Chicago Rapper Juice Wrld Dead At 21

What Is Success When You Can’t Even Enjoy It

“You can have all that you want, but yet deprive self of what’s truly needed.” Well people, here we have yet another young rapper whose life has ended in a way that clearly doesn’t show to be a way that one should be going out. I’ve read a bit, watched and listened to what was being put out in the matter of this 21 year old Chicago rapper who goes by the name Juice Wrld.

First and foremost let me send my condolences out to his family for their lost. And now, my thoughts on all of this. From what I’ve read and listened to, the rapper Juice Wrld who I’ve heard of, seen pictures of, and probably even heard his music work but didn’t know it was him was on a private plane from California and landed in Chicago. There’s talk about the very well known popular choice of drugs “Percocets” (Percs) being involved, 70 or more pounds of Marijuana two bottles of Lean and guns.

Media sources are saying that, law enforcement caught wind of this, and was waiting on him and his team, which then led to possibly getting spooked and risked it all by popping whatever he had in his possession.and while being escorted by anchorites started to foam at the mouth. It was considered that he had a seizure and died at the hospital. Now his perc habit and mental health illness is now popping up even though the signs were already in the air. It’s also popping up who his influences/inspirations are in the music game, and how he felt he had to follow suit in a sense when it comes to this whole Lean and perc addicted to prescription drugs life style. 

Now, if you are one of my loyal readers, subscribers, listeners of my music and or followers of my Knowledge And Music Blog work. I think that you know that this whole situation sounds familiar. There’s so much to touch on when it comes to this situation, but I really am naught up to it at this time, but will possibly do a video breakdown soon on the deeper view on this.

But what I do want to say is that, there’s always way more than meets the eye when it comes to these young rappers who appear to have it all, and basically living their life their way, and on their terms. Being led, and guided but by who and what? #CanUImagine how I strive and strove, strove and strive hard to bring awareness, which is merely just shedding light of fairness on such subject matters like this one. For me, this is yet another one of those cases that should add to my why. Why what? Why I choose to administer and project what is needed vs wanted, which is Knowledge And Music.

Time don’t lie, people do. What do I mean by that? I mean just what I mean, and some of the songs on the Battle of the Mind album like “Mentally Ill” should help bring a bit more clarity to what I mean. Why do y’all think I spent a lot of time (9 years) on doing such a project album only to feel unappreciated? This is a question that y’all should want to ask self in order to have a better standing to my how and why.

This situation with this young man who who is a mother’s son I guess had just turned 20-21 6 days before; is something that is showing how serious of an attack this really is when it comes to these child(ren) who are out here living (Anti-Living) in the fast lane #IntheseDayzofTyme.

How many times does Spiritual Warfare have to be said, and R.I.P’s does it have to be before people choose to wake up and take heed? Do you really think that, being acceptable to the Un acceptable helps? How many more sac’s (sacrifices) of one’s life will it take in order for a satisfaction and (I get it) will it take in order for people to naught just see, but say: “HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE!” somethings naught right.

Still refuse to see and agree with me that what I been, as well as other’s who are light workers have been saying and touching on has in fact showed that the Knowledge And Music that has been put out for one’s awareness does and has touched on what you are now witnessing taking place #RightBe4UrEyez?

And no, this isn’t about me being right, it’s about proving me wrong and otherwise, and how it’s time to come clean and set the record straight. Our minds, feelings and emotions are being played on at our expense, and then on top of that children are lost and souls are being chained and claimed while you’re busy clashing and being entertained. We all are mentally suffering to a degree, which causes mental breakdowns, separation, stress, depression, anxiety, distrust, sickness poor choice making, hopelessness, which then turns into mental illness, weakness and then death. Can you imagine this all being a part of the plan? Us having a much more realer and in-depth conversation about the situation as a whole is something that should be a plan should it naught? That I say in itself is the battle of the mind people. More on this in time.

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What Is The Whole Ecstasy Line (X Train) All About (Free Song Download)

I know that, there are those of you who think that, the whole Ecstasy Line (Ex-Train) thing that goes on in Kalamazoo is something fresh and new, but is it? Well, if you know as I know, and come from my days in time you would know that, it’s naught. But, there are those who don’t know, so I thought I’d touch on it a bit.

So, what is the Ecstasy Line (X Train)? It’s basically a modern version to what many of those street katts from back in day use to do. They would form lines in they’re hot rides after the club, and mob thru the zoo, and Spring Valley. One of the famous slogans for this line was called: (Doing the Loc). And those who are from this era know that, that stands as truth.

So now decades later, you have these children of some of those from back in the day who are now growing up, and now you have what I call repeat of events of history. You have people children out in these streets doing what was once done, but on a whole new level, and an effective one, but in a more negative way.

How? You don’t have to take my word for it, you just look at the facts to the matter, and that the results, and impact that has been laid, and see it for what it is, and naught fool yourself. It’s naught what you do, but how you do it, and when it has no good intent behind it, it ends up eventually being viewed, and looked at as more nonsense, people involved especially your (children) eventually are made examples of and then falling off like bad dope.

So, I’ll say it again; this Ecstasy Line (X Train) is something that was adopted from something already done back in the day and just renamed and nothing more than just something looked at by your children to be cool to do while hanging out with their friends, and family enjoying themselves while coming through the hood in the zoo.

But naught only that, and what many of you are trying to dodge is the fact that, this is the promoting of and named after a man-made substance Ecstasy is it naught? This new way of coming through the zoo has a negative affect, and impact, and the reality is that, it has done more damage than good. People have been hurt, done went to jail, killed and people’s property has been damaged. Why? Go figure, ask yourself, but I’m pretty sure that ya know.


And let’s naught forget the lives lost, affected, those who done went to prison and lives disturbed due to the noise, busting of liquor bottles in the streets, and I can go on. By who? I think you know the answer. Now if I’m fabricating then by all means correct me, but this is the clear truth on naught what I can see, but you too can see if your being real with self.

You just can naught expect to see, know and receive what one say’s that one needs, and wants if we allow ourselves to accept the Un acceptable, condoning, and or participating in the acts, and things that we know are a part of the cause in naught being able to see better, and rise beyond the madness that we see going on within the communities that one occupies, which are problems created due to what?

You have those people who keep raging on about we need, but naught realize that, that need first starts naught without first starting at the root of the problem. “Fact” I can’t help but recall when I was one who was so fed up with the fact that, I had to come outside, and clean up broken glass in the street to prevent self or anyone else from getting a flat tire to the point where, I heard I think Buddy Hanna talking about it on the radio station, and I decided to call in and address it, and had my say on it. And naught only that, but then decided to get with my partner in rhyme MC My D and came up with a song on this topic called: “Why.” (Y)


See, the thing about it, I been addressing these issues, and we been touching on these things in our musical work for some time now. For us as Musicians/recording artist and music producers who #GiveIt2EmRaw for Kalamazoo, and for any other city and state; this is what and how we choose to reach back by bringing awareness in hopes to better enlighten our peers and those listeners of our creative musical work as ZooRillaz.

Guys who been through it, and know the real life style of the street, and hood life. See here’s the thing; we been Livin’ Oon the Edge, we been threw much of the obstacles that are now faced and praised by y’all children, and at one time we too praised it, but we made changes, and sacrifices to be who and where we are today, so we have no interest in knocking anyone for the choices they make, but don’t expect total agreement with things that show to naught be in alignment with ones cause.

Our only mission is to keep working towards giving back, by showing hope and exercising being the good recording artist’s that we need to be. To be good delivers of the word. And though you have those who would rather make attempts to mock, and secretly bite the style and parade on with this whole big I, little U messy mindedness as if what we strive to do is naught good enough and relevant with intent.

I don’t hate to inform you, but we continue to stay relevant, and as long as the creator (God) continues to help us on the mission in our real struggles to put music for the mind out we won’t be denied. What we do, and how we do it shall be done like no other, and we bow to none. The ones who call themselves doing any better is no more than a boaster.

“For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, Un thankful, and unholy.”

Now what does that tell you. I think you see many of those type don’t ya? also mentioning the fact to how those who say that they are for the good and change for Kalamazoo, and for unity, but at the same time show otherwise by trying to under play, undermine and try to say slick shhh…. in reference to the light bringer for the Zoo?

Anyway, I just let that work do the talking, and after, and or if you decide to take a listen to the song above “Why” (Y)  I leave it to you, the readers, visitors and listeners to decide especially those of you who are living in Kalamazoo, and can relate to this post. And please keep this in mind. If y’all don’t handle your children by taking the time these people will or the streets will claim their life, I’m out.

Leave a comment below, pros or cons and if there’s truth found in the song.



It’s naught just about us, we just want to know what you got if you got anything, and I’ll leave it at that. Good day to those who are able to see.

When A Chief Speaks


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Man Gets federal Prison Due To Ecstasy Video

How Ecstasy/Molly/MDMA Is Affecting You And Or Your Children

Black Women Only Feel The Need To Listen When They See Fit

Yea, yea, I already can hear some of you now about how the above picture is naught a Black women. and yes, you are correct, but if I’m naught mistaken these man made drugs doesn’t use favoritism when it is used, and claims it’s victims, and if you the reader can prove to me, that young black women, and even older are naught participating in the type of leisure activities (Drug use) for that matter. Then by all means, I stand to be corrected, and that’s only if you have proof to otherwise.

Now that I got that out the way, let’s get to it. Though this post is about women in general, at this moment I’m talking about Hue Black American Women who are clearly running around with these messed up mind states and ways of thinking that, they are so perfect with their illness in thoughts, that they can’t be wrong nor can be checked when their actions and thinking is out of law, and order, and no man can tell them nothing.

Got news for you. Did you know that, the above picture could be you, and possibly even your daughter and or even a friend or family member? You don’t think so? by all means take a real good look, and pay close attention to the video below, and then allow me to ask you the question again.

So let me ask. Do Hue Black American Women only feel the need to listen to man when they see fit, and only when they find themselves in an uncomfortable position in mind, and situation in life when their programmed life is interrupted? The young Hispanic woman in the video above clearly shows to be at a party, rave type music, and is feeling so good that, she decides to take her high to a whole new level, and do an experiment on self by placing what is said to be possible LSD in her eyes, which eventually led to her overdosing at the end of the video #RightBe4UrEyez. 😥
So now, let me change it up a bit. I have something on my mind that, I been seeing for the longest, and knowing it, but I try naught to be right about it, but am proven right by the acts and ways of some of these horrible minded women #InTheseDayzofTyme. When I speak on things when addressing the ill minded acts of women, I’m considered as  bashing black women. 😅😂😂
How? Because I see what I see, and call you out on this whole back and forth one-sided talk horrible to men when they show to try to be humble? Because I give a damn enough to take the time out to touch on, and address these issues, write about them in hopes that it will reach and grab you in thought so that you can at least take the time out to think about what i am addressing so that you can ponder on and think about it.
I can’t help but see how some tend to expose their fake self by wearing them (mask) when they think they have it all figured out when they accept the seed planted that, they can try to play mind games and mock men who strive to be divine, and do better by showing in ones ACTS, and naught just talk in thought.

They think that, it don’t and won’t catch up with them when they show no compassion and consideration for man. You know, the one who tries to reason? They betray, turncoat and try to slick their way with whatever the intent was in their agenda from the jump. They’ll go against the grain of man who takes the time to BREATHE on em spiritually with REAL knowledge by their due diligence in working to educate self by continuing to learn by studying.

Men who show compassion and the ability to clearly administer good communication skills in hopes to gain a better standing for better balance, and strength that nowadays men are showing to abandon. Is this and can this be true? By all means to prove otherwise. Anyway, They feel that they will naught be held accountable for the messy mindedness that is projected. Truth

They’ll try to use a mans humbleness against him and as a weakness for control purposes, and to feel as if they are naught giving any power up, because it’s a comfort zone thing, but yet give it everyday anyway, and I’m a get to it in a minute in this post. But can anyone explain to me, why this is? some of these Black Women will talk about how no man can control them, run them and tell them what to do, and it’s their life, and they running it, but clearly turn right around and show otherwise.

Am I lying? Say it ain’t so.🤨 Example? About to get to it. Let’s look at it this way for a minute. “When them people (Police) (Authority) (Man) (CPS) and the (Judge) get up with them, they tend to have to dance and sing to a different tune, and note, and that alone tells you that, what they saying when saying what they be saying, it is merely a weak a** tactic way of dodging the truth by getting all defensive when it comes to what a man who shows strength in mind, and heart say’s something that they don’t like getting all bent outta shape and shhhh….


Now, who gone say otherwise? THAT other man THEY FEAR DO THEY NAUGHT? Tells them what to do, and what they can’t do, and how they gone do it and it’s honored right? It’s yes sir, and or no sir and why are you doing this crying and carrying on, but let it be a man divine whose closer to them, and says anything, and it’s an argument, and what you tell them and or say holds no weight what’s soever when it comes to your admin, and or showing of authority as a man, and I’m speaking in reference to when one is showing to truly give a damn. Any idea why this is? 🤔

I know, but do you? So, when these women run around  with the got it all figured out mentality, but yet they show to naught even have control over their children’s behaviors be it in school etc, in the public and or just their behavior period. What message is clearly being sent? I’m just saying, if I’m wrong then, I stand to be corrected.
Black American Women are showing that they don’t need to listen and or pay attention, and can do whatever, feel whatever, act out and undermine a man until their in a pickle, a jam, can’t figure shhh… out, don’t know what to do and now they want to listen, pay attention and need your support and help, which clearly there is nothing wrong with that, and clearly that is what and when man is for in woman’s time of need.Why are y’all being depicted, and projected by images like the one above? Angry, and bitter care to tell me why?
You’ll get mad at me for touching on it, and challenging your mind on it, but it’s okay for others to pamper your ego only to be showing how they really see, and feel about you, and y’all willfully accept it for the sake of attention, and pay? Don’t get mad at #TheArtist4thePeople who #GiveIt2EmRaw look at what is placed before you, take the time out to listen and pay attention for a change and naught when your behind is jammed up, and guess what? That rule even goes for man too doesn’t it?😏
So what’s the problem? Why do you (Hue) Black American Women continue to pretend, and show that they are even turning on themselves by wearing them mask? And then turning on men who show to have your back. Why would you rather have conflict, fall outs and make non-excusable excuses to do what you wanna do, and say what you wanna say when it comes to the one who shows to be in your corner and of your best interest?
I can’t help but think back on all of the things, and thoughts that I see, and what has been said and then I just look what my looking 🙄 a** and can’t help but to laugh now, and the thing about it, that’s how I shall operate from this day forth. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Am I the only one who sees this? Am I exaggerating?  If I’m wrong, I humbly stand to be corrected, but with real reasonable proof only.😎
I am here, and I welcome those women to woman up, and start showing to care about more than just what you are clearly showing to only love and care about care to discuss it? Leave a comment below, and even share this with other women to get they’re thoughts and opinions on this, because as the saying goes: “He, and or she who says nothing shows some admittance of guilt.” I’m for ya if ya show to be working on ya mind state, because in the end, it’s about correcting the possible errors right? 😎
Peace, and many blessings,
When A Chief Speaks
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