Here’s 5 Tips For You To Hopefully Use During The COVID-19 Malware Online Scams Going On Right Now

I was doing some editing and trial and error work, and that’s when I received something that I thought I would share. So I did a short video test, and then decided to just run with it so I could get it uploaded for y’all since I haven’t been doing any, but am striving to get out of mental slump, and start getting more use to creating these videos, because I know the importance of visual.
But, I tend to like things a certain way so I don’t put out as I should, but I’m working on that. Anyway, so being that I am a bit seasoned, and knowledgeable when it comes to the importance of phone security, and laptop and desktop pc setup, programing and security as well.
I thought I would touch on this subject especially when you have those who are trying to come up off the Corona Virus (COVID19) situation by scamming for information. So enough said; any questions you know what to do.
When A Chief Speaks

The Many Obstacles We Face We Have To Face In Order To Know

When They Misunderstand My Why 2 What I Do

“Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.”

Ever wonder why? Why what right? Why ask why? Well, if you really think about it; do people actually show to ask why about the things that one should be asking why to? How about why we all tend to go through what we go through in life. Why is it so much selling out going on? Why are there so many fall outs with family and so-called friends? Why there’s so much animosity jumping off? Conflict? And even if there is some type of resolution; there are those who tend to show that they don’t even have to bother with even thinking about that until life shakes them up to reality. How about race hate mess? And I could name other things, but we’ll stop right there.
So in the video, I kick it off with some knowledge and music for you and basically just giving you, the visitor, read and listener something to once again hopefully think about. Yes, ya guy is back and coming with it creatively like no other. I’m stressing the important to ask Why we go through it andWhy we have to eventually face it.” Asking whose to blame for the change that people want to see be it in their own life and or and especially their community environment.
Many want to be seen and looked to be right, and know what their talking about, but yet have yet to lean how to accept when they just might be wrong. And as I said before, and I’m a bring it back one more gin. If I’m wrong about something said, I welcome and challenge ANY who feels that I am to come with it and prove me wrong, and show where and what I am saying in the video is naught the possible truth. But why? Why do I do what I now do? I do it because it’s my choice to. My choice to give it 2 em raw and like no other. I do it because I’m seasoned when it comes to my experiences be it in life, and this music game who gone say and prove otherwise?
I say what I mean, and mean what I say. Sometimes I even ask myself does it even benefit me to show to care when addressing the many issues I see be it when it comes to people especially ours, and or what I see taking place throughout many communities whether it’s in Kalamazoo, Michigan and all throughout the United States of America. I also spoke on how Kalamazoo and Michigan is great in it’s own way, but it’s some of the many people in the two who are damaging the image. And naught only that, you also have a lot of pump faking, turn-coating, faking and problems with unity due to trust and ownership issues. But who do, and can you trust? You have those who show side taking and rooting for those who they see worthy based off of favoring because?????
And no matter how much they’re doing it, the results are showing that the change is naught better, but a bit worse. Now, that’s some some of what I be seeing jumping off. My thoughts, your views, opinions but just be up and up and brave enough to admit when I’m right whether you like and appreciate what I strive to be and do or naught. it’s naught just about me, but the work that God moves through me, which means I’ve accepted my role and position to play, respect that.
I get deeper than the people you favor, now check that. I’m coming outta my slump, and it’s time to set the record straight. My outlet? Doing what I really love, and naught because I have to, but choose to. I think you can see that by my ambition as a rydah to get back into my creator mood and mode. Get ready for ya shake up. May something said help you move closer to the truth that you seek.
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge And Music

The Artist Who Represents For Michigan And Like No Other


Wanted to share some thoughts with y’all, and this video song clip expressing a bit about my ambitions. Better know that I can say that, and best know that, I stand on it, and like no other. This is a song video clip titled #myambitions, which was done some years prior, and those who have taken time to listen have actually requested it to be finished.
And for those who show that, it’s hard for them to comprehend to my ambitions. My ambitions come from my experience in life, striving to be who I need to be as a man and artist who goes hard in this music shhh…. and life all while representing for where I reside, which is the greater Michigan State, Kalamazoo and showing to do it like no other why you think they call me ZooRilla?
But there is a lot of dark and light being shined on and in the Great Lakes (Michigan) when it comes to the music game, and even this life. There is also a lot of talent coming up, and out as well. I’ve even been able to talk with and even do some work with a few (Shout Out 2 The Music Makers Throughout Michigan) respect to your work. But, this has always been even way before me, and this artists shhh… is part of why my passion and ambitions, like roots running deeply.
But the flip-side of it is that, you have to also see the fact that there is so much music coming out from so many different rap and hip hop recording artists that it tends to be a bit over saturated, and also watered down when it comes to the art and creativity level of the art in music. I have no interest in really talking down on or really just telling you that, your work is “TRASH” and weak unless I have to, but I do listen, and will critique other artist’s work and let you know if I’m feeling your work and may even work with you in time. But here’s the thing; I refuse to let and allow anyone to try and take from, and or discredit “The Great.” Am I the best? Nope, and far from perfect, but I do this shhh… and I won’t be denied in all due respect. There’s levels in this, and I stand to be on a different level due to my ambitions feel me?
So knowing this, I see and know that me being me, and what I represent and stand for, I tend to have to work even harder to make it very clear why I do this, and why I’m here. On or offline “I’m me!” And my ambitions as a ryda is something similar to what pac expressed as he put it down for the West LA (California).
I do this for my side and even for those who show their support for #theartist4thepeople from a far for the Midwest. All and all, Adam the Great X be’s I no lie, and like it or naught, I’m just doing my thang, and that in itself should and needs to be respected, because I’ve sacrificed a whole lot, and been going hard for mine so respect is a must be it on or off the mic.
As a creator, a master, but yet still see self as an educator/teacher, administrator. I refuse to get ahead of self, and still be a learner. I’m still learning shhh… as I go, and as I go you better know that, regardless to whether my work is digged, appreciated and taken serious or naught, be it the will of the most high (God) Almighty, I’m gone shine and do what I gotta do no matter what the case may be.
And that, I say is My Ambitions, to be, see and show to do better.
When A Chief Speaks #KnowledgeAndMusic

Look At What I Think Fell From the Sky The Other Night


So, I almost forgot to post this video that I did the other night after that heavy, and wet snow that fell a few nights ago. What you will see in the video is some very mysterious, but very interesting water balls that I came across that actually appear to GLOW!

Naught only that, but when you look at the video; to me, it would remind you of the stars in the sky. This was April 28, 2019 around 3:34 AM. So, I took some shots, and got a few of them to better analyze. Oh, y’all ain’t know?

Yes, I am a bit of a scientist. 😉 So, with that being said; watch the video, and let me know what you think. You can’t tell me, that it doesn’t resemble the sky, and the universe. But clearly you can see that it’s the ground.

When A Chief Speaks, I #GiveIt2EmRaw

Humble In Mind And Kindness Is My Revenge

When they call themselves thinking that they’re getting away with anything that they do, and or have done to you. You have to make it clear that, (Well I do anyway) that, I forgive, but naught forget that’s how I roll. It’s very hard to trust people in these dayz of tyme. Why? because they have made it that way by doing the things that they do to those who have shown to have them unconditionally, but in return is letdown, turn on and betrayal.
So, instead resulting to the option of going back to being how I used to be, and or swaying to the ways of those who’s actions show where they are in mind. I choose to work harder towards the showing of a much more kinder heart in one’s thoughts, ways and humbleness flowing through me. This also can be looked at as the revenge (Vengeance Is Mine) that is said to be the creator (God’s). One that will be administered for me.
So I move as I move, and do what I do. Continuing to stay on track and path as I strive to elevate as I go. Struggling and striving in this world full of truth mixed with lies, and people who pretend to love, and care for you, but they really don’t, but hey still I rise. Because regardless how they show to naught be with and for me, I’m just doing what was asked of me. Showing the better side of me through my knowledge and music creativity. Press play and feel the pain of #theartist4thepeople. Everyday is the battle of the mind.
“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”
Now, if you took the time to listen, and read, you just may see how relevant this really is especially when you know if some people nowadays show to clearly say, and do shhh… that places you in a space and position within one’s mind to feel some type of way and go there on them. People be doing shhh… that they should know they have no business doing, and saying things that; the era and generation I came up in would getchu served up like a dish on a platter. That rule still stands, but these other people (A particular government) have something else in mind. I won’t get into that now, but I will direct you to that battle of the Mind album where you’ll find some very interesting thoughts on the world we are living in in these dayz of tyme. Now the song above is actually going to be on my next drop, which is called: “Certified The Ep.” which I will be putting out as soon as I figure out the cover and label work. But in the You Tube video, I express while I illustrate. And, if you from Kzoo and or know about the history when it comes to other artist who were doing their thang musically and well known in the Zoo.
Then I think something will catch your attention, and may have you like: “Damn, that boi Rilla on point. See, that’s the thing, I’m naught trying to stress to be the best, I just tend to be the best how I do, and I know how to support other artist even if they don’t show to do the same. All the shhh…. I done went through, and still going through. “Man of Steel” is how I have to feel, because mafas out here wanna see you penetrated, and laugh when you fall. But throughout it all, I asked for help and guidance from the most high almighty (God) who helps me to be humble in mind, and let my kindness be that revenge best served cold.
When A Chief Speaks

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