So Ole’ Joe Biden Needs Help From Wife?

Joe Biden Needs Help From Wife Jill Biden

Ole’ Joe Biden is apparently starting to show more signs of what some of us actually are not in denial of clearly what he’s already been showing, which is problems like remembering. So now Mr. Biden is helped by his wife, Dr Jill, to aid him due to being “cognitively impaired?” as the New York Post lady Miranda Devine touches on in the video.

In the video she stresses how: “No one really knows how much he’s processing. You worry about those behind the scenes pulling the strings.”

Other Hands In The Cookie Jar

Behind the scenes string pulling, I call it going behind my back doing shhhh….. without telling me right? Those close are pushing moves without informing the Commander in Chief of the oval office?

So Is It That Bad?

I think it’s bad and will get worse and guess who it’s going to weigh more heavily on? Us, but mainly our children. How? Because they’re the future not us, and that’s why they needed your children (Our Children) to be of aid and assistance by deception to not really slick talk, but mentally bought. What is talking place and being slowly done to this country is wrong, and I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive those who played a part in all that is taking place to make us and our country/nation weak #canuimagine

When A Chief Speaks knowledge and Music
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New Video Donald Trump Speaks At CPAC

Former President Donald Trump Gives It 2 Em Raw

New video from The Independent’s You Tube channel shows the former United States for America president Donald Trump giving a very powerful, and interesting as well as potent speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in Orlando Florida.. I’ve watched it, and listened and it is your choice to doso or stay set in your feelings and emotions when it comes to how you may negatively feel about Donald Trump. Awareness is fairness hopefully after watching, it will give you something to think about when it comes to what you get out of what is being said, spoke on, and message delivered.

Giving Credit When And Where It’s Due

Either what he’s saying is the actual truth by what you see by using your commonsense or it’s not. He spoke on gas prices right? Where do you see the gas prices at right now almost $3.00? To you, does it really look as if America is now being put first or last? Does it appear that cultures are being canceled? Cultures are a part of what makes this country/nation thrive and show it’s unique versatility and history right?

Is Communism Being Slowly Pushed?

Communism, does it seem and appear that that is the direction that the states are being lead into and what we are now seeing right before your eyes? You know, I always have to question those who continue to speak on how bad and horrible America is, but glorify and praise other countries that are worse. if it’s so bad, then why is it that you have those who are continuing to try and come here then? What about safe and secure voting? De-fund the police, which clearly would make every state very unstable, and and basically cripple every city and state by allowing lawlessness to manifest and run ramped. It’s time to start setting the record straight.

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Instagram Live Test Video Turns Into Something More – Vibe With Me And Getcha Dose Of Knowledge And Music

What up my people. Dig, here’s a video to watch. You know the biz… A little bit of both #knowledgeandmusic coming from #theartist4thepeople. Just really expressing the fact that, All Black American People/ Native American People are naught willfully stuck in reverse.

What do I mean by that? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video, vibe with me, listen and ask your is what I’m saying showing you something. Something that you see many complain about, but don’t really want to admit that Black Americans are showing to be stuck in reverse.

I also bring awareness to this very serious issue in the song I did for the Battle of the Mind Album called: ” I Was Sent.” Awareness is fairness rite? And that’s what I am offering you, the visitor/watcher, reader, and listener. And my point?

Can you really move forward if you keep allowing self to moved, mind played with, ego stroked and deceived? I challenge you to watch, and express how I might be rite, or prove by showing where I’m wrong. Are black and african american people showing to be that conditioned and comfortable?

When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

Black Lives Matter Cutting Up At Trump Rally In Tulsa Oklahoma

I don’t share many of these type of videos, but I had caught this on twitter, and tuned in so I thought I’d share it on my site. Live video of the Trump Rally in Tulsa Oklahoma. Maaaaan… the stuff I seen was going on. They closed the gate on them. So much to say about what was going on, but I’ll save that for another post or video. Andrew Kimmel is on the mic and showing what is taking place live IN Tulsa Oklahoma. As long as things don’t get outta hand, it’s cool. Y’all gotta check this out, and learn…. Respect to him and his work as a producer coming from #theartist4thepeople.

Officer About To Tell His Story And Then This Happened

So you know I had to do another one for y’all. Yep, Officer Dixon strikes again with yet another video of what brothah officers experience and go through while on duty serving and protecting. Take a look at the look on his face. You know he about to tell you a story about being one of those days while on the job, went to get himself a Hotdog from Big Will’s and then!

Everything changes, and that’s when he has to #GiveIt2EmRaw Man oh man oh man you just gone have to watch the video. “Dare he go right dare!” Good Officers, or Bad Officers. Like it or naught but we have both, so which category does he fall in? Checkout the video above and feel free to leave your thoughts on what took place. #CanUImagine having Police Officers like this one a part of your City and community? When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music