Instagram Live Test Video Turns Into Something More – Vibe With Me And Getcha Dose Of Knowledge And Music

What up my people. Dig, here’s a video to watch. You know the biz… A little bit of both #knowledgeandmusic coming from #theartist4thepeople. Just really expressing the fact that, All Black American People/ Native American People are naught willfully stuck in reverse.

What do I mean by that? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video, vibe with me, listen and ask your is what I’m saying showing you something. Something that you see many complain about, but don’t really want to admit that Black Americans are showing to be stuck in reverse.

I also bring awareness to this very serious issue in the song I did for the Battle of the Mind Album called: ” I Was Sent.” Awareness is fairness rite? And that’s what I am offering you, the visitor/watcher, reader, and listener. And my point?

Can you really move forward if you keep allowing self to moved, mind played with, ego stroked and deceived? I challenge you to watch, and express how I might be rite, or prove by showing where I’m wrong. Are black and african american people showing to be that conditioned and comfortable?

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

Another Rapper Who Goes By The Name Pop Smoke That Was 20 Was Shot And Killed

Whats The Sense Of Showing To Get And Have Something That You Don’t Even Get To Enjoy


I actually started this post Thursday, but I am now just getting to finishing it up even though it’s kinda been done, just never posted. So here we go again. Another young rapper said to have been shot, and killed while on the come up in this music game. “What’s the sense of showing to get and have something that you don’t even get to enjoy?” I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook some days ago, and I noticed a News Media Outlet called…. Mid-Michigan Now that had a post up about this rapper who goes by the name Pop Smoke, that, I really never knew about until I had seen an article about him and another New York rapper I think who goes by the name Casanova many months ago; where it was touching on their differences. Normal, and typical rapper beef when it comes to these rappers who are trying to make a name for themselves by proving a point right?


AND THEN, maybe about a month or so ago, I then ran across another article where it was touching on the two rappers coming together and squashing their beef/differences, which in my mind I was like: “That’s Wussup!” Now, that is how I know anything about this young rapper who they say was only 20 years old, I think #7 on the billboard charts and was in Los Angeles, California when what they are saying was a home invasion of —-> his crib, and now they’re saying that he was renting it from some celebrities. But now there is talk of the whole demo being a possible hit?

Yea, a hit, and though I had did a post and even did a light video days ago while listening to music from 2pac, Why? I don’t even know, it was just in the air, and I caught the vibe. But for some reason I was, and then I seen this, so I thought I’d breath on how I felt about this tragic news. But I wanted to see what else would possibly pop up in this situation, “which it did” before I did this post. First off, I send my sincerest condolences go out to his family and those who supported him in his strive to do what he loved to do if this boy really lost his life R.I.P. It’s a very sad, and a sensitive situation. One that could and will have some type of impact on people in a way that should have you asking yourself some real questions when it comes to naught just his situation, but even the many more before; be they prior to, and or to come in time.

It’s very unfortunate where you have things like this going on throughout many different cities and states throughout the United states of America. But! This is nothing new is it? I mean it’s been ongoing on, and, and the worst part about it is that, it’s our people especially when it comes to these (YOUNG PEOPLE) who are showing to always be involved in some shhh…, causing suffrage, loss, in conflict, drama, taking from one another slug mentality and being affected by the very mess created that has many programmed to think that, THE type of lifestyles projected is the way; glorified and showing to the point where it’s being used as a way to rise up, and get paid, talk and boast shhh… which is fine, i guess. That is truly what it’s it’s all about right? But is it paying off in a more divine way?


What I feel is that, the whole street life way, which is what is being glorified, is being taking over into the music realm, and then….. you have situations like this one. Am I off or wrong? Or, can you see where I might be coming from.


Don’t make sense? Lemme give you an example. Here it is this young fella who I take it was from the New York street life, was 20 years old, got in the music game and was showing to be on the rise, and obtain a bit of success, money and the fame, but in the same breath also showing some indicators of what has also been slowly surfacing into the light, affiliation. If I’m naught mistaken, from the bit I’ve caught in the air is that he’s a part of I guess his neighborhood and or New York G-stone Crip gang life, and that’s what part of the Woo is about? But I think I also recall him saying that, the woo has nothing to do with his affiliation. If I’m wrong then lemme know, and I’ll make the changes,


But, if that’s true, then I think you can better see where I’m coming from. And here’s the thing, I’m naught saying that his affiliation is a part of the reason this shhh… went down, I’m saying that it all boils down to the ENERGY of the matter projected. And the fact of the matter is….. that to me, there’s naught only different energy being projected out in this whole situation, but also a pattern. A pattern that is showing something more that I really don’t want to get into at this time, but I’m seeing some really naught so kool shhhh…. that’s taking place #CanUImagine you’ll see what I’m talking about hopefully in time.


Y’all know that, I’m a very Spiritual katt, so I tend to see things in a way that the average can’t or chooses naught to see, which is the importance of paying attention but on a different level when it comes to stuff like this that’s happening.


What do I mean you might say? Well, if you haven’t been paying much attention, think about how the Crips and Bloods are popping up especially in a whole lot of situations lately when it comes to some of these mainstream rappers, which is showing to shine a lot of bad light on the two gangs, and it’s really messed up for it to be happening. Am I reaching? Well, one example is… I just seen something about a indictment of a young woman pregnant who their saying is a high rank Blood and linked to Cardi B and I think you already know about the whole 69 Tre-way situation right? Then you have the whole Nipsey hustle situation, which clearly involves who? I think you guessed it.

So anyway, I checked out the videos above, and decided to share them in this post. As I watched and listened to these video interviews, which I think was his last one that he did before this shhh… went down, which was with Angie Martinez on her show, and DJ Kay Slay for Shade 45. And as I listened a few things that stuck out. You can watch and listen to it for yourself and leave a comment below on if anything stuck out to you as far as a few things said that could be taken a different way due to the (Energy) sent out, and felt by those who could either be rival, who feel like what he said was some Ego disrespect shhh… and think he can’t be touched and or just some hate shhh…? I’ll let you the reader decide on that. me personally though, from the little I did choose to take a listen to as far as his music, and even his charactoric thought delivery. I think he really had a very good intent to project something that would be good as far as new artist’s rising for his side of New York doing music, and meant well, but yet and still young growing up super fast, and without what was truly “needed?” But I’ll say this, there’s Good Cocky, and there’s Bad Cocky.

Are The Rising Youth being Used And Failed All At The Same Time?

“Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance”

Proverbs 1:5


Are the rising youth being used and failed all at the same time I would have to ask since you have those who are now quick to throw out there how the young artist Pop Smoke didn’t have proper and in his better interest mentor-ship from real OG’z? Maybe, maybe naught, but did you also catch how the quoting of bible scripture was quickly put out about jealousy? But one must also question this by asking one-self: “Does the exercising of bible scriptures only tend to manifest, MATTER and mean anything only when horrible situations occur like this one?” So did jealousy play a part in this? People keep bringing up the money shown, and the jewels worn but according to sources nothing was taken except his life, and his only. So let that sink in, because why did this situation go down the way it did?


And naught only that, you have these new young rappers who are saying things on and off the mic, and in their music that is showing to do what? No matter what and how you, and or anybody else feels, there’s still rules to this shhhh…. and the many of these young rappers that are being put out, don’t want to listen to who and what’s for the right and are showing the same ole same ole promo of what? All and all, this situation is yet another painting of a ugly focal point picture for other races and nationalities of people; of what the outcome is when it comes to these positions of money, power and fame of Black People making them out to look like what?


My point? In the end I myself, I been touching on much of what you are now seeing for years. And as a matter of fact, if you go listen to certain songs like “Friend or Foe” by Zoorillaz and “Oon Mah Life” i think you’ll find some very interesting lyrical thoughts from the Great. I feel like these children are being naught only USED, but failed as well, and in the same breath these children are showing to choose that different path and failing to see themselves due to lack and or choice by reject of better guidance?


Final Thoughts. There’s always more to it, and way more than meets the eyes. And as I been telling y’all, it’s the #battleofthemind and if people don’t start taking a better look at what is going on, I think these people gone try and pull one on us at our expense, and gone use these type of situations to do it because look at how the one’s who got it are acting. The disappointment is going to be crucial.


When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

Rich The Kid Is Getting Sued By His Management Company For $3.5 Million

Found, and read this article about a lawsuit has been filed on this rapper called Rich The Kid. Why? Because after switching management companies, going from Interscope to Republic Records.

The company is saying he hasn’t paid them in some years. Me personally I’m just trying to figure out HOW these katts (Made It Mainstream Rappers) seem to always be caught up in some mess.

Too busy to keep their business straight? Is it true? Maybe a revenge move by his prior record label? 3.5 million dollars is nothing to just ve trying to brush off but what do I know right?

You can read more on it by hitting the link below 👇 and leave the Great a few thoughts on it if you can better explain what’s going on with this. As a recording rap artist myself, I find situations like this very enlightening, and educational.

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

Chicago Rapper Juice Wrld Dead At 21

What Is Success When You Can’t Even Enjoy It

“You can have all that you want, but yet deprive self of what’s truly needed.” Well people, here we have yet another young rapper whose life has ended in a way that clearly doesn’t show to be a way that one should be going out. I’ve read a bit, watched and listened to what was being put out in the matter of this 21 year old Chicago rapper who goes by the name Juice Wrld.

First and foremost let me send my condolences out to his family for their lost. And now, my thoughts on all of this. From what I’ve read and listened to, the rapper Juice Wrld who I’ve heard of, seen pictures of, and probably even heard his music work but didn’t know it was him was on a private plane from California and landed in Chicago. There’s talk about the very well known popular choice of drugs “Percocets” (Percs) being involved, 70 or more pounds of Marijuana two bottles of Lean and guns.

Media sources are saying that, law enforcement caught wind of this, and was waiting on him and his team, which then led to possibly getting spooked and risked it all by popping whatever he had in his possession.and while being escorted by anchorites started to foam at the mouth. It was considered that he had a seizure and died at the hospital. Now his perc habit and mental health illness is now popping up even though the signs were already in the air. It’s also popping up who his influences/inspirations are in the music game, and how he felt he had to follow suit in a sense when it comes to this whole Lean and perc addicted to prescription drugs life style. 

Now, if you are one of my loyal readers, subscribers, listeners of my music and or followers of my Knowledge And Music Blog work. I think that you know that this whole situation sounds familiar. There’s so much to touch on when it comes to this situation, but I really am naught up to it at this time, but will possibly do a video breakdown soon on the deeper view on this.

But what I do want to say is that, there’s always way more than meets the eye when it comes to these young rappers who appear to have it all, and basically living their life their way, and on their terms. Being led, and guided but by who and what? #CanUImagine how I strive and strove, strove and strive hard to bring awareness, which is merely just shedding light of fairness on such subject matters like this one. For me, this is yet another one of those cases that should add to my why. Why what? Why I choose to administer and project what is needed vs wanted, which is Knowledge And Music.

Time don’t lie, people do. What do I mean by that? I mean just what I mean, and some of the songs on the Battle of the Mind album like “Mentally Ill” should help bring a bit more clarity to what I mean. Why do y’all think I spent a lot of time (9 years) on doing such a project album only to feel unappreciated? This is a question that y’all should want to ask self in order to have a better standing to my how and why.

This situation with this young man who who is a mother’s son I guess had just turned 20-21 6 days before; is something that is showing how serious of an attack this really is when it comes to these child(ren) who are out here living (Anti-Living) in the fast lane #IntheseDayzofTyme.

How many times does Spiritual Warfare have to be said, and R.I.P’s does it have to be before people choose to wake up and take heed? Do you really think that, being acceptable to the Un acceptable helps? How many more sac’s (sacrifices) of one’s life will it take in order for a satisfaction and (I get it) will it take in order for people to naught just see, but say: “HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE!” somethings naught right.

Still refuse to see and agree with me that what I been, as well as other’s who are light workers have been saying and touching on has in fact showed that the Knowledge And Music that has been put out for one’s awareness does and has touched on what you are now witnessing taking place #RightBe4UrEyez?

And no, this isn’t about me being right, it’s about proving me wrong and otherwise, and how it’s time to come clean and set the record straight. Our minds, feelings and emotions are being played on at our expense, and then on top of that children are lost and souls are being chained and claimed while you’re busy clashing and being entertained. We all are mentally suffering to a degree, which causes mental breakdowns, separation, stress, depression, anxiety, distrust, sickness poor choice making, hopelessness, which then turns into mental illness, weakness and then death. Can you imagine this all being a part of the plan? Us having a much more realer and in-depth conversation about the situation as a whole is something that should be a plan should it naught? That I say in itself is the battle of the mind people. More on this in time.

When a Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music 



What Matters To You The Title People Carry Or Acts And Deeds

While sitting here listening to some of my music: “The Battle Of the Mind Album” and the thought popped up, and I start wondering if people think that what and why I choose to do what I do is for the inflicting, and implanting of fear. Why am I asking self that question? Because as I listen, I kinda find self sounding a bit intimidating with my thoughts on whatever it is that I’m touching on lyrically. But just because the way I deliver the word, message and a type of food and or fruit for thought for y’all to think about and possibly ponder on, doesn’t mean that that is the case.


Did you know that I am?

And that you can also support my work there when it comes to getting your favorite higher quality songs from the artist 4 the people.

Or maybe I’m just too serious? Or maybe I just over care about certain matters in this life that I consider self as a bit more knowledgeable and a professional in and on as I express through the art and music in a way that is naught like your favorites, and it doesn’t mean that I’m trying to intimidate and or promote any type of fear and naught just as worthy of your time and ears. And if that is the case, then allow me to set the record straight.

That is naught my intent. My intent is to exercise my mind power, and hopefully elevate a few minds at a time along the way by empowerment through awareness. Awareness is fairness, and I feel like, and expect those to one day (if you haven’t chosen to already) to find a better reason to appreciate and respect my work just like you do with your favorite rappers, actors and entertainers.

Remember, you have those out here POWER TRIPPING with these titles. Whatever the title is is just that, A TITLE. But the more important image and subject of matter at hand should be based off of what comes from, and through you and the same goes for those who you look up to and show your love and support for as well.

So, if you’re going to ride for, and show support to and for a certain person(s) and or people; whomever those people or person(s) may be. Make sure that, you are choosing to do so NAUGHT because of the title they carry, but the image and energy they project that’s clearly going to show either or when it comes to one’s deeds, acts and intent in their walk, thought and talk. Are titles bad? I would say naught, it just all depends on whether one let’s it go to their head while risking slowly loosing themselves without even knowing it.

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music