILL,PROCESS ME IN THEIR  WAREHOUSE (JAIL CELL) AGAINST MY WILL AND HOUSE ME LIKE A ANIMAL AND OR THEY’RE PROPERTY?” (PRODUCT) and then want me to argue and plea hoping that I bring controversy? To have a standing with anyone who practices such acts and behaviors, and tries to define who and what I am, but knows nothing about who and what they are, but wants to have control over me, playing with my life In these Dayz of Tyme says a lot.

But you wanna know what makes me feel even more worse, and more upset, let down and violated? How my OWN SO-CALLED PEOPLE HAVE ACTUALLY DONE ME WRONG, AND WILL TRY AND TREAT ME THE SAME IF NOT WORSE THAN THE SO-CALLED OPPRESSOR. And let’s not forget how people treat one another. Why do I say that? Well,apparently I say it, because that’s been my experience all my life, and just may well still experience it til this very day, but I now know better, and through my acts, I show better; take and embrace the good with the bad, but feeling as if I’m catching it from both ends is not something that I enjoy.

Plus, a lot is revealed to me, as far as history,and boy ole boy some of the acts that were carried out by my decedents really hurts to even think about, but I must also remind my self also that, where there is truth, it is also mixed with lies, because there’s another side to every flip of the coin. But, I have to question my own SO-CALLED people of descendant in Africa, the motherland and place that I see some of my people running around with the RED BLACK and GREEN representing the SECOND LARGEST continent “Yep, the second largest, and if you didn’t know NOW YOU KNOW” that were of different tribes, but similar color and said to have kidnapped and sold off other African decedents to foreign traders who they were in partnerships with who were out doing business, it was all about business conquer and control, and my so-called people were getting paid off on the low off the lives of their own people with something shiny?

It may well be true. And that also might explain why Africans who come over here to the US show through they’re actions that, they hate and or can’t stand us who are supposed to be their people? Not only that, but are able to even come over here a benefit by more opportunity to being able to own businesses etc. African men and the women, look at me strange as hell as if I’m their enemy why? Makes me go Hmmmm….., so knowing that, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL?.



So when I think about that, and then think about all of what I see going on today with my SO-CALLED people who show to not care COMMITTING SOME OF THE SAME ACTS AS OUR DESCENDANTS back then; against they’re own people today, how am I supposed to feel? And you wonder why I’m feeling foreign as hell. Upset and pissed off, let down and betrayed, because it’s not supposed to be this way. I can’t even trust my own people of race? Which one of them can I turn to when in my time of need without them trying to SECRETLY ENSLAVE ME?

Think I’m tripping? I’m not, and it was said to watch out for these type but, I think this all had to play out like this, because of history, the real truth of the matter, to clear up all the cover up and lies, and most importantly the lessons that life serves up, and the Creator needs us to learn and correct the rebellious, stiff-necked, hardheartedness that my people have acted out and are even doing til this day against the most high.

“Ye stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.”

So do you now see why I feel this way? Because as I look at the world we live in, and the land that I was naturally born into as one of the indigenous original people, it seems that, there is more than meets the eye. I see all these people who are in the White House, congress, the GOP, senate, state and local who are holding these seats and offices who are Law Enforcement, Politicians, Clerks of the Courts, Judges, business owners, and property owners but yet, I DON’T KNOW NONE OF THESE PEOPLE, but their the ones placed in position to govern the governed? And to be honest, I’m not too much tripping about that, so as long as my rights and civil liberties are not violated and I am not dishonored then there is always room for reasoning, because when it comes to me, I am a man of reasoning especially when it comes to the law of the land.

One who is of the Creator (God) and who possesses worth and value that flows threw the bloodline who has unalienable rights to life, civil liberty while in pursuit of happiness that is guaranteed by the laws of the land that were inspired by the Creator (God) and the American National Constitution for the united States of America that was put in place to protect those rights; could that be me? Why sure it is. Want me to vote, but I know the difference, be involved participate in things that I don’t even understand much about on one end, but know some of the basics and still learning. I do have some type of standing, and I show it through my actions everyday, but for some reason some people don’t want me have it for whatever they’re reason may be, but by right I am entitled, you strangers try and deceive me with conniving means for your own hidden agenda, and benefit, and to do that, is not upright and just and definitely not Divine

So how am I suppose to feel when facing obstacles like these? I’m out here by born-right trying to do what is right and just, have things that, I know that I am entitled to and do the work that I’m supposed to do, which is minister the word of the Creator, reach and teach and be more of the solution than more of the problem within my community, and anywhere I go, but you have people who are in these powerful positions who are so evil, and CONNIVING and so lowdown that, they are no different than those who were also committing these same acts in history.

They Got me feeling foreign as hell when I see the plays going on and my SO-CALLED PEOPLE are involved in the same deeds that they scream about the opposite race (WHITE PEOPLE), Which are actually (Caucasians)and(Europeans) and I’ve yet to even understand how people continue to go on acknowledging something that one can actually see with their own eyes cannot be unless your colorblind and yet if that’s the case then color doesn’t even matter nor count right? Or does it.

Then, there’s the whole promotion of everything that is not of good. That’s what I see my people (Black) promoting. My people use what was created by someone else, and then pick up the torch and glorify it, and love it to death by dancing to death and at the same time continue to do the dirty work of programming your own people with the tools that were designed for otherwise, but it just goes to show that, this is how Satan works, and it’s all by design, just the blind leading the blind. The embracing of the many things that actually corrupts us especially in the music, music videos, and entertainment and even sports and we put all our energy into things that these people made like DRUGS, AND GUNS and then when it’s used we have to pay the price for something that we used that isn’t even our creation? And for them that gives enough reason to take your life away from you isn’t that slavery? Hmmmm……

The promoting of the Dark side


But my people overlook these things that I am addressing, and would rather act how these people want them to act and that’s “like a damn fool” with no thought in exercising of common sense, nor spirituality and just don’t give a damn except about Jordan’s shoe and any other mind controlling product that shows to have more power. And can’t forget the ones being like crabs in a barrel, but what they don’t realize is that, stepping on someone else s back to reach the top faster than them has always been a part of Americas image in history right? But I could be wrong.

They Got me feeling foreign as hell when all of the things I just addressed make plenty sense, and not just to me, and it might not to you now, but hopefully it will in time (Common Sense) to know the difference between wrong and right. Being able to have knowledge of for my own awareness helps me to makes better decisions now in life. Doing so shows ones Humility, which is what the Creator wants, and so is a struggle in itself, but helps oneself to find and obtain a better balance.

When I raise these type of issues, I’m looked at as the crazy one. Try to convince me that, what I see and experience is basically my mind playing tricks on me, and is all a figure of my imagination right? And don’t get me started on the whole religious thing, because that is a whole topic in itself, but I will say that, it is very relevant to this post, and I note:

“religion is nothing more than just a tool, and way of establishing order with self, helping one to be a better man and or woman in the eyes of the Creator and only can be seen as bad when it is used in that order by those who are representatives of that particular faith base and who use the teachings to control and deceive.”

And it was said: “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?” But I’ll touch on it another time.

They Got me feeling foreign as hell, and my so-called people aren’t making it no better. I just feel like there’s more to it, and it is, so that’s why I keep the Creator(God)in the loop of my everyday dealings, because as I navigate the Creator is my co-pilot, and the universe is my energy source as I am among-st this world full of thieves, dishonest people and pirates aka (profiteers) who trying to play me like I’m foreign in my own land.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>So in the end, am I really foreign? Not if I was naturally born in this great land, which makes me one of the indigenous original natives. But then, I could may well be if I am of the Creator (God) right? So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” And if that’s the case, then that alone gives me entitlement, so as long as I don’t abuse my power, show dishonor by breaking the laws of the land, and be the change in the world that I want to see. Many Blessings.